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    Big Changes! WildStar Megaservers and Single-player Dungeon Coming!

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    WildStar is losing its players gradually these days. NC Soft has been working on it to make players return to WildStar. From the news in the official web and discussions in other forums, we know that there will be big changes coming in WildStar after such a long silence. There are Megaservers and Single-player Dungeon, we will discuss them one by one.


    Megaservers means there will be only one server in WildStar, all the remaining services will be combined together. In the near future, we will enjoy more people, more groups, more activity and more raids etc, which will certainly result in more fun. We think that it is a way to solve some existing problems such as few people to raid. It makes the feel planet real, all players in different languages to complete similar quests, it must be fun.

    There will be also new contents added in the new Megaservers, details are still covered by developers, we just needs to wait and see. From the react from Reddit, many players have a high expectation to it, and the discussion popularity has reached a new level in WildStar Reddit. You can join it if you like. Notice that the character names may be the same for players in different servers, and it is something needs to be solved.

    Single-player Dungeon

    Single-player Dungeon means that you don’t have to wait others to start your exploration in dungeons. Solo in it to win the remarkable prize can be a nice thing. Let’s see how the developer says about it.

    “This is kind of like an outdoor dungeon. Not nearly as brutal as our dungeons that are instanced but it’s certainly a challenge,” Said Frost. “If you’re a badass maybe you can do it with 2-3 people. If you have the gear and got the skills it’s possible, but we’re recommending 5.”

    It implies that if you solo the dungeon, it is still a little difficult, but if you find a few friend, it will be quite easy. So, it is your decision to select your own way in Single-player Dungeon.

    We *gold selling website* will concern for it closely for your needs, welcome to turn to us when you need support in WildStar, wish you the best.
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    inb4 thread deletion!

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    Please keep Wildstar trading websites (gold selling website in your case,) to the trade section.

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