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    SWTOR Super Guide: Part 1 Getting Started, About the game and classes

    Star Wars the Old Republic Super Guide: Part 1 Getting Started, About the Game and Classes


    What is Star Wars the Old Republic?
    Game Versions
    Player Creation
    Advanced Classes

    Welcome to Confucius’ Star Wars The Old Republic Super Guide! In this guide we will cover many things and hopefully help you learn all the basics of the game while also helping your decision of what class and race to play! Without any more waiting let’s take a look at…

    What is Star Wars the Old Republic?

    Star Wars the Old Republic is a new MMORPG created by BioWare and LucasArts. This is the second Star Wars MMO to date and is BioWare’s first step into the online game world. The game is hoping to be known for its strong compelling stories, unique companion system, and advancements in combat animation. The game takes place roughly 300 years after BioWare’s Knights of the Old Republic I and II, as the Sith Empire attacks Coruscant and breaks the tenuous peace between the two factions that was barely held intact.

    The game launches on December 20th and is already being played by those who preodered and got early game access. There are a total of eight classes, each with two “advanced classes” making there an actual total of around sixteen different classes. Players can either be Empire or Republic which also limits their choice of which class they get to play (although the separate classes on each faction are very similar but with different attack names and animations). The game also features full voice overs for every conversation and throughout the game choices made can influence the player’s game later on.

    Since Star Wars Galaxies is now officially shut down, Star Wars the Old Republic is now the only Star Wars MMO and is expected to be a major success.

    Game Versions

    Star Wars the Old Republic features multiple game versions, each with different bonuses to offer. At the time of the writing of this guide players can still pre-order and receive a special color crystal along with early game access.

    Standard Edition

    Cost: $60
    Features: Standard Game with 30 days prepaid time.

    Digital Deluxe Edition

    Cost: $80
    Features: Standard Game with 30 days prepaid time and special virtual items described below.

    Flare Gun: Fire a dramatic and inspiring flare high into the air.
    Training Droid: A small but advanced training droid to hover at your side for combat assistance.
    HoloDancer: Portable entertainment system to project your own holographic dancer.
    HoloCam: Keep visual Records of your in-game adventrues as you travel the Star Wars galaxy.
    STAP: The STAP is a sleek and unique in-game vehicle that you will acquire during your journeys.

    Collector’s Edition

    Cost: $150
    Features: Standard Game with 30 days prepaid time, the virtual items mentioned above plus the exclusive collector’s store, and the physical items shown below.

    Getting Started

    After you have downloaded and installed the game it is time to login and create your first character! This is an important choice and you may need to spend some time to get your character just the way you want it; because remember once you create a character you are stuck with them unless you decide to reroll.

    The first step to do is to login to the launcher, it’s pretty self-explanatory; just enter your email and password associated with the account and your authenticator if you have one.

    After you login just hit play and you are ready to start your adventure!

    Once the game loads up, and possibly shows the opening cinematic it is time to choose your server and allegiance to begin your saga within the game!


    The two playable factions within the game are the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire.

    The Galactic Republic

    The Galactic Republic can be seen as the good guys within the game from most point of views, it is a vast democracy led by a Supreme Chancellor. There are often many divisions within the republic because of its democratic nature. The republic is protected by the Jedi and its somewhat advanced military, along with the occasional volunteer. The playable classes for the republic are the Trooper, Smuggler, Jedi Knight, and Jedi Consular; all of which will have more info later on in this guide!

    Below is some information about the republic from BioWare itself.
    A Bright Light In The Darkness...

    For more than twenty thousand years, the Galactic Republic has been the most civilized and advanced power in the known galaxy. Governed by the Galactic Senate with representatives from hundreds of star systems and planets, the Republic has been the center of peace and progress, a bright beacon in the darkness of outer space.

    The revered Jedi Order has sworn itself to defend the Republic, to battle the darkness, and to bring peace and balance to the greater galaxy. The Jedi have served for millennia in this capacity, and in that time they have earned themselves the admiration of their allies, and the hatred of their enemies.

