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    A tribute to some users

    Hello, I'd like to make this tribute to the users I've encountered here, and that have inspired me over the years with their contributions. My ownedcore heroes.

    - Nachtsuchen – Thevery young but powerful wizard from the Order of the Hidden Eye. It was his videos that made me come to OC and start exploring. He most notably discovered the “other world” glitch, and many other things during the first eras of the game. Hopefully he’ll come back after his studies to rock exploration and exploiting again.
    [Revolutioniary] The Otherworld Glitch

    - Jaburius – That happy little dwarf you should never underestimate. Leader of theKeepers of the Secret, and a great wallclimber. He was tragically banned after the famous raid to GM Island. It is unknown where he went now.
    WoW 3.3 - GM ISLAND RAID Keepers-of-the-Secrets

    - Omo – The rightful owner of the Omo Island, and a very skilled student of Vision of the Unknown. He had all sorts of crazy exploits, used them at will to break the game, and oftenly reached weird-looking areas.
    [Instanced] COT and Omo island

    - WizardTrokair(formerly grue) – The Khagdar of exploration : old but young, and the wisest of its generation. He went everywhere in the book, and then decided to go elsewhere. While doing so, he recorded his trips, and shared them frequently for everyone to watch and learn.
    Out of his many threads, I picked only these two, for their importance to the community:
    [Project] Exploration Tutorial for WoW
    [Discussion] WoW Exploration questions

    - Strangletusk –Finally a troll in exploration! And a very good one, on a particular quest for his origins. He actually went on and published a whole map of his adventures in WoW, with two goals: behind portals and everything titan-related.
    [Project/Guide] The Explorer's Map: A Customised Map for Explorers

    - Rezknik – The great Guardian of Exploration. He started recording his paths to unknown lands and not-so empty spaces before Trokair appeared. Many followed his steps and were allowed to discover exciting new territories on their own. He sometimes even delivered model edits for easier access. And he is still active currently.
    I’ll just drop this link to his amazingly good exploration wiki (in Czech):

    - Cruven123 – You may totally be Jaburius’s second account, I don’t remember. But damn those wallclimbs of yours. KotS really were the masters of that discipline.
    [Wallclimbing] Insane wall Deadmines

    - Andros – Thanks for your many patches of old content converted to post cata build. Allowing new generations to see old locations. Dat passion in this thread: [Epicness+Video!] The Secret house of Ghostlands 3.33!

    - spoutnik –Author of mind blowing movies of Essplorations, as they call it inside the Royal Idf Foundation. The abyssal maw video totally caught me by surprise, and is still one of my favorite exploration video of all times.
    But your masterpieceshould still be “Across the horizon”: [Movie] Across the Horizon : the movie

    - MoD – The guy who brought us the development map, and I can’t thank you enough for this amazing share. You also worked in the weirdest side of WoW (memory editing), and I heard you were doing an amazing job at it. I wonder what you do now...
    [Preview] Development

    - Xel – Your memoir of all hidden locations helped me hundreds of times. I wouldn’t be here without it, and even now, it still helps me from time to time. I remember it always put a smile on my teen’s face to see “Last posted by Xel” on the Exploration section.
    [Memoir] All Hidden Locations of WoW before Cataclysm

    - Khamul – Another gifted explorer from Ridpef, and another talented movie maker.
    A warlock’s journey is a must see, as well as the paladin’s one: Exploration Movie: A Warlock's Journey

    - Dovah – The prodigy : ) Man you already know you’re my hero. Always getting better at everything, and always faster than me. It’s really annoying, but you’re just that good.
    Here’s one of his recent share, and one of the best of the last few years: Legion's Other Two Developer's Secrets

    - Hazzbazzy –Amazing efforts towards building a great exploring community. Sadly not everything worked, but you’re still to be thanked for trying. Please stay around : )
    The exploration handbook is by far your greatest contribution, it helped a lot of people a lot: The Exploration Handbook - The 7.0 Edition:

    - HI5 – The definition of handsome, badass, and also bold. I won free powerlevelling for WoW in one of your contests, and got a mage to explore with Blink : D People like you made the news team better, and it’s still getting better everyday.
    Not even an overlydramatic title at all for this thread or yours:

    -JD – It was fun the sc2 tournament you did. Too bad we’re not seeing more of this now.
    Also too bad, I was, because I lost before the semis… OwnedCore Starcraft 2 Bronze to Gold Starcraft 2 Tournament Starting Soon!

    - Teryaki - You used to have an urine-colored username iirc, and one of the few that went to the exploration. You gave us some nice treats, and it was nice to follow your progress.
    “Never stop exploring !” you were saying here [WoW Machinima] Exploring the Unreachable

    - Rakantor –WizardTrokair’s apprentice. Soon after the legend retired to create funk dj sets, Rakantor arose from nowhere and shared a ton of cool new stuff to fill the hole left. But unknown circumstances made Rakantor less and less present over the years, unfulfilling his destiny to become the next Trokair.
    He still didn’t leave without making a beautiful exploration tribute [Movie] Seeing The Unseen - An Exploration Tribute

    - Dellion or just Ellion now – So what’s your title again? Yeah right, “the Explorer”. Well deserved title! : ) When asked who’s the best, Ellion is just like “me, and I’ll prove it every single time”. For the Exploration contest, he escaped 17 out of the 23 possible instances.
    And he had done the same already on his own before: [Project] "The Unknown Side of the World"

    - yunalol22 –Young and wild, the rejected son of Ridpef. Yuna did contribute, a lot, and for an extended period of time. And it was during the great WoD starvation of content.
    This video made me overcome lethargy, activate a 7-days trial, swap Deepholm to LevelDesignLand, and check that lego logo with my own char (couldn’t find any OC thread)

