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    How to get more Dragonsoul in League of Angels

    I used to playing league of angels at AMZGame(dot)com, I like playing this game, so i want to share my game experience with you. This guide includes elements from the older "Dragonsoul devouring" thread. The main topic of this guide is how to understand and use dragonsouls; it does not delve into the dragon taming minigame.

    A. UNDERSTANDING YOUR DRAGONSOULAfter playing the dragon taming minigame, you will usually have gained lots of green, some blue, a few purple, and possibly even an orange dragonsoul. (It may also be possible to get red and gold dragonsouls from dragon taming, but this is, to my knowledge, as yet only speculation.)

    Your new dragonsoul has five properties:

    1. Each dragonsoul belongs to an Element - either Fire (F), Wind (W), Ice (I) or Storm (S).;The elements come in two groups:
    a) A Wind or Storm dragonsoul boost one of the basic character attributes: MATK, PATK, MDEF, PDEF or HP

    b) A Fire or Ice dragonsoul boosts an advanced attribute: Hit, Crit, Dodge, END or Agility (Agility is admittedly a basic attribute)

    2. The dragonsoul boosts a specific character attribute. As mentioned above, only some elements can boost a given skill.

    3. The dragonsoul has a color, normally either green, blue, purple or orange. If you get a red or gold dragonsoul, PLEASE POST IT HERE!
    Note, use the text color to judge the color of the soul, not the icon - for some souls, it's hard to determine the color from the icon.
    The color determines the quality of the dragonsoul; green is the lowest quality, followed, by blue, purple, orange and (supposedly) red and gold.

    4. The level of the dragonsoul - a new dragonsoul is always level 1.

    5. The amount of experience towards the next level the dragonsoul has. For a;new dragonsoul, this is always 0.Properties 2-5 determine a number of additional values:

    The name of the dragonsoul is determined by its color and which attribute it boosts. For the first 4 colors, the names are shown in the table below.

    The boost the dragonsoul provides to its attribute;is the product of three factors (multipliers):

    1. The first factor is given by the color: 1, 2, 3 and 5 for the first four colors, as shown in table A below in the "Boost multiplier 1" row.

    2. The second factor is given by the level of the dragonsoul. The values for the first 9 levels are shown in table B below; I do not yet know the multipliers for levels 10 and higher, although it is very likely that level 10 will have a multiplier of 20.

    3. A number determined by which attribute the dragonsoul is boosting. The values are given in table C below, in the "Boost Multiplier 3" column.

    Thus a level 5 blue Barricade soul boosts MDEF by 2 * 7 * 100 = 1400.

    How many points of elemental power the dragonsoul gives towards unlocking dragonsoul skills (see below) - this is the product of two factors:

    1. The first factor is given by the color: 2, 3, 4 and 5 for the first four colors (table A).
    2. The second factor is equal to the level of the dragonsoul.

    The total experience value of the dragonsoul - this is the sum of the base experience value of the dragonsoul and the amount of experience it has towards the next level. The base experience value doubles for each new level, and the amount of experience needed to reach the next level is thus equal to the base experience value of the current level.

    It is possible to create higher-level dragonsouls by combining two dragonsouls; the stronger dragonsoul will devour the weaker one and add the other soul's experience value to its own. The stronger dragonsoul is determined by the following criteria, in descending order:
    1. Which dragonsoul is the higher quality (color) - a level 1 purple soul will devour a level 7 blue soul
    2. Which dragonsoul has the highest total experience value (i.e. first level, then amount of experience towards next level)
    3. Which dragonsoul was dragged by the player

    In order to combine two souls, the only requirement is that they be of the same element. Thus, you can combine a (I) Wrath Lvl. 2 with a (I) Mystique Lvl 4, but not a (I) Wrath Lvl. 2 with a (F) Wrath Lvl. 2.

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