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    Memory Editing Section Rules

    1. Posting;
      1. Search before posting. (This includes searching Google)
      2. If you post before searching, your thread will be closed/deleted, and you will receive infractions.
      3. Posting code without proper credit to original authors is prohibited. If you break this rule, your post/thread will be deleted, and you'll receive infractions. (If you cannot remember exactly who's code you used, you must make a note of it.) This applies to code on OwnedCore only.
      4. If someone posts code/information/etc do not complain you do not know how to use it. If you don't have the appropriate level of knowledge go learn what you need to fill the gap.

    2. Requests;
      1. You may request information. Requesting code or compiled software is not allowed (Exception - Posting it by choice is acceptable).
      2. Requests may only be made if you have followed rule 1.1, and 1.2.

    3. Questions;
      1. Questions must be specific. Blanket questions like "How do I make a bot?" are not allowed.
      2. Questions must be answerable. Subjective topics such as "What is the best programming language?" must be marked as such.
      3. General reverse engineering discussion and questions are allowed but must be marked as such. If your question is not SWTOR specific it must be tagged as [General].
      4. General programming questions belong in the appropriate programming section or another forum entirely. Programming questions are allowed but only if they are relevant to reverse engineering or game hacking.
      5. No stupid questions. The stupidity of your question is to be determined by a jury of your peers.
      6. Asking for help fixing compiler errors is prohibited. (Obvious exceptions can be made if no documentation anywhere exists.)
      7. Posting the same question in multiple threads will have all offending posts deleted, and infractions given for each post.

    4. Spoonfeeding;
      1. This section is not a copy/paste haven. Do not expect hand outs.
      2. If you complain due to lack of hand outs, your thread will be closed/deleted, and you will receive infractions.

    5. General;
      1. Discussions are assumed to be Win32 oriented by default. Discussion of any other platform or architecture must be tagged appropriately.
      2. Not really a rule but a recommendation; If possible, please tag your posts with the SWTOR version the information is designed for. (I.E; [3.0.9])

    6. Expectations (If you do not meet these do not post);
      1. Intermediate to expert knowledge of the language you choose to code in. (Common languages in this section are C++ and C#)
      2. You are expected to understand basic C++ datatypes, and other ideologies that come with C++, and native Win32 programming. (Pointers, the stack, etc)
      3. You should understand how to use common reverse engineering tools, such as IDA, OllyDbg, etc.
      4. If given addresses, or an ASM dump, you are expected to understand how to use that information. (Minor questions are allowed.)

    7. Flaming;
      1. Out of hand flaming is not allowed, by any means. (Site-wide rules still apply here.) This means; jokes and 'poking fun' of people is allowed. Deliberately flaming them however, is not.
      2. No facepalm/GTFO/shipment of fail pictures.

    The mem editing section summed up in a few lines:
    Originally Posted by namreeb View Post
    This section is for advanced users. By entering this section and participating in it you are either agreeing that you possess a sufficient foundation of knowledge to contribute in a productive and intelligent manner (either by questioning or by answering). When for someone this is clearly not the case, it means they have demonstrated an inability or unwillingness to follow the rules. This infraction has consequences. If you walked into a college course as a six year old and behaved in such a disrespectful manner, there too you would be chastised and dismissed.
    Originally Posted by namreeb View Post

    Nevertheless, believe it or not, scolding people (sometimes harshly) I believe is sometimes the right thing to do. There is a lesson to be learned: instant gratification rarely pans out, and when it does it's usually because someone else made it happen for you. In this case, people expect instant enlightenment on complicated issues, but to the people answering the questions this comes across as an entirely unjustified arrogance, flagrant disrespect, and a statement of "I don't care if I waste your time as long as it saves mine." Needless to say, this does not inspire people to be helpful.

    I for one am willing to answer the questions I feel qualified and motivated to answer, even if they seem remedial to me, because I have been in that position before myself, and if someone is working hard themselves trying to learn and understand a subject, I find it very rewarding to be able to fill in the holes for them as necessary. However, what happens more often here is people decide they want to "hack wow" and just dive in here expecting to be spoon fed. It's insulting and a waste of my time.

    Bottom line? This is the way things work. You may not understand why, but that does not mean the system is flawed. It simply means you don't understand. Frankly, I would guess nobody really cares if you understand. If you don't like it, don't let the door hit ya on the way out!

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