    Less than a century ago, the greatest of those enemies returned…

    The onslaught of the Sith Empire caught the Republic and the Jedi completely by surprise, and during a long and arduous war, the Republic was broken. After the capital planet of Coruscant was ravaged by the Sith’s Imperial forces, the Supreme Chancellor and the Senate were forced to sign the painful Treaty of Coruscant, which required the Republic to withdraw its support of several long-standing allies, including the ever-loyal Bothans.

    Struggling with a wave of withdrawing star systems, an insurmountable supply crisis, and chaos on the streets of Coruscant, the Senate has become paralyzed in the years since the treaty.

    The bitter and divided nobility of the Core Worlds disputes every decision, damaging the morale of the Republic’s already discouraged citizens. Blaming the Jedi for the failures that led to Imperial domination, the Senate has distanced itself from the Republic’s legendary guardians.

    The Jedi remain committed to protecting the Republic, but the Jedi Council has moved from Coruscant to the ancient Jedi homeworld of Tython.

    The Republic has trained up new squads of Special Forces, disciplined teams capable of working together with near-perfect efficiency. These elite troopers still work often in conjunction with the Jedi, but in many places, the troopers have taken the prominent role in providing the Republic’s defense.

    Despite a post-war economic depression and the continued expansion of its enemies, the spirit of the Republic remains independent, brave, and strong. New leaders are stepping forward even now to stand against the dark Sith Empire, liberate the galaxy, and restore the Republic to its former glory.

    The Sith Empire

    Much like the Galactic Republic can be seen as the good guys in this game, the Sith Empire is seen as the bad guys or perhaps the misunderstood good guys. It is a militaristic society where those with the best powers and skill succeed while the weak die or are enslaved. The entire faction revolves around power, with back stabbing and organized rises to power commonly expected; however it also follows strict orderly rules, that if broken can lead to great success or even worse punishment. The classes available to the Sith Empire are the Bounty Hunter, Sith Warrior, Imperial Agent, and Sith Inquisitor; all of which will be described later on in this guide!

    Here is some more info from BioWare itself about the Sith Empire.
    Determined to dominate the galaxy

    The true origins of the Sith remain shrouded in mystery. The Sith race was, in fact, largely unimportant until three thousand years ago, when Dark Jedi exiles arrived on Korriban and subjugated the Sith beneath their rule and their philosophy.

    As the years passed, the Dark Jedi intermarried with those they ruled, and within generations, the word “Sith” took on new meaning. This powerful new civilization began expanding rapidly, led by a growing population of ambitious dark Force-users. Fifteen hundred years ago, the Sith civilization’s boundaries reached the Republic, and the Great Hyperspace War began.

    Dark Lord of the Sith Naga Sadow led his armies in an aggressive campaign to destroy the Galactic Republic. Though the Sith were successful at first, the Jedi Order rallied back to defeat their dark counterparts, systematically destroying the Sith civilization on Korriban.

    Unbeknownst to the Jedi however, the last Emperor of the Sith managed to escape the carnage and fled into Deep Space with his most trusted Dark Lords.

    These surviving Sith began rebuilding their society on a distant planet, hoping to one-day return for revenge.
    Over the course of the next thousand years, the Sith Empire recovered its strength. The Emperor developed a massive Imperial military, a fleet of advanced warships, and undertook dark rituals which prolonged his life and his undisputed rule.

    When the time for vengeance arrived, the Sith began infiltrating star systems in the Outer Rim, sowing seeds of discord and making secret deals with local criminals and warlords. With all the pieces perfectly in place, the Sith launched an enormous offensive which caught the Jedi completely off-guard. In the first wave alone, the Sith succeeded in seizing control of several star systems in the Outer Rim, destroying the Republic’s shipyards in the Sluis sector, and strangling the popular Rimma Trade Route.

    After the initial crush, the Emperor’s brilliant strategies continued and the brutal force of the Imperial military slammed the Republic time and time again, from the deep sinkholes of Utapau to the tall forests of Agamar. Though it seemed the Empire was capable of waging war indefinitely, the Emperor surprised the Republic yet again.

