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    Ruins of Kel Voreth

    Here is an overview I made of the dungeon (use download for the high quality ~50 mb picture):

    kel voreth final2.png

    This guide is mostly from memory but should give a general idea what to expect.


    First room will have several packs of mobs, each pack can be pulled individually. You must kill 3 to cause the boss to spawn. The recommended ones are the two gladiators, and then the necromancer in the middle. The gladiators cleave which will also affect their minions for some damage. The Necromancer has a cast that can be interrupted as well as summons weak adds.

    Throughout the area you'll notice spike pits, entering a pit stuns you and causes you to take some damage.

    Boss: Grond the Corpsemaker

    Grond is a giant pig-like thing that has a few abilities. First, he'll do a front and back cleave so DPS have to make sure they aren't in front or behind him. Next he also does a charge abilities at a random person and knocks them back. His major ability in the first phase is Thrash. This causes him to do telegraphs that move out from him very fast and should be interrupted immediately, as each telegraph does very high damage and knocksback. He has 2 interrupt armor on normal, and 4 on veteran. Interrupting it will cause a moment of opportunity.

    After a while, he'll do an aoe knockback which also disarms. You can actually avoid both by running into a pit and being stunned, but this isn't really that necessary. Most importantly, he'll spawn 5 parasites. The parasites will fix on players (randomly, can have 2-3 on one person and none on another). On normal, you can just dps them down since they have a mere ~5k health. On veteran, they must be kited into the spike pits which kill them instantly as they have ~500k hp. In addition they do a case where they'll explode and spawn 2 more parasites if not kited to a trap in time.

    Once you get him low enough, he'll gain a new ability called mutilate. This isn't that dangerous, as he'll leap to an area and do a strong frontal cone but is very easy to avoid. He'll rarely do thrash as well but mostly mutilate and spawning the parasites. Lastly, every so often he'll get a buff which will increase his damage giving him a soft enrage. Not terribly difficult as long as your group is fast on interrupting thrashes.

    Trash Mobs:

    • Gladiator with slaves: Pretty simple just aoe the slaves and kill the gladiator
    • Augmentor and Slaver: Generally better to kill the augmentor first then the slaver, but neither have major abilities from what I recall aside from the usual cleaves.
    • Protector and 2 Probes: These are somewhat dangerous. The protector can cast a heal that needs to be interrupted or it'll heal a lot. In addition, the probes can do high damage though their health is relatively low. The protector also has the ability to resummon the probes if you kill them first, and this can not be interrupted. Lastly, the probes themselves self-destruct which does very high damage but also kill them. They tend to self-destruct if the protector is dead.

    Optional Boss: Darkwitch Gurka

    She'll only spawn if you get the optional. She has 3 main abilities. First, she does an X shaped telegraph which also applies a slow if hit. Its very important to avoid this. Second, she does an ability that causes players to drop telegraphs that do damage (much like stormtalon's static ability). Lastly and most importantly, at around 50%, she does a aoe blind. This pretty much has to be interrupted, as she'll chain the other abilities after this, and they are very difficult to avoid if you get blinded. Interrupting it also gives a moment.

    Boss: Slavemaster Drokk

    This boss is tough. He has many phases and transitions.

    First phase is simple, as you only need to avoid the lasers that shoot down which can easily be dashed or ran out of. They do medium damage if they hit someone. At 80%, he'll transition, during this time he'll spawn a lot of probes which rush out from the doorway and fill the room. Focus one (easiest is the one near his doorway) and kill it. The probes do an aoe explosion which is why one needs to be killed to make a "safe area". After this phase, he'll come back out and gain a couple more abilities, including a donut shaped suppression wave ability where concentric circles spawn from him, and in addition he can tether players. Once he gets to ~50%, he'll also transition again. This time probes will fixate on players. If they reach the player or die, they explode. They move faster than players so snare, etc. help as well as ranged killing them. Once this phase is over after about 8 probes, the final phase starts. In this phase he has his previous abilities, and in addition probes will spawn that move to an area and explode. Do your best to dodge everything then kill the boss. He's the hardest boss in the instance.


    • Beastmaster and 2 Warhounds: Not too difficult, but the beastmaster will occasionally throw food that the warhounds eat that heal them and give a damage buff
    • Necromancer: Same as in the first room, spawns skeletons and does a cast that can interrupted
    • Blind Slaver with 4 slaves: Can't remember much about her, but I believe she does a frontal telegraph
    • Darkwitch: These are very dangerous, and cast an ability called impending doom. Be sure to interrupt it.
    • Battlesworn: Typical melee mob with leap and cleaves

    Boss: Forgemaster Trogun

    First off, do not run up to him, as he'll do a cast and light his platform on fire. This will most likely kill anyone who runs into him. After that is over, he'll occasionally spawn volcanoes that you don't want to stand in as they do high damage. After a while, he'll spawn fire orbs that the group needs to grab as he'll do an aoe shortly after if they reach him. At 50%, he'll run to his forge again. This time he'll shoot very fast fire disks out from him. Do your best to go to the gaps between them as this lasts for quite some time. Just focus on staying alive until its over. At around 20%, he'll do both abilities with the fire disks and the fire orbs. This is the hard fight of the fight. If your survive that the rest of the fight is normal.

    Medal Time: 40 Minutes


    * = After this boss
    ** = After second boss

    You will be given 4 of these.

    • End the Suffering of Slaves*
      • Kill 18 slaves. Each group has 4 so you'll probably end up killing 20. Most are after the second boss.
    • Access Hidden Eldan Data Storages*
      • Loot 6 of them. There are almost a dozen, and most can be done without extra pulling. Only found before the second boss.
    • Kill Mechano Slavers and Eldan Constructs*
      • You need 11 total, and they are all located before the second boss. There are plenty of mobs so you can skip a bit.
    • Find and Defeat Darkwitch Gurka*
      • She'll be patroling in a circle halfway to the second boss if you get her. See above for tactics.
    • Burn War Supplies**
      • Destroy 10, They are all over at the end half of the dungeon but some are a bit out of the way. There are extras.

    • Destroy Kel Voreth Forges.
      • Need 6 total, and there are only 6. They are also in pairs. Just click to destroy them.


    • Dodging the Defense:*
      • Avoid the lasers after the first boss and before second. You can disable them, but it also takes time. They tend to fixate on players.
    • Kill Osun**
      • I believe this is 15 of them within 10 minutes. The mobs are the ones after the second boss.

    These ads disappear when you log in.

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    The 50% transition can easily be avoided via a terrain exploit, the forges on the left and right of the room provide safe spots c:

    We had 1 dps who found it impossible to dodge for some reason...

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    Originally Posted by Stabsincerity View Post
    The 50% transition can easily be avoided via a terrain exploit, the forges on the left and right of the room provide safe spots c:

    We had 1 dps who found it impossible to dodge for some reason...
    Does this really still work? My group and i tried it on those pillars at the gate but we all got hit even at the highest point.

    So you are saying that it is safe on these forges? (most right side of the picture)

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