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    Sorare online football game (with Ethereum)

    Sorare - online football game (with Ethereum)

    Hello dear Ownedcore Members! I’ll post a word first about why I’m posting it here on Ownedcore. I think this game is a good way to make some money in the long run and of course for football fans in general it’s just a fun game. I’ll explain everything into detail, but let me point out that I reach out to 2 groups in general. People who love football and football games in general and people who like to make some money who have an interest in football. As it’s for the long run, people who just look to win some cash, but aren't interested in football, I don’t give them a very big chance (although it’s not impossible).

    So, on to the game itself then!

    Sorare is an online fantasy football game which you can play through This game works with unique, registered cards of players and clubs. It’s based on the performances of the players in real life, so the game is very much linked with reality.

    You buy cards with Ethereum or your credit card (cc has a 10% fee, so I’d recommend you to use Ethereum, more info on how to buy and connect it follows later). As these cards use a unique code, you really possess them, just as you possess your bitcoin/Ethereum. Every season they have maximum 100 rare cards, 10 super rare cards and 1 unique card per player.

    Some players even don’t play this game for the game itself, but only play it for profit by buying and selling players. There are also collectors who speculate for those cards to be worth a lot of money later on… (Proof of this are the high prices for Gianliugi Buffon who is mostly benched and thus not giving any points or Diego Maradonna, who doesn’t even have a use for his card yet in the game as he’s a coach).

    When you have 5 cards you can start making a team. Your team consists of minimum 1 keeper, 1 defender, 1 midfielder, 1 striker and 1 extra. This extra can play at any position, but can’t be a keeper.

    There are many competitions with different divisions available to compete. This means that a starting player can join the 4th division and thus has a chance of winning without investing too much. Some examples of the current division: Global, global U23, Asian, American, European and a special weekly competition (this gameweek it’s a team consisting of age 30+ players only).

    For new players there is also a free rookie competition which you can compete with for the first 8 gameweeks after creating your account. For this competition you can pick 10 common cards with a €500.000.000 budget. Mind that you can only use those cards in the rookie league and in the 4th division of some competitions (they won’t give you many points, so to compete in the 4th division you’ll really need to buy rare cards).

    There are 2 gameweeks where you can compete per week. The weekend and the midweek. If your players are not playing during the gameweek, you can still put them on training so they get experience. This experience will allow your players to score more points later on.
    At the moment the whole Jupiler Pro League (Belgian first division), some French, German, Portugese, Spanish and Italian first division clubs and also some more exotic like the Russian, Japanese, Korean and American first division teams are covered. Every month there are new clubs and I’m mostly hoping for more premier league clubs soon. For a full list of the currently covered clubs I refer to: Sorare

    I’ll give you some more links for help and hints & tricks:

    General FAQ: Sorare

    Very active and official Discord Channel where you can ask other players more information about the football players or negotiate prices to buy more cards etc… You can also contact me, Mattie44 from that Discord: Sorare (if the link doesn’t work anymore, feel free to ask me for a new link here).

    Hints for new players:

    Mistakes to avoid when starting on Sorare - Sorare Club

    Another very interesting website to see the results and rewards from gameweeks, but also to see the history, both in price and performance:
    And for who prefers youtube:
    Also all the websites like and all other websites about football or the websites from the club etc are interesting to follow.

    Now there are 2 things left for me to explain. First you’ll need to buy Ethereum, but you’ll also need to make a wallet, so you can transfer your Ethereum from the website where you buy it to Sorare. I’ll give you 2 options to do these things and I’m certain they work, but if you’d prefer any other website or wallet, feel free to choose your own.

    The first step is to buy Ethereum. I used the website
    Please mind that it could take a few days before you can move your Ethereum to your Wallet. This is a security measure and thus nothing to do about it

    The second step is to create a Wallet. I’ve used Metamask for it and it works quite well. Please write down the 12 words very carefully on a piece of paper and keep it somewhere safe (not online).

    I hope I’ve informed you thoroughly with this explanation and that I made you curious and excited for the game Maybe you’ll win some money with it, maybe you won’t. The most important thing is that you enjoy the game

    In any way feel free to contact me for some extra information or help before you get started

    Goodluck and have fun! //Mattie44 aka Aramina.

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