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    Forum Improvement - Suggestions

    Post your suggestions here.

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    A spot to link my youtube channel (or Twitter) on the side bar, for example where you have Discord and Skype on yours.

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    tl:dr version:

    Bump threads from some preset list, without having to open each page individually - save time for sellers & save host resources (less traffic & stress on the server, some sellers here have 50+ threads they can open at same time using chromes open all bookmarks in specific folder tool screenshot example how we do it atm)

    Ok, lets contribute folks, perhaps make life a little easier for people with many threads, as it is in order to bump all your threads for free every 6h you need to bookmark each page in separate folder for each website where you advertise, including oc.

    So when a seller with many threads wants to bump all his oc threads he needs to open all pages at once - chrome has open all pages in certain bookmark folder option (this stresses the oc servers, in addition to possibly triggering some automated antispam tool against the seller, either from oc or default browser behavior rules).

    How about we add some master bump all for free button, for all that user threads, or give us option to add all threads we want to bump with that master bump button in some filed (coz lets say i have many sales threads but also hve few discussions threads and i only want to bump sale threads, this way i can filter only sale threads.) This is done only once, i can update/edit the master list of threads, but by default it should stay as is from previous change coz it would be counterproductive to have to add each thread with link before each free bump, instead just add/remove threads once in a while when new games release, or some games become inactive.

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