    While the Emperor’s Dark Council engaged Republic leaders in peace talks, several Sith Lords and an elite Imperial army sacked the Republic’s capital planet.

    Destroying the Jedi Temple and holding the planet hostage, the Sith left Republic leaders no choice but to surrender several outlying star systems by signing the Treaty of Coruscant.

    Since the treaty, the Emperor has withdrawn to pursue his own mysterious goals, deferring control to the Dark Council, and setting the stage for a brutal power struggle. In the political vacuum, the strongest and most cunning Sith and Imperial leaders are rising up to assume authority, consolidate the Empire’s dominion and crush its enemies.


    Now that you have chosen your side, it is time to decide what class you will play, this is an important decision and it may take a few tries before you figure out which one you like best!

    Republic Classes

    Troopers are the republic's front line forces, whether they are tanking all the damage, dealing out the pain, or healing their allies , there is always a spot for a good trooper within a group. Troopers wear heavy armor and use blaster rifles and cannons as their weapons, I like to think of them as WoW hunters with paladin armor and tanking ability. They use ammo as their resource and have the ability to deal damage over time but most of their damage comes from direct instant cast spells, much like World of Warcraft's hunter.

    Here is what BioWare has to say about the trooper.

    Honor, Duty, Defense of the Republic

    Not all heroes carry Lightsabers. Some just have the will to fight.

    For decades, the armed forces of the Galactic Republic defended their civilization against the seemingly unstoppable Sith Empire. Despite countless setbacks, the men and women of the Republic military never backed down until the Senate ordered them to do so. These brave souls remain ready and willing to lay their lives on the line today.

    In the wake of the Treaty of Coruscant, the Republic military has begun recruiting from within its own ranks, creating cutting-edge Special Forces squads for the inevitable day when the war with the Sith Empire begins anew. These advanced strike teams are comprised of only the most talented and disciplined soldiers—a new breed of elite Republic Troopers.

    These Troopers are the embodiment of the Republic military’s highest aspirations—the most advanced fighting force in the galaxy. They are equipped to face any foe in any environment, but it’s not their gear that makes them tough—it’s their guts. The Troopers’ greatest weapons are their indomitable spirit, their unwavering sense of duty and their undying loyalty to each other and to the ideals that the Republic represents. In this age, the stakes have never been higher. The Republic must win or face extinction. The fate of the galaxy rests upon ordinary men becoming extraordinary heroes. This is the path of the Republic Trooper.
    Relations with the Jedi

    The Knights of the Jedi Order have defended the Republic for generations, but they have not fought alone. A host of unsung heroes have marched at the Jedi’s side—common men courageous enough to enlist and face the same risks as their Jedi comrades despite not having access to the Jedi powers of protection. These heroes have not gone unappreciated by the Jedi. The men and women of the Republic military are accorded complete respect and admiration by the Order and by the Republic’s political leaders.

    In the years since the Treaty of Coruscant, the Jedi have withdrawn in significant numbers to their homeworld of Tython. Their presence in the Republic military, though still significant, is not what it was during the war. In many ways, the Republic’s newly-trained elite Troopers have stepped up to take charge of the Republic’s defenses. When Troopers are partnered with the Jedi, they are a force to be reckoned with on any battlefield.
    The trooper class is a good choice if you want to have a variety of attack options and ranges, they can deal damage at long range or close range with their two specializations and can fill all three roles between their two advanced classes.

    Trooper Advanced Classes


    Vanguard is the trooper's tanking specialization, it's a close range class and also has a damage tree along with the trooper pvp tree.


    Shield Specialist:

    Assault Specialist (shared):


    Commando is the trooper's healing specialization, it is a far range class and also has a damage tree along with the trooper shared pvp tree.


    Combat Medic:

    Assault Specialist (shared):

    Smuggler is the republic's other non jedi class, they can tank, heal, or do damage between their two advanced classes. I like to think as smugglers as a hunter and rogue combination, they use energy as their resource. They are the only republic class who uses cover in combat, which reduces damage done to them. They are a pretty dynamic class and can fit a lot of different play styles.

