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    The Character is a lvl 70 Shadow with high survivability and high mixed cold+physical dmg, while capable of tanking most mobs in Beyond league.


    The build uses Ice Shot as the main attack on multiple targets with very high clearspeed, uses beefed up Vaal Burning arrow to kill beyond packs and unique bosses almost instantly. There is burning arrow used for stray survivors to clean up.
    The basic rotation with a ranged character like this is pretty straight forward, see-shoot-kill. In case a monster with high mobility gets close(especially like a chaos aura flicker beyond mob),it is important not to panic and run, but to just use a granite and kill it.The Ice Shot will Slow and freeze, not to mention the Equipped Chin Sol and using projectile weakness will knock back while the life leech will be more than enough to keep the character at full life because of the high dps it has even if it gets attacked.
    Physical reflect is not noticeable no matter which skill is used, in case of Ice shot or Vaal Burning arrow elemental reflect can hurt if the skill crits, if further on with the talent we want to go with crit, I would recommend Vaal Pact to be skilled.


    The Shadow has over 3500 HP with all Elemental Resistances capped.Although the character has only 5% base physical reduction and 23% evasion chance,which would not suggest it is tanky, the massive amount of HP pool and the slow and freeze effects make hard mobs to get close and if they do, one Granite Flask Charge boosts up the physical reduction to 50% that makes the char tank through even beyond packs. If someone prefers permanent tankability though physical reduction, there is a Grace aura leveled and the build can take Iron reflexes right away, so that can be achieved by sacrificing the Hatred Aura.

    The char is completely self sustaining, it leeches back both life and mana it loses due to the leech and Mana on Kill nodes as well as Life Leech gem linked to Ice Shot.
    With running Hatred and Herald of Ash, the LMP Ice shot dmg is 3K on tooltip, but the spray damage of Ice Shot is much higher than that. The Vaal burning arrow with concentrated effect is and insanely high damage burst.


    Currently the above mentioned Hatred is used together with Herald of Ash for both its physical damage increase and the ignite effect. The two auras provide overwhelming offensive bonuses, but there is Grace gem leveled in case someone prefers consistent physical defenses as it was mentioned above.


    The Stash contains few flasks and gems I used while I was leveling the char and few Chaos worth of currencies.


    The Build is not too gear dependent since it scales mostly with the skill tree. It requires a high physical dmg bow. Higher attack speed can provide more utility in terms of chill and freeze.Other than the bow, it scales well with physical damage from accessories, but it is not a necessity, so armorwise it can focus fully on defenses.
    The passive tree has multiple damage and life nodes along the path I have chosen, so the character can go for more tank-ability or damage as well.

    The character is decently geared and well balanced, the Chin Sol that's currently equipped is perfect for the build with the additional knock back on close range as well as the high damage when mobs get close. In most cases I let beyond pack get close, use the granite then blow them up. There are two 4-linked accessories for the Skill gems, a 5-link can improve the damage capabilities further on.

    The current links are Ice Shot+Life Leech+Physical Projectal Attack Damage+Lesser Multiple Projectile on the main attack, Vaal Burning Arrow+Lesser Multiple Projectile+Concentrated Effect for the huge burst and Burning Arrow+Physical Projectal Attack Damage for the consistent single target damage. Reduced Mana+Herald of Ash+Hatred for auras.

    If prefered, the build can be transitioned Into full Piercing, since there is a necessary skill gem leveled and the pierce nodes are quite close. As I mentioned above it can go towards crit direction as well. It is overall a really strong build that can be shaped to multiple preferences and improved further.


    All masters are decently leveled,all favor gained while leveling is in tact, nothing has been spent on the hideout yet, so you can customize your own lair to your liking. The crafting stations are all built already.

    Haku LvL 3
    Catarina LvL 4
    Elreon LvL 4
    Vorizi LvL 4
    Vagan LvL 4
    Tora LvL 4

    The price of the account is 100$.

    If you need any further information feel free to contact me on

    Please post on this page as well when contacting. Have fun, Game On!
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