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    Special Characters in Name (not just accents)

    Right, bear with me as I'm not entirely sure how it is DONE, I just know that it is possible.

    I am currently trying to determine whether it is a hack or just classic exploiting.

    I have tried from the character create window, and it does NOT work...

    However, my theory is that if you purchase a name change via Cartel Coins, and attempt to put the credit symbol (Alt+0162) or Cartel Coin symbol (Alt+0182) into your name... or even the block, I think it is Alt+0164 (somebody confirm this, not sure off the top of my head) then it should work, and they should appear legitimately in your character name.

    Like I said, this is not confirmed, but I have SEEN it ingame, so it is POSSIBLE.

    Curious as to whether anyone can get it working, I don't have the coins to try it, and quite like my accent and symbol-free names tbh.

    Interesting to know if other symbols work, I have seen ? and credit symbol so far.

    Also, they only seem to be after a space in the name... not sure if this is coincidence, or the only way to do it... screenshot inc.


    Special Characters in Name (not just accents)-symbols-name1-jpg
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    Another way to do this would be using something like WPE and just modifying the packet on the fly.

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