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    OwnedCore Report #19

    So Fortnite is a thing still. I wonder if that is enough for a whole report. No? Alright, than welcome to the 19th OC Report. This is where we cover all things OwnedCore and gaming around the globe. This week will include Community Highlights, Mod Recruitment, and Gaming from around the Globe. Did I mention Fortnite is still a thing? Okay just making sure. LF3M Squads PC NA John Wick skins only.

    OwnedCore is recruiting Mods for the Fortnite and PUBG sections

    Do you like Fortnite, PUBG, or both? Want to help OwnedCore out while also getting some moderation experience? Than look no further. OwnedCore is now recruiting moderators for both the Fortnite and PUBG sections right here on OwnedCore.

    • Being active

    • Helping new and old members enjoy their stay

    • Be able to follow instructions

    How to apply:
    Send Eryxon a private message on OwnedCore including the following information:
    • Age

    • Nationality

    • Former forum moderator experience (if any)

    • What game are you applying to be moderator in?

    • What is your experience with the game listed above?

    • How active can we expect you to be?

    For more information check the full post HERE.

    Community Highlights

    Ankhnoire posted an insane relic dupe for World of Warcraft Retail. Apparently it is still active!

    Titan33 Posted a sweet introduction guide for Fortnite in our newly added Fortnite section. Video included.

    scrappyballz shared that Darkness 2 was free briefly, not sure if it is still. Regardless this is a good time to highlight that the shared section is a great spot to check on the regular for game deals!

    WhisperCrystal presented a cool way to Remove Chat Silence for Battle.net

    [TRG]Semi posted a legendary WoW exploit for avoiding run backs while dead in WoW.

    Gaming Around The Globe

    PUBG Savage Map is out and 2nd round of testing is incoming
    PUBG came out with a new map called Savage which is a forest themed map but the kicker is it is a lot smaller. Small map means more action, faster games, and less dead time. This was open for testing last week but is coming back and signups can be seen here: https://t.co/2NGtcpX3YF . PUBG seems to see Fortnite as a major threat for obvious reasons and I think Savage is a great response to that threat. A lot of complaints of PUBG have been the over camping playstyle, slow games, etc. This map definitely combats a lot of those issues. Whether your into PUBG or Fortnite, having competition in the same genre is great for both sides.

    Fortnite adds Vending Machines and First Shot Accuracy permanently to its Battle Royale mode.
    Vending Machines can be located around the map with set locations but not 100% spawn rates. Each vending machine has the same rarity as weapons from gray to legendary. With this rarity comes better loot but always for a price. Each machine includes 3 items, one for wood, one for brick, one for metal. So if you come across a Purple (epic) vending machine you can see things like Jump Pads for 400 wood, Purple Heavy Shotgun for 400 brick, and Purple Scar for 400 metal. The items are also RNG but have to fit the rarity of the machine. Also with the 3.4 update came first shot accuracy. If you remember the shooting test about 2 months ago than this is a feature you probably waited for. Now when holding down the sites of a gun without moving you will notice the crosshair becoming smaller and once it reaches its final size the first shot of that gun is 100% accurate. Not all guns hit 100% accuracy at the same speeds and with this new found accuracy comes a damage drop off the further the target is away from you. So you may be have an easier time hitting a guy 200 meters away but a headshot might only do like 30 damage at that range now.

    Remote Auction House is being shut down in WoW
    If you were an avid user of WoW's Remote Auction House than I am sorry to break this news to you. On April 18th, 2018 the Remote Auction house will be officially deactivated. This means you will not be able to view AH listings via WoW's website or Armory App. According to Blizzard this will not impact community sites who make use of the API that accesses "Auction House related data". And just in case this doesn't go without saying, the normal in game Auction Houses will be available still all throughout Azeroth. I will say that this comes as a surprise and find it interesting that Blizzard does not state a reason as to why they are getting rid of it.

    Sega announces the Mega Drive Mini
    Oh the nostalgia that comes with this news. Old console nostalgia is a real thing and Sega seem to be capitalizing on that by announcing their Mega Drive Mini which is simply a smaller version of the Mega Drive. This will be released in 2018 and have a ton of classic games to go with it. Along with this news they mentioned that they will be making classic games for the Nintendo Switch this summer. The games will most likely be pre-loaded like the Nes Classic. Also Sega licensed a ton of their classic games for iOS and Android phones so we can probably expect some mobile ports as well. All in all, big moves by Sega and there is nothing wrong with some classics coming back.

    New Kul Tiran Druid Cat Forms
    BFA hasn't had a whole lot of new information these last two weeks after we got so many new allied races confirmed but recently we got to see a sneak peak of the Kul Tiran Druid cat forms and they look pretty sick. I am still wondering if they will be adding the skinny models of the Kul Tiran humans because I remember they were in the same leak as the fat ones. All in all, even as a Horde player myself, these new forms got me thinking of making a Kul Tiran Druid.

    Port-a-forts added to Fortnite
    Building is pretty much the center of the Battle Royale game mode for Fortnite and with this new item, anybody can be good at it. Epic Games recently added this item which builds a 2 1/2 story metal tower for you just by throwing it on the ground. Complete with a door and tires at the bottom to bounce you up to the top. This came with mix reactions in the beginning. Some people said they are making the game to casual friendly by adding items that build for you and others said its just gonna be a fun item to use and potatoes will still be potatoes. And after playing over 20 games since the patch I have to agree with the latter. I don't think the item has ever truly given a bad player such an advantage over me that it actually got me killed. Yea it probably made an easy kill take longer or made me use resources on that kill that I may not have needed to in the past, but overall definitely didn't feel like that item single handedly got me killed by a noob. I think the item is actually just a great idea and fun to play around with overall. Throwing it at people with RPG's and having them blow themselves up, using it as a defensive move or even offensive, and more. One thing I will say though is this break from the homing RPG has been very nice. Hopefully it never comes back.

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