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    DarkFall Varangian Warriors- Herb etc.

    Mobs drop full plate armor, gold, major pots, and various other things. Very profitable spawn.

    Here's what you do. Run to the crack which is circled in the image below. enter from the south and run all the way to the north of the crack as far as you can go. Once you get to the end there's a tunnel that leads to the left. Go in the tunnel and follow the cavern until you come to a bridge crossing which is above the crack you just ran along. Once you get to the bridge, the varangian warriors will aggro you. Pull your shield out and block while standing right next to the edge of the bridge. Once the mobs start to circle you they will walk right to the edge of the bridge, at which point you use your knockback to knock them into the crack below you. You can do this solo but it's much easier with two people. Once you get a warrior knocked into the crack he will be bugged on the terrain. He can not cast or use any ranged, and he also cant climb or move along the terrain well. All you have to do is stay away from them, mana missile, polearm, arrows, whatever you want to use.

    That's it, enjoy your full plate, and if an uber macroed clan comes along and blasts your [email protected]#$%^&* from here to next tuesday don't come whining to me. I warned you.

    As an alternative, bring a few good pvpers with you, murder the nubs camping the spawn naked, and take their 10k gold worth of loot.


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