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    Will pay $1000.00 for a Guild Wars Server/Core

    My friends and I were talking about raising money to help a
    developer create a Guild Wars Server/Core.
    Before you react who would do such a thing, here are our reasons

    1. From where we live internet is so slow that when we do play
    normal ping, notice I said normal is 20,000 to 30,000 ping so you
    can't really play in those conditions.
    2. There is no Guild wars server/Core.
    3. My friends and I played Guild Wars for years and we stopped ever
    since we moved here in south east asia for reason number 1.
    4. We missed playing Guild Wars altogether and its been over a year we've
    been searching to no avail.
    5. It would be nice to have a Lan party of PVP on weekends.

    Of course there is always one person who is skeptical.

    Friend number 1 says, if developing a Guild Wars server is easy
    they would have developed one already for Guild Wars has been out
    for years. He thinks that the main reason why Guild wars hasn't been
    developed because the devs just can't crack it.

    Friend number 1 also says that NCSoft hires the developers of Guild
    Wars server to prevent them on making one. Look what happened to l3j, theora
    and the GWLP team...and he goes on.

    I said, well how about we try to make one? Then they all laughed at
    me knowing we have no knowledge about any java, c++ or .net framework.

    Then I joked that well if I do study, might take me years but hey
    our Grandsons will play the Guild Wars server and you all give me
    the $1000.00 dollars we raised. hehe

    The main reason to this post is to clear something up for me and my

    1. Is NCSoft really hiring devs that try to develop a GW Server?
    2. Is Guild Wars really that hard to crack that devs can't develop one?
    3. Is GWLP or GWLP:Revival really been a dead project?
    4. Is there a really stable and complete GW server ever released?

    If you are a developer reading this post, please shed a little light
    of hope for us and try to create one, we will support you the best
    of our ability. What woudld it take for us to get you jump started?

    Anyway, Thank you for reading this long post. hehe oh by the way.

    1. Don't flame
    2. Read the whole post and comments before you respond.
    3. If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything.
    4. If you do support having our community having a GW server please
    5. And if you do not support it, explain as well.

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