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    Automate Parts of Combat Openers/Rotations

    So Iíve been writing macros for a while now with AHK that help me with my combat rotations, and Iím constantly tweaking them to be more intuitive. That said, simple scripts have their limitations and I want to bring my macros to the next level. In fact, I believe Iím starting to delve into the territory of botting with what Iím trying to do, so I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction.

    What I have now, and am trying to improve upon, is a bard macro that takes a single key input and applies my DoT spells in order of priority. Then a timer locks out a couple of variables for the durations of the DoTs. If the key is pressed again within that period, itíll cast Iron Iaws which refreshes both DoTs at the same time. If the timers hit 0 and it hasnít been pressed again, then it will reapply the DoTs from scratch. This works about 80% of the time and allows me to manage my DoTs with a single key.

    What I want to do is find or create a bot that can cut down this margin of error. I want to monitor memory to see if the DoTs are applied to my target and take the appropriate action to apply or maintain them when I press a specific key. Are their any bots out there that I can achieve this with? If not, would it be possible for me to create one with the tools at my disposal? I have Cheat Engine, MacroGoblin, and AutoHotKey, and I have a decent grasp of scripting and object-oriented coding. Where Iím lacking is understanding memory structure. When I fire up Cheat Engine, I have no clue how to find the memory addresses/pointers I need. How can I get a better grasp of what Iím seeing and get started with engineering a bot that can accomplish what Iím trying to do? I should add, Iíve tried going through the tutorials on Cheat Engine, but Iím not fully understanding how to apply those ideas to my situation. Any advice is welcome, please and thank you.

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    You can try Miqobot
    We have recently introduced Assist Mode which is capable of performing automated battle rotations for all jobs.
    At the moment it is optimized for levels 1-50, but we continue working on the combat system and releasing incremental updates on a regular basis.

    Miqobot is also capable of farming Squadron Dungeons using the same algorithms, and we are planning many additional modes in the upcoming versions.

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