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    Quality Powerleveling Service - Fast and Safe!

    Hello everyone,

    Hey, I'm willing to offer a leveling service for . In my case I offer quality and safety over having the cheapest service, so if you are looking for the cheapest offer please feel free to check out the other services by other Core members for their availability.
    This way I keep myself motivated and should avoid burn outs over time due to less requests.

    I will keep all valuable drops that I find on the way, I also may choose to transfer some of my own leveling items to make the job easier, which I will of course transfer back to my own character once I am no longer in need of it (I will make sure to at least trade a random rare item / some currency to avoid getting game masters suspicious).
    Also I may choose to skip side quests which are not necessary to get you into the next act or higher difficulty, this will speed up the process and make it safer. In case you wish to have them all completed, you may choose to add 25% to the pricings and I will complete those for you too.

    My Play Times: Whenever I feel like / am awake [Insomniac'ing at times - -;;] which is usually anywhere between eight to sixteen hours a day - daily.

    Things you need to do:

    - Provide me with your desired passive skill tree build as a link, shall it get outdated during the service due to patches, be willing to recreate it.
    - Provide me with the gems you wish to have equipped and leveled or if not available - a list of those gems shall I find them on the way / receive them as a quest reward.
    - Please refrain from logging into that account during the job as you will disconnect me while doing so (in case you wish to log on, get in touch with me over the forum and wait for my reply).
    - Tell me which quest rewards you want me to take (Rings, Flasks, Gems, Weapons, Armor etc), those not mentioned will be left open. If you do not care about what you want me to take, please specify so as it will make things easier .

    Please keep in mind that I am only leveling new characters for you, I do not wish to be responsible for weak built and/or geared characters dying, or at least being forced to spend time fixing their gear - prior to starting that specific leveling job.

    Price List:

    Level 1-20 -- 20
    Level 1-30 -- 35
    Level 1-40 -- 50
    Level 1-50 -- 100
    Level 1-60 -- 150

    For jobs past 1-60, please private message me with your desired request so that we can discuss the pricing, technically there is always a price worth going for even if it is 1-100.


    Full Streaming coverage of your order (Private unless requested otherwise, you can choose from Twitch.tv/Skype/Teamviewer) - 10.

    Keep all valuable drops such as currency, quality gems, five or six linked armor pieces, etc (Make sure that you have plenty of stash space):

    Keep all drops 1-20 - 5
    Keep all drops 1-30 - 10
    Keep all drops 1-40 - 15
    Keep all drops 1-50 - 20
    Keep all drops 1-60 - 30

    Do all side quests for me +25% to the initial pricing (excluding bonuses).

    Payment Method: PayPal (Verified Only, specified as a Gift), PSC (PaySafeCard), Skrill(Moneybookers)

    Payments upfront, unless you're trusted.

    Few references from my previous jobs on another site:
    Three jobs done on d2jsp.org

    Job 1: 1-20 Summon Witch
    Job 2: 1-50 Summon Witch
    Job 3: 1-50 Tanky Melee Templar

    Looking forward to expand this list!

    Trale's Leveling Service - d2jsp Topic - done for forum gold and testing my continuous interest in powerleveling.
    I am willing to private message you on JSP to confirm my identity.

    I am willing to do one 1-40 job for FREE (to build some credibility) for a mod - if there is interest - in this forum considering I haven't done any trading since SWTOR (which ended without success) on this site.

    If you got any questions, feel free to ask .

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