    Here is what BioWare has to say about the smuggler.

    Quick, Clever, Answers to No One

    Sometimes luck is more important than skill, but it never hurts to have both.

    Lawlessness has become common in the wake of the devastating war between the Republic and Empire. Shifting political allegiances and marauding pirates have made independent space travel a dangerous enterprise. Cut off from traditional supply routes, entire star systems waver on the verge of collapse. An adventurous spirit who’s not afraid to break a few rules can make a handsome profit hauling cargo to these hotspots, but it requires fast reflexes, fast wits and a fast draw with a blaster. Even then, the life of a Smuggler is always a gamble.

    Stacking up enemies as fast as they stack up credits, Smugglers only survive in this galaxy by being slick, sneaky and street-smart. Whether sweet-talking an attractive alien or bargaining with a hardened criminal contact, the Smuggler’s charm is a notorious asset, and often the ticket to turning around a deteriorating situation. If circumstances get too complicated, though, count on a Smuggler to always have an escape plan. Experienced in flying under the radar, Smugglers are amazingly elusive. Yet when backed into a corner, they quickly become cunning and often deadly combatants.

    Above all else, Smugglers make their own destinies. Despite their affinity for credits, Smugglers have been known to turn down lucrative opportunities when the clients have demanded too much control. Some Smugglers are even more discriminating—refusing to work with slavers and representatives of the Sith Empire. It’s a business where one is always looking for trustworthy allies, but they are often few and far between. Whether running an Imperial blockade or shooting down a double-crossing gangster, Smugglers are always flying by the seat of their pants. Every deal carries the chance for wealth beyond their wildest dreams… or an anonymous death in the harsh void of space.
    Relations with the Republic

    Faced with choosing an allegiance in these uncertain times, Smugglers have been forced to consider the implications of trying to operate under the tight controls imposed by the Sith Empire. Though never the most patriotic members of Republic society, many Smugglers have decided that siding with the Republic is siding with freedom, and of course, freedom is everything.

    The Republic has never indulged a systematic prejudice against Smugglers. Generally speaking, they have more commonly tangled with laws and law enforcement measures from specific star systems, not the greater Republic. Thus, it has not been overly difficult for the Jedi and the Republic military to accept Smugglers as allies in resisting the growing dominance of the Sith Empire.

    Smuggler Advanced Classes


    The Gunslinger is the smuggler's tanking and damage class, they use two pistols and attack from a long range.



    Dirty Fighting (shared):


    The Scoundrel is the smuggler's healing and damage class, they use a singal pistol, stealth, and sneaky tricks to take down their enemies.



    Dirty Fighting (shared):

    Continued in next post!
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    The Jedi Knight is one of the republic's melee tanking and damage classes, they use either a single lightsaber or two and wear heavy armor. They are pretty much like WoW's warriors, they use focus as their recourse that acts much like warrior's rage or a death knight's runic power.

    Here is what BioWare has to say about the Jedi Knight.

    Valiant, Determined, Guardian of Peace

    A symbol of hope in dark times, the Jedi Knight stands for the legacy of the Jedi Order—more than twenty-thousand years of protecting the Republic and keeping the peace across the galaxy. Though Jedi Knights have served as generals, guerilla fighters, and warriors for generations, their legendary combat prowess faces its greatest test during this age.

    Through years of disciplined training and meditation, the Jedi Knight hones body and mind into perfect harmony. Combining the foresight of the Force with unrivaled reflexes and practiced physical precision, the Knight turns combat into an art form, gracefully executing acrobatic feats in tandem with elegant lightsaber tactics.

