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    I want you to make an experiment:

    Fast for one day and regularly play computer games, whatever you desire. Make no changes like before, play whatver you like and immerse yourself fully into it

    Fasting means, no eating. You can drink water, but no physical food eaten and only water is allowed to drink. No soda, only regular spring water

    And now see what you feel in your stomach, in your head, basicly in your entire human being when you play a video game and feel it's ups and downs

    You possibly feel (AND I STILL WANT YOU TO MAKE THIS EXPERIMENT, YOU DO NOT GAIN MORE LIFE-EXPERIENCE BY READING A BOOK, ITS ABOUT DOING IT YOURSELF) that you completely wreck yourself by what is going on infront of your eyes and in what you participate, mentally and emotionally.

    What you are about to feel here is how your body is literally eating itself from the inside. Computer gaming, any gaming that involves killing, involves the domination of another, that we all play for so long, yes of course including myself, is destroying us. You did never notice this because you have constantly shoved food down your throat due to it's healing and balancing emotional component and never felt the Extreme negative spiral you unleash inside of yourself, that would otherwise tear your body apart in very short period of time.

    Fasting in itself is very healing, it is the complete oppositive of a detriment, because it shows you your current, unbiased un-intoxicated lifestyle and allows it's natural healing powers to regenerate tissue, nervous system, skeletal structure, etc.

    When you realize this, you might feel like a baby on soul-level. Because you are so often doing something that is so negative for your being and you are not noticing it so strong and so complete, because you are carried by food. Emotional food, covering it all up. Not all, but most of it. And the detrimental behavior in gaming is increasing and so has the amount of chemicals in foods, to even be able to create a covering-up. The chemicals themselves in foods have to be broken down in our bodies again and This requires a lot of healthy minerals, resulting in worse teeth, stiff joints, ankle akes and what not. Skeletal structure is getting consumed due to acidosis.

    How does it feel, possibly, purely from informational level, that you are so ignorant to yourself right now, beliving that you can continue this lifestyle, without shortening your lifespan drasticly - and how does it feel like that you are unable to do this yourself, that you really need someone else (food) to help you out with this, while your primary effort in this life is to grow all by yourself? Feels really baby-ish, doesnt it? Into what does the possibly hulking-man, that adopted a body-building-lifestyle and now feeling and believing himself to be more mature, turn into and ultimatelly really is? A mere baby on soul-level in a superficial mature physical shell.

    I really really want you to not eat for an entire day and continue to play your video games and then see what happens inside of your body. This is a huge and rich learning that leads into a future where you will find yourself more able to cope with this life. You Know that you can not hide all your life behind a screen, you are here because of this body. You would not have this life-experience without this body, so maybe it is time to realize and value this physical experience here, for which this body, that you oversee so many times of the day, is necessary and required.

    Enjoy your waking-up!
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    Fasting in my current state means a VERY fast decline in my health.

    I do not recommend this to anyone.

    You need rest and nutrition in order to survive. Not everyone eats food as an emotional impulse. I eat food as it is a function required to stay alive.

    This has nothing to do with the games we play destroying us. This has to do with your mental state being affected by the lack of food. You don't need to stop eating for a day to have self-enlightenment.

    If you want a regenerating diet, don't stop eating. Try eating only things that were made before the industrial era, before any processing happens. If a cavemen couldn't eat it back then, don't eat it. That is what our body was meant to eat. We haven't evolved past the point of eating yet. Again. Really don't recommend this to anyone.

    and yes, I've fasted before. Not by choice either.
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    Fasting for a day is fine, it's required all the time for medical procedures. I don't know what crunk is going on about with all this nonsense again though.

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