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    Top Tier Guild Wars 2 account

    API KEY: 13AA6C4D-6FBD-3746-A525-2A2222FB7AA5C9B24586-7330-446B-9CEF-EADE4892075B
    go to gw2efficiency, click on API keys in top right. copy and paste that key. Now you can view the entire contents of the account.

    The value of the account is listed at 45k but that's just the start of it. I'm a long time WvW vet. The currencies unlocked there along with currencies unlocked from LW3 and chests from fractals allow me to take any class/spec to the stat cap in about ten minutes. There is enough resources on this account to take maybe 4 or 5 fresh characters to the stat cap. let me give you an example.

    You start a new class, lets say a guardian. you use 80 tomes of knowledge to get the class to 80 instantly (2500 on account) let's say you want both the dragonhunter and firebrand specs unlocked, you use 480 testimonies of heroics to unlock them (11,900 on account). Ok now you have the skills unlocked. For guard you want heavy armor, you can choose between unused sets of ascended armor being stored in Poga's inventory, and change the stats to what you want in mystic forge. you could open ascended armor chests in pogas inventory, or you could take the heavy armor from a class you don't care about and change those stats. So now you've got the armor sorted, time for the weapons. Pogas inventory again (I use that one as deep storage) has many unused weapons and Ascended weapon chests if what you're looking for is not there amongst the spares. Weapons done, onto the assessories. If all the extras in pogas inventory don't have what you're looking for you can use WvW skirmish tickets (5600) and blood rubies (1000) to get a fresh set. Then go ahead and use laurels (210) and badge of honor (44k) to buy infusions, that is if you don't want to use the stocks in the bank or the 2 sets of fractal infusions that are on the account. and just like that you've taken a fresh character to max power. and to reiterate, this account has the resources to do that a number of times- probably 5. It also has 300 transmutation charges so you can go nuts on fashion wars.

    I'd recommend you to look through the account in it's entirety, all the unlocked skins, the characters inventories (some of them are used as deep storage). the more you look, the more you will see just how strong this account is.

    Contact me on Discord: Pohga#2795. Will use a middleman for trade. Paypal only. Sell price is €700.

    Edit: This also includes a GW1 account as they use the same login info and are linked. The GW1 account is in a good place. All content done, characters fully geared. lot's of consumables in bank etc etc.
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