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    Looking for an experienced team to create projects!!

    Searching for an accomplished group to make projects!! Offer your abilities.

    OK so im a software engineer. C#, VB.Net, Html, Css, Jscript, some Java.

    So I'm here on the grounds that I believe I'm at last prepared to make a decent venture that individuals would utilize/play, not one of those test/practice projects that I made for a very long time. I have a couple of thoughts as a top priority.

    In any case, with respect to programs I thought we(The Team - Any one can help) can make something that engineers would use.Ask yourself, what might you utilize that would make programming simpler? Programming, yet in addition planning, for example, illustrations. Best runescape bots.I made a pixel proofreader some time prior, however it wasn't acceptable. The issues were the way it compacted the variety of pixels, and how it refreshed it after each snap. Look at it here. >.>I had a go at making my own system. This one propelled me alot, and I buckled down on it. You can look at it here.But that was no utilization since I truly had no application to utilize the system on, yet I utilized it on the pixel manager I referenced above.I had a go at making my own movement class. This one was amusing to do likewise. You can consider it a GIF clone besides with better quality, the pictures were put away as PNG, no shading loss.I'm sure everybody needed to make a Virtual OS eventually, well did as well I. I even supplanted explorer.exe with it to make it more - reasonable . Really awful that didn't work out, the cycle was never at any point started(even however its name was explorer.exe - in C:\Windows).Also who here didn't have any desire to make a game. I accomplished without a doubt! I began with Winform controls, at that point moved to e.Graphics, and at last to XNA. Be that as it may, I never truly discovered how to make a half straightforward control..Chat Box, presently this what everybody needs to do. When you have a worker and customer, you can make it into anything you need. Well that is the thing that I did, well atleast - attempted. I attempted to make a game like the first party game 'Mafia'. Trust me this was one of my #1 rounds of all time.Yes I cherished those occasions when I used to get hurried by zerglings when the sum total of what I had was a void bunker(BroodWar).Or when I was too bustling gathering Gold and Stone and I get pulverized by a multitude of Militia(AoE II).Even when I was attempting to get to the best firearm bring forth, presently that was hard since there was a lot of bots(Half-Life).The great occasions when I used to be cheerful when I made my third legend, and unfortunately it died(Warcraft III).One of the most entertaining occasions were the point at which I beat my companion since I was a tank, and the first occasion when I killed Diablo(Diablo I and II).Can't neglect to specify Starcraft II, despite the fact that all the firsts are typically the best, Starcraft II was acceptable as well. Ohh, how I detested it when I got a lot of banshees and the rival assaulted with Broodlords(SCII).Alot of individuals scorn this game now, however it wasn't constantly loathed. The first Runescape. Goodness I recall the first occasion when I got 100k in 2002. I thought I was the most extravagant in town!(Runescape Classic or Runescape 1)

    So what am I doing here once more? Yea back to the theme.

    I needed to discover a group who needs to make a game or program, that would be usefull and fun.Want you need to be important for the glad gathering that makes one of those old fashioned rpg games?

    - I had as a main priority that we(The Team, once more) make a game like Mafia in a Winforms that works over TCP. Worker - Client.

    In the event that you have some other thoughts, I'll be happy to hear it.

    Productive Criticism acknowledged!

    Looking for an experienced team to create projects!!

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