    A source of inspiration to allies and intimidation to adversaries, the Jedi Knight’s presence is welcome in any confrontation. The Order’s long history of fighting for justice has earned the trust of countless friends and the hate of innumerable enemies. Few, though, are foolish enough to challenge a seasoned Jedi Knight unless they have the skills and technology to even the odds.
    Facing the Dark Side

    The Jedi’s dark counterparts scored many victories during the war, expanding their Empire, and putting the Republic on the defensive. Since the Treaty of Coruscant, the Sith have consolidated their military might, even while the Jedi have withdrawn to Tython, a move that’s been looked at with suspicion by many of the Republic’s politicians. Nonetheless, the war is far from over, and the Jedi Knight’s resolve remains firm. With unwavering allegiance to the Republic and the light side of the Force, the Jedi Knight fights with valiant determination, wading into the thick of any battle to protect freedom and democracy and hold fast against those who oppose it.

    No matter how dire circumstances may become, the Jedi Knight trusts the Force and keeps a cool head. Knowledge and self-control are the critical components of wise decisions, and emotional and mental clarity are an absolute necessity. Maintaining focus allows the Knight to rely on intuition; a right mind leads to right action.

    For many, the Jedi Knight is the guardian of a precious dream; a dream of peace, a dream of justice, a dream of a brighter future. The fate of the galaxy depends upon the Knight’s ability to keep this dream alive.

    Jedi Knight Advanced Classes

    The Jedi Knight's advanced classes are Guardian and Sentinel. Guardian is the tanking class and also has a single lightsaber dps spec along with the shared pvp tree. Sentinel has two dps specs, one focusing more on damage over time abilities, much like an unholy dk, and the other focusing on raw damage.


    As stated earlier the Guardian is the Jedi Kinght's tanking class, that also comes with a damage tree. They use a single lightsaber and attack at close range.



    Focus (shared):


    Sentinel is the Jedi Knight's pure damage class, it has two damage trees, one focusing on damage over time, the other one on pure melee damage. They use two lightsabers and attack at close range.



    Focus (shared):

    The Jedi Consular is the republic's only caster class and they use a single or double bladed lightsaber. They can either heal much like a druid or do damage much like a rogue. They wear light armor and use force, like mana, as their recourse.

    Here is what BioWare has to say about the Jedi Consular.

    Visionary, Ambassador, Seeker of Jedi Wisdom

    For more than 20,000 years, the Jedi Order has worked to promote peace and balance in the Galactic Republic, but each new day brings with it a new threat, promising to rip the Jedi and the entire galaxy apart. If the Republic is to survive, it needs leaders and visionaries; it needs the Jedi Consular.

    Jedi Consulars channel the power of the Force for strength in combat and wisdom in diplomacy. Years of arduous training and meditation have sharpened Consulars’ minds to cut to the truth as cleanly as their Lightsabers cut through their foes. Whether unlocking long forgotten mysteries of the Jedi, raising armies to fight for the Republic or engaging in mortal combat with Dark Lords of the Sith, the Consulars’ deep attunement to the Force gives them all the power they need to rise to the occasion with poise and balance.

    Intimate attunement with the deepest Force mysteries gives Jedi Consulars the insight and empathy to deftly handle charged conflicts that confound even the most cunning Senators and governors—but Consulars know when it’s time to talk and when it’s time to fight. When negotiations turn aggressive, Consulars demonstrate their gifts of foresight—anticipating and deflecting enemy attacks with fluid strikes from their dual-bladed Lightsaber.
    Facing the Darkness Within

    Jedi Consulars always seek to grow their knowledge of the galaxy, in understanding of themselves, and in comprehension of the Force that binds it all together. The commitment to this pursuit gives Consulars an unrivaled capacity for clarity in situations otherwise shrouded in darkness. However, this same dedication can also prove to be extremely perilous—inviting Consulars to explore paths that are better left untraveled. Some of the Jedi Order’s greatest minds have been seduced to the dark side through purely academic inquiries. The Consular knows the pain of this temptation as a battle-hardened warrior knows the throbbing of an old wound.

    Before they can dispel the darkness in the galaxy, Jedi Consulars know they must first come to terms with the darkness within. There’s no avoiding the temptation to take shortcuts or even to use their knowledge for personal power; Consulars must constantly check their own motives. When tempted to step onto the path leading to darkness, Consulars must remember the tormented fate of the Jedi who have passed that way before. This is the only way they can unite the Jedi Order and the Republic and rally the troops to rescue the galaxy from the menacing darkness.

