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    OwnedCore Report #47: WoW eSports is growing (Sponsored by MMOGOLD4USA)

    Hello OwnedCore and welcome to the 47th OwnedCore Report. This week is a very big week for the OwnedCore Report. The Report is almost 1 year old and has been a weekly staple on OC filled with news around the gaming world, community interviews with staples of the OC community, highlights of the great threads the people of OwnedCore write, and much more. We here at OC are always trying to evolve the Report and one way we wanted to do that was find a sponsor for the Report who was trusted, had good reviews, related to what we do here on OwnedCore, and was just an overall great fit. Well we found one and a great one. MMOGOLD4USA has decided to partner up with us here on OC and we couldn't be happier. This is not only big for the Report but big for you here on OwnedCore. This sponsorship means better deals for you and as you will see below we already have a OwnedCore exclusive discount code to get 10% off at checkout.

    This OwnedCore Report is Sponsored by

    MMOGOLD4USA is a company for MMORPGs virtual items and assets which provides players with fast transactions,
    superb customer service and transaction security. Founded in 2012 by a group of Americans, we provide cheap and fast service
    for Path of Exile, Maplestory 2, World of Warcraft, Runescape, ESO, SWTOR, STO, Neverwinter, Blade & Soul, FF14 and many other MMORPGs.


    This week MMOGOLD4USA is offering a special sale on Path of Exile , World of Warcraft and Maplestory 2. Just use the code OWNPOEWOWMS2 at checkout to get yourself 10% off on all Path of exile, Maplestory 2 and WOW items. This is a limited time discount that ends on November 18th!

    Community Highlights

    Plan on playing a BC Private Server and wan't an all inclusive Burning Crusade guide? Yet has got you covered big time in this massive Burning Crusade guide.

    Thread found HERE

    If the right buyer comes around Pet Farming in WoW is very lucrative. Warbarbie gives us some tips on the Filthy Slime pet farm.

    Thread found HERE

    Grinding rep is a pain in WoW, especially if you have to go back and grind old reputations. Advanta has figured out a trick for Army of the Light, Argussian Reach, and Highmountain Tauren Rep for quick rep. Video included

    Thread found HERE

    A free WoW bot with the promise of frequent updates is being developed by YatoHK. Hopefully this pans out!

    Thread found HERE

    It has BEGUN. Classic WoW exploration is already seeing a post in our exploration section just from the demo alone. Dohnutzzz has got himself into an interesting position in the Southern Barrens.

    Thread found HERE

    Will you be playing Classic WoW in 2019 when it returns? Vote here in our poll!

    Gaming News From Around the Globe

    WoW eSports is growing and Limit is on the forefront for NA.

    Limit has been the #1 raiding guild in NA for quite some time now and most recently secured the #2 spot in the world. It is no secret that WoW is growing as an eSport in PVP and Mythic + but most recently in the race for world first kills in new raiding content. Method, the #1 guild in the world, for the first time ever streamed their progression during the first raiding tier of Battle for Azeroth. This was nothing short of a major success with the GM and main tank of Method, Sco, acquiring tens of thousands of new viewers. In this article Limit and HeroesHearth eSports announce their partnership which states.
    In conjunction with Limit, HHE will be launching an Arena team and an MDI team who will each compete under the moniker HeroesHearth Limit. Furthermore, HHE will support the Guild as a whole while they push to take the title of World First.
    The key thing to me here is "will support the Guild as a whole while they push to take the title of World First." I can't help but wonder if this means Limit will be streaming their progression while trying to dethrone Method. It would be very exciting to watch both of the guilds on stream progress the same raids while racing each other for the top spot. Also this would be perfect as far as time slots because Limit would be streaming during more NA friendly hours while Method streams more EU friendly hours. During the race they both raid for the majority of everyday so if they both streamed there probably would never be a moment that you couldn't tune into either one. Here's to hoping this is in Limit's future because it would be amazing for WoW. Let's also hope Blizzard acknowledges the World First race more and maybe contributes something to it.

    This game just keeps getting bigger

    I always hear that Fortnite is dying because of X, Y , and Z. Personally I play a lot less and most of my friends have gone cold turkey. But I think we can all admit after this announcement that Fortnite is far from death. If you thought the Disney partnership was the biggest sponsorship Fortnite would ever get think again. Fortnite has made a deal with the NFL (American Football) to have all 32 teams jerseys available on their 8 brand new American Football skins. This is the second skin related partnership if you consider the Samsung Galaxy promotion skin the first.

    “This unique opportunity will give ‘Fortnite’ players the ability to purchase and customize up to eight outfits representing their favorite NFL teams. In addition to NFL team outfits, there will be football-themed emotes, harvesting tools, gliders, and even a referee outfit, so players can bring their passion for football into Fortnite.

    “Once a player owns an NFL team outfit they will be able to choose a uniform from any of the League’s 32 teams and customize the jersey with a number of their choice (1-99). The NFL team outfits will be available as both male and female figures and can be customized with a different team/number each time a player uses the outfit in Fortnite.

    “The NFL team outfits will be available in Fortnite’s Battle Royale Item Shop starting November 9 at 7 pm ET.”
    On top of the 8 characters who you can purchase to wear a jersey they added an American Football glider, two referee skins, and two pickaxes including a goal post.

    Youtuber Banned then Unbanned for feeding Feminist to Alligator in RDR2

    The video above is by Youtuber Shirrako who was recently banned for feeding a feminist in Read Dead Redemption 2 to an Alligator in game. According to Shirrako this was without warning even though Youtube has a 3 strike policy. He said "you literally rip characters apart in Mortal Kombat, why are those videos allowed and what I made is ban worthy?". Shirrako was recently unbanned but I thought it brought up a decent conversation. Obviously killing in RDR2 is a common theme but do you think this was worth a ban? I think the middle ground look would be the title "Annoying Feminist Fed To Alligator" might be kind of a bait but at the same time there is nothing in the title that isn't fact except for the 'Annoying' part which is subjective. It was a feminist and she was in fact fed to an alligator.

    What do you guys think about this situation?

    Clips of the Week

    I figured we could bring some entertainment to the OC Report with some weekly clips around the streaming world.

    OwnedCore Report #47: WoW eSports is growing (Sponsored by MMOGOLD4USA)
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