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    SWTOR - Sith Warrior: Juggernaut Vengeance DPS Compendium

    This link has all the tooltips for abilities and armour.
    Sith Warrior: Juggernaut Vengeance DPS Compendium - Empire Bail Bonds - Guild hosting

    Here is a copy of the info:

    Sith Warrior: Juggernaut Vengeance DPS Compendium

    The Juggernaut advanced class uses a single lightsaber for dps that relies on powerful strikes to down its opponents rather than the acrobatics and finesse that the Marauder uses. Unlike the Marauder the Juggernaut utilizes heavy armour and this gives him the ability to take more damage as well as spec into a tanking roll if needed.

    Sith Warrior Forms:
    Forms are stances in which you gain certain benefits based on which form you use. As dps you will use:

    Shien Form: This a great form because it increases your damage output as well as refunds 1 rage when you use rage consuming abilities. 11th point talent in vengeance tree.

    Rage Mechanic:
    Sith Warriors class is based around the mechanic of Rage. Rage is a resource that is generated and consumed using a variety of abilities.

    Rage Gaining Abilities:

    Assault: No cooldown spammable rage gain ability. Requires level 1

    Sundering Assault: Reduces targets armour by 20% at 5 stacks. Generates 2 rage (3 rage talented). Requires level 10

    Juggernauts also have other options to gain rage but they have a longer cooldown and are more situational.

    Force Charge: should always be used at the beginning of a fight. This ability generates 3 rage has a 15sec cooldown. To use this ability the target must not be behind cover and also the target must be at least 10m away. Requires level 2.

    Saber Throw: Generates 3 rage and has a 30sec cooldown. Use at the start of a fight preceding force charge to give you 6 rage at your disposal. Use it whenever the cooldown is up. Target must be at least 10m away. Requires level 36.

    Enrage: This a great ability to use if you want to throw out some extra dps for a burn phase or whenever more dps is needed. Enrage has a 60sec cooldown and generates 6 rage. Requires level 22.

    Force Choke: is channelled over 3sec gaining 1rage/sec. Has a 60sec cooldown and should only be used in fights that do not have a lot of movement or when you can get the full benefit of it. Requires level 24.

    Primary Rage Consuming Abilities:

    Now since you figured out how to build all that lovely rage it is time to see what we can spend it on.

    Vicious Slash: Has no cooldown costs 3 rage. This ability will act like a rage dump for when your other abilities are on cooldown and you have extra rage to spend. Requires Level 1.

    Force Scream:It costs 4 rage and has a 12sec (9sec Talented) cooldown. Requires level 6

    Impale: 21 point talent in vengeance tree. This one of our hardest hitting abilities we get. Has a 15sec (9sec Talented) cooldown and costs 4 rage. Should always be used when available.

    Shatter: 31 point talent in vengeance tree. Another heavy hitter that deals more damage on the DoT then the initial strike. Has a 9sec cooldown and costs 5 rage.

    Vicious Throw: Our single hardest hitting ability we acquire but is only usable when the targets HP is 20% or less and during that time has the highest priority. Has a 6sec cooldown and costs 3 rage. Requires level 46.

    Other Abilities:

    Smash: This an AoE ability that costs no rage when talented and has a 15second cooldown. Can be used for AoE purposes only or in your rotation for free extra damage if other ability cooldowns permit it. Requires level 3. Generates 1 rage in shien form.

    Sweeping Slash: Frontal cone ability that has no cooldown and costs 3 rage. Requires level 32.

    Ravage: Another channelled ability that requires you to be stationary. Not very useful in fights that require constant moving. 30sec cooldown and costs 0 rage. Requires level 8.

    Unnatural Might- 60min duration buff to yourself and party member which increases damage by all attacks and healing done by 5%

    This spec is designed around max dps for operations and has some wiggle room for people with specific play styles but a lot of talents i find are mandatory. Here is a breakdown of the talents stating which are mandatory or optional. Talents that are coloured blue are mandatory and pink is optional.

    Vengeance Tree
    Tier 1(Vengeance)
    Single Saber Mastery- Increases Melee damage by 6%. This combined with Shien form will give a total of 12% melee damage increase.
    Decimate- increases damage dealt by smash by 30% good for AoE situations.
    Improved Sundering Assault- Allows your main rage builder to add an extra stack of sunder armor to allow for more damage being dealt sooner rather then later.

    Tier 2(Vengeance)
    Accuracy- Increases accuracy by force and melee attacks by 3%. This a crucial talent as the goal will be to reach 100% hit so we cannot miss our attacks.
    Dreadnaught- Increases Strength by 6%. This is our main stat and it improves damage and increases crit % definitely needed.
    Unyielding- Generates 4 rage when knocked down, asleep or stunned.

    Tier 3(Vengeance)
    Draining Scream- Gives one of your main attacks extra damage in DoT form.
    Shien Form- Our main form we will use. Increases damage by 6% and also refunds 1 rage on rage consuming abilities.
    Pooled Hatred- Whenever your movement is impaired you gain a damage buff stacking up to 5 times. I find this useful because a lot of encounters have ways to limit your movement be it knockbacks or slows. 10% bonus to your next melee up to 50% fully stacked.