    Jedi Consular Advanced Classes

    The Jedi Consular has two advanced classes, one is for casting healing and damage; the other is for stealth and close range damage and tanking that acts much like a rogue.


    Sage is the Jedi Consular's casting class, they have far range attacks and heals and use a single bladed lightsaber for when they need to get up close and personal.



    Balance (shared):


    Shadow is the Jedi Consular's melee damage class, they use double bladed lightsabers and stealth to take down enemies and are very similiar to World of Warcraft's rogue class, although with an additional tank tree.


    Kinetic Combat:

    Balance (shared):

    Empire Classes

    Bounty Hunter is the Empire's equivalent of the trooper and functions much the same. They wear heavy armor and can tank, heal, or dps.

    Here is what BioWare has to say about the Bounty Hunter.

    Hunter, seeker, killer for hire

    Countless enemies stand in the way of the Sith Empire’s drive for domination. The Empire spares no expense eliminating these threats, offering massive bounties to employ the galaxy’s most lethal hunters. Earning a death mark from the Empire means a life spent in fear, constantly looking over one’s shoulder. It’s never a question if a Bounty Hunter will find you… only when.

    Both infamous and anonymous at the same time, Bounty Hunters are far more than mercenaries for hire—they’re heirs to a professional legacy—an ancient brotherhood with a glorious history. Tracking elusive targets across multiple star systems requires expertise, especially when the targets can be prominent, powerful, and often prepared for confrontation. Thrill seekers from all walks of life set out to become Bounty Hunters, but only the most hard-boiled survive in this competitive and deadly business.

    The Bounty Hunter’s path lies along the edge—the stakes are always high—and the path only leads two places, to a life of infamous glory… or to a quick and ignominious death.
    Imperial Relations

    Though the Empire disapproves of the Bounty Hunters’ fierce independence, exceptions are made for those who get results. Few individuals in the galaxy have the gall and the stomach to deliver on the delicate and grim tasks in which Bounty Hunters excel. Nonetheless, no one is irreplaceable in the Empire, and even the most proficient must repeatedly prove their worth. In the bounty business, one’s name is everything, and with each mark a Bounty Hunter takes down, his reputation grows, as does his price.
    Affiliations and Loyalties

    Bounty Hunters are far from a homogeneous lot—they come from all races and affiliations and each pursues his quarry in his own unique way. Some Bounty Hunters adhere to the rugged Mandalorian code of honor while others answer only to their own moral compass. Some work only on behalf of organizations they agree with, while others have no sense of loyalty.

    Despite being kindred spirits, fellow Bounty Hunters cannot always be trusted—among the profession’s most notorious members, competition turns colleagues into the most ruthless of enemies. Even the Bounty Hunters’ employers harbor hidden agendas; the tables are turned quickly when complications arise… and they always do. Shifting allegiances, unbeatable odds, and deadly showdowns are common in the occurrences in the life of a Bounty Hunter.

    Bounty Hunter Advanced Classes

    The Bounty Hunter's two advanced classes are Powertech, for tanking and damage, and Mercenary for damage and healing.


    Powertech focuses on using advanced technology to tank and deal damage.

    Shield Tech:

    Advanced Prototype:

    Firebug (shared):


    Mercenaries are the bounty hunter's class for dealing damage and healing. They use two pistols and attack from far range.



    Firebug (shared):

    Sith Warrior is the Empire's equivalent to the Jedi Knight, they can tank or deal damage and wear heavy armor.

    Here is what BioWare has to say about the Sith Warrior.

    Champion of the Dark Side

    An unstoppable force of darkness, the Sith Warrior is entrusted with the task of destroying the Empire’s enemies and enforcing Sith domination across the galaxy. The Warrior channels the destructive emotions of fear, anger, and hatred to purge weakness from body and mind and become a being of pure, brutal efficiency.

