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    Get youtube views, subscribers, likes, favorites and comments

    A few days ago I discovered a website called Vagex.

    It works like this:
    You sign up and earn 50 credits.

    Credits can be redeemed for youtube views, subscribers, likes, favorites and comments on your videos.

    You earn credits by either buying them for real money, or you can watch other people's videos and gain 1 credit each video you watch.
    They have a program and a firefox plug-in that allows you to automaticly run through other people's videos without you having to click anything.
    As far as I know, you can have up to 5 computers running the automatic video watching. So if you have 5 computers all hooked up to the internet, you could easily gain a few thousand credits a day.

    When I used my first 50 credits on a video I gained:
    4 Subscribers
    3 Favorites
    1 Comment

    And that was within 2-3 hours after using the credits.
    After one full day of running the credit stuff on 1 computer, I gained roughly 1500 credits. So you should be able to imagine how easy it would be to reach high counts.

    I've put all my 1500 credits on a single of my videos, and about ~200 of those credits are now used and my current video stats are:
    25 Subscribers
    32 Likes (Note: No dislikes)
    3 Favorites (I disabled gaining favorites)

    I still have ~1300 credits left on my video, and the numbers are still rising.

    Inviting new people to the website will earn you 10% of the all credits that they earn.

    I will continue to use this free service, and I hope other people will as well.

    Here's the normal link to sign up:
    Click me

    And a refferal link, for people who want to help me out:
    Click me

    But you can go ahead and pick the normal one if you like.

    Good luck everyone!
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    Woa, very nice. Did not know about this.

    Will sign up on the referal link once i get home from work.

    (no youtube at work) *sad face*

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