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    Jaina's secret deck

    Everything is here : Jaina's secret deck - Deck Guide - Hearthstone or here http://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/14051-jainas-secret-deck (i don't like this view much)
    And if bbcode works the same here, i quote you how to use the deck (go to the link for the deck list with pictures) :
    Rate my deck on wowhead if you have time !

    Don't panic, i'm here to present you this deck !

    First of all, the origin of this deck can't be told. Jaina wants to keep it secret, i'm sorry.

    The deck is shaped around the ability "secret" wich allows you to play spell that get triggered later whenever something happen. And lot can happen so this deck has a lot of them.
    You'll learn that ethereal arcanist is OP, that antonidas is crazy good too, that secrets are really funny to play, that they are really powerful too, and soon you'll know everything about jaina's secrets technics.
    This is totally a control deck, don't waste your cards, focus on the opponent minions, be ready to tank some damage and play your cards together to use their effects at the maximum efficiency.

    Now let me explain you the thing card by card :

    Minions (10) :

    Sorcerer's apprentice : really good card to be the target of offensive spells, you don't really care much about it. if it stays, it's good and help and lot, of not, it's another minion that won't that this damage. You can also keep it if there's nothing on the board to use it in one turn with another spell, like turn four sorcerer's apprentice arcane intellect.
    Kirin tor mage : good to kill a mid range creature while setting you secret card for the next turn.
    Ethereal arcanist : dear god do never play it without a secret on the board. It's an excellent card in this deck, certainly the better. It will finish you most game, kill you the most biggest creature, tank you the most damage and being badass with it.
    Antonidas is a pretty damn good finisher, i don't know any card better for this in this deck. I doesn't fit extraordinary well in this deck but it's an awesome finisher in itself. To play turn 10 with a secret (counterspell, spellbinder)

    Neutral :
    Secretkeeper : keep it to the late game for a better use directly, combined with a kirin tor mage for example. Or you you can play it sooner it your hand is more aggressive.
    Nat paggle : another legendary that doesn't fit really well in this deck. What gives him an advantage is that it tanks a few hit and might draw you more than one card for two mana. That's card advantage right there. This card is expensive though, a novice engineer isn't the best but can replace it for low budget customizations.

    Spells (20):

    Frostbolt : the only direct damage in the deck, there to control the begining of the game if it goes out of control. Good against [card=1650]
    Arcane Intellect : obvious card drawer and a spell to use with sorcerer's apprentice and antonidas
    Couterspell : must have for any control deck and a secret, for pick for this deck. Use it wisely like every secret. Before playing an ethereal arcanist or antonidas is the best moment.
    Ice barrier : A secret that will help you in many occasion to tank more damage that you should take.
    Ice block : it might seem like a bad secret but combined with ethereal arcanist, you have a secret that won't trigger for the rest and buff your minion like crazy.
    Mirror entity : kill everything on the board and then you're ready to put this secret. If you take too much pressure, it will be there to help you. turn 3 nothing on the table ? surprise him with a little secret copy !
    Spellbender : To me the weakest secret, i'd rather have a counterspell instead. But in some situation, against priest notably, it can work pretty well. An occasion card that you can replace if you find better. But be cautious before removing it, it's a secret spell in a secret deck. And it's also a creature that can stay in some situations to help you finish off a creature.
    Vaporize : really good secret card, don't use it on the first round randomly on some paladin token, if your opponent has one big creature, instead of swarming him with your creature, wait a turn and put a vaporize, you'll feel better the next turn.
    Polymorph : You're "Woow i don't want you" spell. Better use it with jaina's hero power directly, you don't want your opponent to be able to buff any creature or feel comfortable.
    Blizzard : very tricky card to know when to use, or i haven't found the answer yet. The better is 4 creature or more with 2 health, but that doesn't happen a lot. It can kill you 3 health creatures, stop an aggression, and kill a 4 health creature in 2 turns with double hero power (assuming nothing happens).
    Flamestrike : control decks need control spell, flamestrike is a really good one, the best for the field in fact.

    Secrets all cost three manas, the curve is centered around that to be able to combine to spells or more around turn six and defend until then. Kirin tor mage and sorcerer's apprentice helps a lot to drop combos on the first rounds.
    Use [i]minions[i] if necessary, try to keep them alive but fi you need them, use them. I have a tendency to keep my creatures too much making me take damage too quickly. There are sufficient minions to lost a few of them in the begining stages. Jaina's hero power also help a lot to prevent swarming creatures on the opposite side.
    You can [i]change [i]some cards, like nat paggle fpr example, recently, i traded it for a mana wyrm and i'm currently testing it, it seems really nice so far. I also had a violet teacher for some time but felt other cards were better for the sinergy right now.

    Test this deck and tell me what you think of it ! I'm currenly beating a LOT of diamond 2 with this one, i'm stuck there since a long time because of repetitive micro dcs. I think it can get you to master 1 atleast with a 60% to 70% win ratio if played correctly.
    I'm a big mtg fan, i played this game a lot, what i do is create decks with combinations of cards i like. It might not necessary be the best but i sometimes have good ideas along the way. One one them leaded me to a TOP 4 finisher in a mtg championship. Feel free to ask questions or make suggestions here, i'll answer them.
    I will add screenshots and maybe VODs of it later.
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    Jaina's secret deck

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