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    UO, Siege Perilous and Roleplayed PvP

    This post is a bit of a background on myself and my motivation to advocate for PvP territories in SotA.

    I started playing UO the day it was released on the Sonoma server and saw the best and worst of PvP early on in those days. The Sonoma server was important for this thread as on that server was a player town called Oasis. I would go there an participate in Fight Nights, and the different activites they put on, which was entirely player driven. During these events, they had players who served as "Town Guards" and would work their best to thwart any PK attacks..which would happen often. Despite the constant threat, the events were always popular as you never know what would happen. I was even on the losing end of the Fight Night "Terror Bombing" which prompted a game change:

    • Explosion potions no longer set off other explosion potions. We regret that our earlier post seemed to indicate that the explosion potion was changed only at the request of the City of Oasis, without input from other player sources. Reports from the City of Oasis on Sonoma, which was suffering from terrorist bombs during their periodic Fight Nights, and subsequent support from other player commentary brought this issue to our attention. Please note that the explosion potions were never intended to be instant-kill tools. From now on, explosion potions will only detonate themselves.

    Ultima Online: The Second Age Patch Notes for 10/01/1998 - T2A WIki : An Ultima Online The Second Age reference archive

    Despite the bombing, I was inspired by the player driven good and evil, friend and foe, and political intrique in all of this. The players could took an area out of the world, gave it a name and defended it as such.

    Fast forward to the opening of the Siege Perilous shard. I was excited that it would be a return to the "classic" UO...the one which Oasis had inspired me. I decided I wanted to really be on the forefront of a new player town on Siege. So I convinced a friend of mine to join me decided that we would claim the npc building (not that you could actually "claim" anything) at the crossroads out of town as our own and defend it as such and eventually build our homes. The name I gave it was: Safe Haven

    When creating Safe Haven, I and we gave it a few Roleplay rules to make it interesting for us all. Sorta like a gritty Wild West bar, Safe Haven would be friendly to all players regardless of the flagging as a good guy or bad guy. A "red" character who was clearly a murderer was welcome just as much as a "blue" character who was "good". In Safe Haven, only your actions within town mattered to us. No fighting as allowed. If you started a fight and killed someone then you would be on the "Kill on Sight" list no matter who you were.

    With those roleplay rules in place, we took up shop at the crossroads and began telling all players who came by that this was Safe Haven and doing all we can to make them feel welcome. I posted on all the the UO forums at the time and began doing any kind of events we could dream up. For Siege Perilous, being that many players were banned from NPC towns, and could never participate in any events in those NPC towns...Safe Haven represented a place that they could.

    In a short time, we had several houses placed around "town" and got some notoriety. Some players came out and joined us as citizens and others as "town guards". We formed a town government with a Mayor and Sherriff. There were plenty of enemies of Safe Haven who we would attack us and of course we would defend ourselves the best we could.

    The defense we made for the town began to take notice from other players and guilds of the server. We engaged all that entered the town into these politics of defending the idea of SH. Eventually most major guilds on SP had pledge its support of Safe Haven. This didnt mean though that all was fine and peaceful. At one point, a major guild who you might of heard of...the Knights of Glory and Beer got themselves on the KOS list of Safe Haven for killing a "red" player in our town borders. Sure they made had killed a bad "PK", however they had broke the town laws. As so, whenever the KGB would enter town, we would either killl them or drive them off. We also engaged into the politics of that matter with KGB and its leaders. Eventually a cease-fire was declared and they were allowed into town again. This happened with all guilds of SP at one point or another.

    As time went on, we held town elections that involved the entire shard/server, held major events and gave out countless prizes. Got the attention of the Seers who provided storylines for the town against evil Lizards nearby. Safe Haven also started a guild called NEW which was a recuitment tool for Siege Perilous, so that new players who wanted to try the server could get off the ground with skills and gear. We got most all the major guilds of Siege to not attack members of NEW as long as they didnt "farm" certain locations or engage in pvp while in the guild. Imagine that, a PvP enable area that was more eventful than anywhere else in game and was managed by player justice.

    Why does all this matter though? This matters because it showed that you can Roleplay and give reason to PvP without out it being all negative. At a glance, I was simply a bad "red" PK when I was really a color blind guardian who judged players on their actions in my town. I hope in some way that SotA can provide the ability to create such a thing again. I hope there is "Wild Lands" where a Safe Haven type town could exist again.

    What is great about this story about Safe Haven, is that despite it being created in 1999, and years since I've even played UO....the area that I personally named Safe Haven is still regarded as so and even the NEW guild is still around. The ability to lay a mark on in a MMO like that is truly awesome and sorta gives you immortality. Will SotA allow us to be immortalized as well?

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