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    OwnedCore Report #52: The first podcast is live! (Sponsored by MMOGOLD4USA)

    We talked about it, we did it, and it is finally live. On the 52nd OwnedCore Report we bring to you the first installment of the OwnedCore Podcast. This started with discussions earlier in the fall into action a couple weeks ago. The first episode is a a one on one with Archvaldor aka Advanta here on OwnedCore. To me Advanta was the perfect first guest to the podcast being that he is one of the biggest if not the biggest contributor on OwnedCore especially in the WoW Exploit section. We talk about his channel, World of Warcrafts current state, Classic WoW, and much more. If you wanna put something on in the background while you game this is a good fit due to its length. Not all of the podcasts will be this length. We actually have the second one recorded already and it is only about 40 minutes with Hazzbazzy, Josh, and I. Some might not have guests if we cannot find some and might just be Josh and I going over what happened in that given week as far as gaming. Also if you have any suggestions as far as critiques and future guests do not hesitate to mention them in the replies right here on the Report or the Youtube comments.

    On top of the Podcast we have standard community highlights, gaming news from around the globe, and clips of the week. Enjoy!

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    OC Podcast

    Community Highlights

    Advanta is at it again with an Invincible / Instant Rez in-world exploit. LFR finally has a use!

    Thread found HERE

    Always nice to see a Smitten post. This Heroic Island Expeditions are giving 50k AP! Get it while its hot.

    Thread found HERE

    The Hivemind mount has been found and Huntermoose says its accessibly earlier than intended.

    Thread found HERE

    Interesting trick with Class Trials used for farming Winter's Grasp by Pyroblink

    Thread found HERE

    Gaming News from Around the Globe

    World of Warcraft 8.1

    The first major patch of BFA is here and honestly its pretty underwhelming. Most stuff is still time gated, unrewarding, and not engaging. Nonetheless lets go over what 8.1 added that kinda sorta matters.

    • New Warfront

    You fight over Darkshore and requires you to complete a quest line before entering. This quest can be found at the Warfront table. The story in that quest line is actually decent for what it's worth. Darkshore has a new world boss that drops 385 loot if your faction controls Darkshore.

    • New Island Expeditions

    Two new maps can pop up into the rotation.

    • New world quests

    • War campaign has new quests on you're war campaign boat

    • New Raid coming soon

    • Blood Elf and Dwarf Heritage armor sets added

    • Titan Rsiduum

    A new currency you get in your weekly cache that can be used to purchase gear. A good video that explains this new currency by Kalamazi on Youtube can be found here

    Also the new secret mount Hivemind was added and also found. You will need 5 players for this one apparently during some of the steps but to help break it all down in video form is Mmrrggll which can be found here.

    And that pretty much sums up 8.1. Nothing major besides a raid and that new currency.

    Heroes of the Storm is...dead

    Blizzard announced in a post on Thursday that it was scaling back Heroes of the Storm. They mention that it will still release new content and updates but a ton of the developers are being assigned to new projects. Essentially what we can expect from Heroes of the Storm from here on out is balance patches few and far between, a new hero once in awhile, and maybe some holiday themed stuff on maps during specific holiday seasons. It is officially as important to Blizzard as lets say....Warcraft 3, SC1, and Diablo 2. It exists, it has servers, but its not being supported very much by Blizzard.

    Also they announced that they are shutting down all of the Heroes of the Storm eSports stuff including Heroes of the Dorm. This came with massive backlash from the community because apparently the casters and players in this eSport scene were told weeks prior that 2019 eSports for Heroes was going to be fine. So not only did a lot of people lose their jobs suddenly but were also lied to. Maybe at the time Blizzard thought they could keep the eSport scene alive and things changed quickly? Either way people were not happy and felt betrayed. And after the whole Diablo Immortal fiasco where Blizzard was already looking like the bad guy, this incident came as icing to the Blizzard hate cake.

    My thoughts: Honestly I get that some people saw Heroes of the Storm as their main game but I can't imagine them not realizing how absolutely dead it was especially for a Blizzard title. It was a super casual MOBA that had a force fed eSport scene and a low player count. It had almost nothing going for it. To me this was a long time coming. You cannot force an eSport scene even with millions of dollars in such a casual game. If the community truly wants to show some grit they should create their own eSport scene like a ton of games do. Fighting games for example don't have many if any developer supported eSport events its all community ran. CS:GO was also community ran for the most part until only a couple years ago. You can have successful eSports in a game with very little help from the company that made it. WoW arena is another that was never supported outside of Blizzcon for the longest time yet tournaments were held especially back in WOTLK. Make an organic, community driven, and great eSport scene and show Blizzard they made a mistake. If you can't or if it fails than the game is truly not meant to be an eSport.

    Clips of the Week

    When a GM in chess allows another GM in chess 8 free moves before completely destroying them.

    Guy hits a Royal Flush in GTA:SA

    Scammer changes password but Kitboga guesses it first try.

    Some nice roleplay in Friday the 13th

    Asmongold gets back to WoW

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