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    [Aion] UltimateAion International Private Server

    * Player Experience rate: x8
    * Group Experience rate: x12
    * Drop rate: x8
    * Gathering Experience rate: x8
    * Abyss Point rate(NPC): x2
    * Crafting rate: x8
    * Quest experience rate: x10
    * Quest Kinah drop: x10
    * Gathering Experience rate: x8
    * Abyss Point rate(PC): x6

    Website: UltimateAion
    Forums: UltimateAion Forums

    Supported Aion Versions:,,
    Dedicated Server on Europe
    99.99% Retail like
    Multilanguage website

    Unique UltimateAion game Features:
    • What makes us unique
    • Reworked Crafting Engine.
    • Reworked Stats now are more like retail
    • Advanced use of chains skills
    • Drops are 99.99% like retail
    • Stigma, Advanced Stigma and Abyss skills reworked like retail
    • Advanced recovery of HP,MP and DP
    • We fix new quest every day
    • Most instances working, see full updates to get details
    • We are preparing the new 2.0 Aion update
    • Integrated Web system to manage your account/character
    • AntiCheat system no Speed-hack no Fly-hack

    Coming Soon Features
    We dont stop the development
    • Steel Rake Instance
    • Armsfusion
    • Abyss Fortress & Artifacts (at 50% development)
    • Reward system for Abyss combats
    • Broker view on the website
    • Special Combat Tournament

    Server Common features:
    • Characters creation.
    • All basic chat types.
    • Player inventory.
    • Player cube expansion.
    • Player warehouse .
    • Full items support, equipements, potions, food, stones, etc.
    • Exping and level up is possible.
    • Player stats.
    • Monsters and npc basic AI.
    • Merchant npc sale & buy items, shops 100%.
    • Drop and loot system from monsters.
    • Normal & Flight Teleport.
    • Trade between players.
    • Player class change.
    • Player pvp system.
    • Player vs Player (pvp) in the Abyss.
    • Player duel system.
    • Players friend system.
    • Npc titles.
    • Other npcs <> players interaction.
    • Spawn protection.
    • Different skill types: damage/heal/DOT/HOT/buff/debuff/transforms/traps/mantras (hundreds of skills working correctly).
    • Items stats attributes, attack, defense, boosts, etc.
    • Quests engine with campaign quests, group drop distribution for quests.
    • Skillbooks.
    • Group system.
    • Manastone socketing and bonuses.
    • Rifts system.
    • Channels support.
    • Instances support.
    • Legion system with many advanced features, legion warehouse, etc.
    • Gathering process and gather skill level up.
    • Crafting support.
    • Godstone socketing and effects.
    • Private shops.
    • Flying & Gliding.
    • Zone manager with drowning/breath area working.
    • Item set bonuses.
    • Basic npc skills support.
    • Summons and servants.
    • Enchantments.
    • Stigma system.
    • Trader Broker
    • Item Remodeler

    About UltimateAion Staff
    We are experience developers of L2J, with more than 3 years of experience
    if you wanna know more visit our forums.

    See you soon in UltimateAion

    Greetz. Kavinsky
    Lead Developer and Founder
    UltimateAion International

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