    Tier 4(Vengeance)
    Deadly Reprisal- Gives 1 rage when you take aoe damage in Shien form. Good extra rage for encounters that have aoe where you cant avoid the first tick.
    Vengeance- Reduces cooldown for 2 of your main abilities. Faster they up more dps you will do.
    Ruin- Smash no longer costs rage. Great for added dps at no cost.

    Tier 5(Vengeance)
    Impale- A crucial high dps ability.
    Savagery- When using impale or Vicious Throw your Force Scream and Vicious Throw abilities have a 60% crit chance increase.
    Eviscerate- Gives Impale added damage in the form of a DoT

    Tier 6(Vengeance)
    Rampage- Gives Impale and Shatter a 30% chance to refresh the cooldown of Ravage

    Tier 7(Vengeance)
    Shatter- Our highest hitting ability(DoT included)

    Rage Tree
    Tier 1(Rage)
    Malice- Increases crit by 6% for all force attacks
    Ravager- Reduces cooldown of ravage by 3sec and force choke by 10sec

    Immortal Tree
    Tier 1(Immortal)
    Enraged Sunder- Our main rage building ability will produce an extra rage.
    Quake- Smash is a free ability and with this talent makes it a nice raid utility helping the tanks alleviate some incoming damage.
    Battle Cry- 100% chance that Force Charge makes your next Force Scream cost no rage.


    Beginning of Fight:
    Saber Throw --> Force Charge --> Sundering Assault --> Shatter --> Force Scream -->Enrage --> Sundering Assault --> Impale --> Force Scream

    After that just prioritize using abilities off cooldown
    1)Sundering Assault
    4)Force Scream
    5)Force Choke
    5)Smash(Throw in whenever you can fit it without getting in the way of the abilities above)

    Sub 20% Phase:
    Enrage --> Sundering Assault --> Vicious Throw --> Shatter --> Sundering Assault --> Force Choke --> Vicious Throw

    After that just prioritize using abilities off cooldown
    1)Vicious Throw
    2)Sundering Assault
    5)Force Scream
    5)Smash(Throw in whenever you can fit it without getting in the way of the abilities above)

    Stat Discussion

    Level 50 Base Stats:
    Strength : 250
    Endurance : 225
    Aim : 50
    Cunning : 50
    Willpower : 100
    Presence : 225
    (Provided By: Freehugs)

    Primary Stats:
    Strength --> Accuracy --> Power --> crit --> surge

    Strength: adds melee damage / crit %
    Accuracy: adds +hit chance
    Power: adds melee, force and tech damage
    Crit: Increases crit %
    Surge: Increases critical damage

    Bonus Damage
    1 Strength = 0.2 Bonus Damage
    1 Power = 0.23 Bonus Damage

    Bonus Force Damage
    1 Strength = 0.2 Bonus Damage
    1 Force Power = 0.23 Bonus Damage

    Crit Chance
    1 Strength = .008 Crit Chance
    1 Crit Rating = 0.044 Crit Chance

    Critical Bonus Damage
    1 Surge Rating = 0.2 Increase in Crit damage

    1 Accuracy = 0.0362 hit chance

    Level 50 Best in Slot Gear: Before Raids (Prototype Quality Only)

    This list will be updated often as new gear and options are found.


    Implant: Ultratech Weaponmaster's Package x2
    Relic: Matrix Cube M7-G0x2
    Ear: Entropic Might D-Device
    Head: Primeval Vindicator's Headgear
    Chest: Primeval Vindicator's ChestReplace stock enhancement with Adept Enhancement 25
    Legs: Primeval Vindicator's Greaves
    Gloves: Primeval Vindicator's Handgear
    Boots: Primeval Vindicator's Boots
    Waist: Primeval Vindicator's Belt
    Wrist: Primeval Vindicator's Armguards
    Shield Generator: Ultratech Weaponmaster's Power Generator
    Augment Slot: Might Augment 25 Use in all pieces. Will give 390 extra strength. Weapon included.

    Requires Dark Side Tier 4
    Vile Primeval Vindicator's Lightsaber
    Requires Light Side Tier 4
    Virtuous Primeval Vindicator's Lightsaber
    Primeval Vindicator's Lightsaber
    Replace stock enhancement with Adept Enhancement 25

    Stat Weights For Gear

    228 Crit Rating: 8.72% Crit
    158 Surge Rating: 23.6 Bonus Crit Damage
    1425 Strength Rating: 285 Bonus Damage / 14.6% Crit
    207 Accuracy Rating: 6.75% Hit
    794 Endurance Rating: 7940 HP

    With Stat Gains while levellingin and gear we get the following:
    23.3% Crit (26.9% from crit&str rating, 5% from Base)
    285 Bonus Damage
    99.75% Hit (96.75+3% talents)

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