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    MacroMonkey Automation - Macro - Bot - Scripting system.

    I've been working on my own macro/bot system for some time now and decided to improve it and make it public.
    I present MacroMonkey!

    MacroMonkey is a free, feature packed macro/botting scripting system for Windows.
    Aimed mostly towards MMO games, but can be used to automate almost any windows program.

    You can send simulated key presses, mouse moves and clicks, read screen pixels, interact with windows and processes at a low level, talk between other MacroMonkey instances, and much more.

    Uses the powerful, fast, lightweight, and easy to learn Lua scripting language, with addition of many extensions for automation needs.

    I extended a small Requiem bot project last year in closed beta to work on a GUI, and other features.
    I present ReqBot!

    A full featured (and free) bot for Requiem.
    I haven't tried any other Requiem bot but I would say it's at least on par with most commercial ones.

    A small demo running a Dominator (pet class) character:
    [ame=]YouTube - Requiem MOG, MacroMonkey ReqBot, Dominator class demo[/ame]

    Download the latest MacroMonkey here:
    MacroMonkey Downloads.

    Get ReqBot here:
    MM ReqBot Forum

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    We realy miss u in requem online. Your bot was so awesome! U must... MUST returnin this project for us and make awesome bot now with months fees. Realy.

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