    Destined to eradicate the incompetent chaos created by the Jedi, the Sith seek to rule the galaxy through power and intimidation. The armies of the Sith Empire are trained to accomplish this task, but they require the leadership of bold Sith Warriors—loyal and mighty overlords—who will drive them to conquest and victory.

    These cold-blooded conquerors waste no time with cunning manipulations and carefully-crafted plans. Sith Warriors crush their opponents and stride toward their goals with dreadful determination, leaving ruin and annihilation in their wake. Emanating awe and terror at every step, they accept nothing but absolute obedience from their followers. In turn, Sith Warriors can serve as loyal subjects to their own dark masters, often surprising enemies and allies with their rigorous honor and perfect discipline.

    Whether they align their ambitions with those of the Dark Council or become renegades in pursuit of their own goals, they are never far from the action. Their fierce hatred of the Jedi keeps Sith Warriors at the forefront of any conflict with the Republic. The passion to eradicate the Jedi Order fuels many of their actions, but that does not make them single-minded fools.

    Ultimately, the destiny of any Sith Warrior is his own to choose… and woe to those who would stand in his way.
    Working with Others

    A natural leader in any context, a Sith Warrior inspires both fear and undying loyalty into his followers and allies. Though they rarely exercise patience for incompetence or indecisiveness, Warriors have realized the importance of strength in numbers in their war with the Jedi, and have learned to accept and sometimes even encourage their comrades, whether they are like-minded Sith, ruthless Bounty Hunters, or others who embrace the darkness.

    Sith Warrior Advanced Classes

    The Sith Warrior has two advanced classes, one that uses a single lightsaber to deal damage or tank and another that uses two lightsabers to deal damage either overtime or with pure melee.


    Juggernaut is the Sith Warrior's tanking class that also has a dps tree, they use a single light saber and attack at close quarters.



    Rage (shared):


    Marauder is the Sith Warrior's damage over time and pure melee damage class, they use two lightsabers and fight up close and personal.



    Rage (shared):

    Imperial Agent is the Empire's equivalent of the smuggler, they use cover and sniper rifles to take out enemies. They can do damage or heal.

    Here is what BioWare has to say about the Imperial Agent.

    Assassin, Saboteur, the Empire’s Secret Weapon

    The Empire dominates scores of star systems across the galaxy, but not through the power of the dark side alone. Behind the scenes, the cunning Agents of Imperial Intelligence track down and eliminate the Empire’s enemies—from intractable Republic senators to traitorous Imperial Moffs to bloodthirsty rebels with Republic ties. Imperial Agents must master the arts of infiltration, seduction, and assassination to advance the Empire’s causes; they face the opposition of a terrified galaxy and the capriciousness of their own Sith overlords.

    Imperial Intelligence cultivates a notoriously vast and efficient network of informants, enabling the Agent to navigate the galaxy’s political landscape with effortless suave. Naturally, the Agent’s allegiance to the Empire is without question, but great latitude exists for those so closely attuned to the Empire’s secret agendas—Agents often harbor their own mysterious motivations as well. Having pierced countless layers of intrigue, these spies know of conspiracies within conspiracies. Even close contacts find it hard to predict what an Imperial Agent will do until it’s done.

    The most elite operative within Imperial Intelligence is the ‘Cipher’ Agent—recruited and trained to carry out the most dangerous and sensitive assignments the Empire has to offer. Whether working undercover or carrying out assignments in broad daylight, the Cipher races along the razor’s edge of disaster, using carefully orchestrated tactics that leave little room for error—the smallest slip-up can be catastrophic. Each successful mission, however, shifts the galactic landscape in the Empire’s favor, and the Agent plays a supremely critical role in securing Imperial domination.
    Relations with the Sith

    The upper echelons of Imperial society are reserved for the Force-sensitive Sith alone, but theirs is a world apart. The heart of the Empire consists of millions of subjects, descendants of the original exiles who settled Dromund Kaas. For these loyal citizens, the Imperial Agent is the exemplar of the highest level of achievement one might aspire to. These are the people the Agent risks everything to protect. Though there are few idealists in Imperial Intelligence, the art of professional perfection is held in deep reverence, and the Agent embodies the Imperial ideal in this respect.

