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    Topic Of The Month April, 2010

    Which post should win this month's nomination contest?

    Choose from the topics (posts/threads) listed throughout the forum(s), and vote for your favourite post now.

    What is Topic Of The Week?
    Topic of the Week is a contest that selects posts on which we would like the community to commit to as a group and then comment/discuss on them during the course of the selected month. Any listed topic (thread) is eligible for the Topic of the Month selection.

    What determines a Topic Of The Month?
    Topic Of The Month is based on a simple nomination system. Throughout the selected forums, members with adequate permissions can nominate their favorite topic by clicking on the award nomination button below the post.

    The topics with the most nominations during the course of the week are displayed on this thread using the poll feature. At the end of the month, the first three topics with the most nominations are the award winners of the contest.

    How can I nominate a topic for Topic of the Month?
    Every topic contains a button like this:
    Simply click this button, and your nomination is added! It's that simple.

    How many topics can I nominate per month?
    You may only nominate 3 topics per week. This is to keep things fair, and not have an incredible amount of 'nomination trading'.

    Can I nominate my own topics?

    How many of my topics can be nominated per month?
    There is no limit! If you're lucky enough to have all your recent topics nominated, then they will be nominated! This may change in the future however.

    What happens when the week is over, and the Topics of the Month are chosen?
    The top 3 topic creators will receive reputation, based on their standing.

    1st place: 15 reputation
    2nd place: 10 reputation
    3rd place: 5 reputation

    We think its incentive enough! This is done automatically, and you will also receive a PM if you win!

    Not to mention; you'll receive a badge stating you're a winner, and your awards count will increase. (Every post shows your current nomination count, and number of awards won)

    How many months in a row can I win?
    You can only win once every 3 months. If you win this week; you will not be able to have another topic nominated for the next 3 months. This is to keep things fair throughout the forum, and allow all of our members to have a fair chance.

    Can I trade nominations?
    No! This is as bad as rep trading! If we catch you trading nominations, you will be banned from the TOTM system indefinitely. No questions asked.

    Is there anything else I need to know?
    Yes. The system is maintained by staff, if a thread is deleted that has been nominated, it will be removed from the TOTM for that week. (Including all nominations. Yes, you will get back any nominations you used up in that thread!) Please keep in mind; if we feel a thread has been nominated just 'because', we reserve the right to remove it from the TOTM for that week.

    Is there anywhere to view the current standings, or past winners?
    Of course! On the top of our site, you'll see a drop down menu labeled 'Quick Links', from there, you can figure out the rest!

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    niceee lol pryddev

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