    - Dripperina – I honestly don’t remember much from you, except that you came out of the exploit section and shared exploration tricks from times to times. Iirc, also the wife of another OC member.
    This was very good: [Bypassing EndgameWall]

    - Jacul – As a French, I love your username. Thank you for checking something on WoW for me, with you kal’dorei light global : ) I have hope you’ll find something new again one day.
    Kal'dorei Light Globe

    - grassynoles – You should stop smoking leaves, because you are fricken crazy. I think I actually used my OC account for the first time to send you a PM. About some Ahn Qiraj secret eggs. You were also the first to warn everyone to explore Underwater, and it lead to some very pretty finds.
    And you also had this one brilliant idea: [A Quest for Truth]Explorers League Too bad we didn’t find anything, but it was worth trying, and very fun to do. Thank you for all these great moments.

    - advanta, Kaizuken, and other awesome exploiters I may have spontaneously forgotten about– Thank you for your many, many exploits. Lots of stuff got added to the explorers’ toolkit over the years. We explorers always attempt to circumvent barriers, but from time to time, we still need your good old hammers to break walls.
    The sickest exploit of all time must still be attributed to Shorty imo: RAoV WoW Exploits 3.3.5a Revealed NEW [ Shorty ]
    (Working video:

    - TOM_RUS – Thank you for your tools, your lists, your dumps… You’ve helped me and tons of other players immensely! I wish I could give back to you someday.
    WoW WotLK Closed Beta Sandbox
    Guys like you that releases sandboxes are the best.

    - king48488 –Speaking of which. king48488 is the WoD and Legion sandbox maker, please never stop being awesome, we need that. Also, please take me as your padawan. Sandbox for Legion Beta

    - Leonim – That elite member that came out of nowhere with cool stuff for explorers. The best to me is still the mystery of the Orthell’s hideouts. I’ve yet to visit them all.
    [Mysteries] Ortell's Hideout

    - Satori – Creator of the Project Destination Unknown, Satori first wanted to share his view as a novice of Exploration, and ended up a great master. He also took the name and face of my favorite SC2 player, Ilyes Satouri.
    A proper movie, from someone I think was raised by Ridpef again:
    Introduction To Exordium

    - OrcWiz – You don’t even have your own thread and yet I already look upon you. You took the appearance of Trokair in your screenshots, and could very well be one day the next Wizard in town someday. You have to expand out of the Random Exploration thread though

    - madorisiath – The latest spawn of Ridpef, expelled from its own house, and now striking here with 22 threads already! You videos are always too short… But this one was very nice: [ Exploration 7.1.5 ] The Broken Shore Alpha

    - MistaKatz – Impressive track record, and still a bit active. I hope you’ll reopen your explorer’s scrolls serie one day, it was awesome. Explorer's Scrolls - The Exploration Adventure

    - Hurricaanz – Only good threads come from this guy, a very solid Explorer. Also a lover of the past world like me. Sweet nostalgia: R.I.P old Azeroth glitching

    - olimac – You got The Trokair impressed on your first two threads. And then you vanished, what happened man? I wish we’d see you more often around here.

    - tspearman – AIO is the best stuff that happened to me, and lots of other explorers, since 2006. I could never thank you enough for that, you’re definitely one of my ownedcore heroes!

    - Dante – I remember you mainly because of the parrot emoticon onthe shoutbawx. Yep, that’s what you get, to be remembered as the guy with the parrot emoticon on the shoutbawx.

    - Eryxon – You went from random noob to OC admin in no time. And you’re doing a great job at it, thanks a lot for all the help ; )

    - Ah you thought I forgot about you? Never could I, the best hackerof ownedcore, in the most noble sense of the term, maclone. If I have to say thank you for one thing, it would definitely be the “.chat” command on the shoutbawx.

    There are so many names I could add to this list. Like relican/veritable/kenneth from the news teams, elektropop/akspa420/dripperina/pogo from Exploration, namreeb/jadd/stoneharry from the weirdest parts of OC, zaphry/smitten/wetop/watcher from the shoutbox, and basically all the OC staff I’ve encountered (sniffingpickles!). But this is already a relatively good list of people that I’ve met on mmowned and ownedcore, during these last ten years, and that I’m still going to remember for a while.

    Now on a relatively lower scale, what would be your heroes of Mmowned or Ownedcore?
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    Oh it's so nice of you to make such a thread. I'm a simple woman, but I will keep what you said in mind. Feel flattered and you make me smile .
    Nyarly I am thanking you for all the work you do/did for the community.

    The person I admire.. no suprise, is Trokair.

    But after coming on here from one of his video... I discovered a lot of awesome/talented people.
    Special place in my heart for Dovah... he always manage to suprise me!
    Madorisiath, who gave me a bit of hope recently.

    « Beaucoup d’hommes ont un orgueil qui les pousse ŕ cacher leurs combats et ŕ ne se montrer que victorieux. » – Honoré de Balzac

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    even If not mentioned hacker knows that hacker is always in your heart and mind.

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    No one ever remembers Confucius on the news team . Nice list though, I'll edit this post later and name some people who were great friends from ownedcore and I wish would return.

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    Why is hackerlol not on that list?

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    I will always remember you by your glorious IRL picture when you shaved your head (beard?) for HI5.


    (credits to the author Smitten)
    I don't have a skype account. Contact me through pms or through discord.

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    A great list. I must check out some of the names I don't recognize.

    (EDIT: oooh i'm in there, ty mate
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    Some extremely hot girls I bribed to advertise my youtube channel:

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    OMO the best!



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