    Imperial Agent Advanced Classes

    The Imperial Agent's advanced classes both have great damage dealing trees, with one also having a healing tree, and the other a debuffer damage role.


    This is the Imperial Agent's class for healing and stealth like abilities, they are close quarter fighters.

    In an effort to save image space and keep this thread within two posts I cannot post the Imperial Agent's talents, however they can be found here
    Star Wars: The Old Republic | Game Systems


    Sniper is Imperial Agent's long range class, they use sniper rifles to deal devastating damage to the enemy, or to weaken their defenses.

    In an effort to save image space and keep this thread within two posts I cannot post the Imperial Agent's talents, however they can be found here
    Star Wars: The Old Republic | Game Systems

    The Sith Inquisitor is the Empire's equivalent of the Jedi Consular, they can tank, heal, and deal damage.

    Here is what BioWare says about the Sith Inquisitor.

    Sinister, Deceptive, Prodigy of Force Power

    The history of the Sith Empire is fraught with scheming politics and dark secrets—the lifeblood of the Sith Inquisitor. Treachery hides around every corner in the Empire’s dark corridors, and survival depends on an individual’s natural cunning and the will to manipulate and defeat their enemies and allies alike. The Inquisitor experiments with forbidden powers to not only survive in this cutthroat environment, but to excel and seize authority.

    Regardless of potential, few acolytes succeed in facing the rigorous trials to become Sith Inquisitors. Only the most determined acolytes attain such an achievement, but these Sith are often the ones to watch. Due to their manipulative genius, Inquisitors are skilled at exploiting both their enemies and their allies to further their own personal agendas. Channeling this Force energy, Inquisitors are capable of draining the life from their enemies and using it to feed themselves and their allies.

    Though their skills are varied and many, Sith Inquisitors are most feared for their ability to channel the energy of the Force, making them a spectacle to behold on the battlefield. Seething sparks of lightning explode from the Inquisitors’ fingertips and wrap their enemies in tendrils of pure Force energy. Because Inquisitors can twist the Force into lightning to stun, subdue, or destroy their foes, it has become their signature. Those who have experienced the sensation of the Inquisitor’s Force Lightning and survived forever recoil from the crackling sound of electricity.
    Mastering the Dark Side

    To reach the highest echelons of power, the Inquisitor needs more than Force Lightning and a razor-sharp mind. The most formidable Inquisitors dare to explore unorthodox practices by investigating the enigmas of the past and by unlocking new powers for themselves. The Force is a source of unlimited potential—a wellspring Inquisitors tap and bend to their will. Such intensity allows Sith Inquisitors to become architects of the Empire’s future… or simply the architects of their own destruction.

    Sith Inquisitor Advanced Classes

    The Sith Inquisitor has two advanced classes, one focuses on casting healing and damage, the other on melee tanking and stealthy melee attacks.


    Assassins use a double bladed light saber for either sneak attacks using stealth, or to tank enemies up close and personal.


    Sorcerers cast spells either to deal damage and dismay their enemies or to heal their allies, they use a single bladed light saber for when they must get up close and in their attacker's face.

    End of Part 1

    Hopefully now you have a better understanding of the different game versions and classes to play, this is part one in my Star Wars the Old Republic guide series, stay tuned for the next guide part coming soon; User Interface, Maps, and Combat!

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    Just made a quick look through it.
    Looks awesome and has inspired me to buy the game.
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    Great guide Confucious! This summed up what I wanted to know about the Republic, thanks.
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    Thanks for all the nice replies guys, glad some people liked it!

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    Good effort! +rep

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    the best guide to SWTOR I have seen, you are epic Confucius!

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    Thanks for all the nice words guys, I have been trying to find time to work on part 2 of the guide but recently went off some medicine and have been having terrible headaches while trying to get the rest of my semester work done.

    Hopefully I will have time to write it soon!

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