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    Bot platform for EVE Online - EVE Master

    EVE Master

    App for running bots for EVE Online, with ability to create your own bot from a scratch or customize any already created by someone else. There is online Store of bots. Each bot is free and shared to community.


    Safe features
    • just RAM memory reading: the most secure and fastest way to take data from EVE Online client. No DLL injections - no ease way to identify bot. No computer vision because it is slow and sensitive to resolution/color palette/windows transparency/windows positions.
    • delay config: very detailed configuration of random delays between actions. Ability to run bot more custom with this setup, in this case much more complicated to identify bots. Random delays for mouse movement, delay between/after click or button press on keyboard and many more detailed options.
    • mouse movement animation to a needed area before click or drag and drop, no teleportation. Because mouse teleportation can be tracked and recognized.
    • mouse movement curved trajectory: just extra layer of "be like a human", because human never moves mouse perfectly forward from point A to point B.
    • mouse movement with custom refresh rate just in case to make bot identification even more harder.
    • secured cloud storage: anyone has an option to store his bots into cloud storage. With ability to make it shared or private.
    • time prove: the platform was released in January 2021, no one still had been banned.

    Usability features
    • user friendly interface: EVE Master is a modern app which uses modern technologies, that is why interface looks simple, good, and well animated.
    • EVE Overlay: highlining of each area where bot is going to click with different colors for each mouse button, and drag and drop action.
    • play config: each bot which you installed into app can have multiple play configurations for different characters or for different situations, very ease to switch between them. [SPOILER][/SPOILER]
    • Store: online library of bots in ease access and ability to search.
    • log system: each step is logged into nice nested panel, you can always know what exactly going on in the bot head.
    • transparency mode: the app can became transparent visually and for mouse, and automatically overlap over all windows. In this mode you can let the bot does his job and take a look to the logs in the same time. Even if bot clicks on the log messages - it is transparent for a clicks.
    • dark theme! For true botters imp:
    • ability to run multiple bots in the same EVE Online client: very confused feature for the first look, and it has some restrictions (just one bot should use mouse and keyboard, in other case bots became to fight for the mouse, pretty crazy scene), it could be well combined with "Alarm" bots, which notify you about something important in the game.

    Features for bot makers
    • node system: EVE Master created with idea to make the bot creation as ease as possible and give the ability to make bots for non coders. Node system is very powerful and flexible visual scripting architecture. There are ability to add input/output parameters to each node and make any node nested into another one. For developers: you may imagine a "node" as a "function" in programming. Read more.
    • tons of nodes: that should a Wikipedia of nodes, because there are 225 built-in nodes for any kind of action/logic/calculation/data reading/interaction with player.
    • high level nodes: such as "Undock", "Lock Target", "Warp to", "Launch Drones", "Return damaged drones", "Repair ship" and HUNDREDS of others available at the Store for free.
    • EVE UI Hierarchy Viewer: visual tool for browsing EVE Online client data for finding needed UI element of the game. [SPOILER]VIDEO [/SPOILER]
    • EVE Click Finder: visual tool for finding EVE Online UI element using single click at the needed area in the game. [SPOILER][/SPOILER]
    • UI Request: makes the data reading from EVE Online ease and stable. Even if data structure in the game will be changed in future, with UI Request that is very ease to create dynamic "path" to needed UI element. Read more.
    • HTTP REST API: there are nodes for sending REST requests to any server you want and receive the data as a string and deal with it.
    • synthetic voice: there are nodes for generation robot voice and read dynamic strings. Can be easily integrated into your future bots! [SPOILER]VIDEO[/SPOILER]
    • sound: nodes to playing mp3 files using direct url to the sound.
    • node style: each node can by stylized as you want using single image and header color. Let it be pretty!
    • debugger: very powerful tool for debug your bot and going step by step, node by node, with ability to add breakpoints and going deep into nested nodes. [SPOILER]VIDEO[/SPOILER]
    • rich text: any text in your bot can be stylized using rich text tags. Read more.

    Play config of Ratting bot

    Play config of Miner bot

    Custom bot creation

    Example of bot creation

    Version 2.12
    Added "Play Sound" and "Play Sound Async" nodes, it can play audio from direct URL.
    Added audio signals in EVE Master app actions, like connection process, loading complete, notification and more.
    Added "Message Alert" node
    Added Settings Window. Now you can change sounds volume and change Theme of the EVE Master app.
    Added Dark Theme
    Added Support and dropbox for hosting images and audio files

    Version 2.13
    Improved Theme colors.
    Added Error visualization.
    Added recursion node validation.
    Fixed bugs.

    Version 2.14
    Node: Updated 'Play Sound' node, added Volume property.
    Node: Updated 'Play Sound Async' node, added Volume property.
    Feature: New audio volume slider in settings window for 'Play Sound' nodes.
    Feature: Change node properties values.
    Feature: Change node properties order.
    Feature: Added Insta Play button to 'Play Sound' and 'Play Sound Async' nodes
    Feature: Added Insta Message button to 'Message' and 'Message Alert' nodes
    Fix: Removed 'Play Sound Async' awaiting for downloading an audio file.
    Fix: Fixed scroll in Settings window.
    Fix: Fixed first EVE Master launch black screen bug.
    Update: changed colors in Dark and Light themes.
    Update: changed volumes of some so laud UI sounds.

    Version: 2.15
    Feature: added Message input property to Exit Error node
    Feature: added 'Last Error Message' node
    Feature: Exit Error node works when using it inside Loop and Filter nodes
    Update: updated multiple root nodes interfaces
    Update: renamed multiple root nodes to the simplest names

    Version 2.16
    Feature: added discord buttons in the main menu
    Update: added button icons in main menu
    Update: updated multiple root nodes interfaces
    Fixed: Message node notification size corrected
    Fixed: Message Alert node notification size corrected

    Version 2.17
    Feature: added "String Line Feed" node
    Fix: fixed Integer serialization
    Fix: fixed Bool serialization
    Fix: fixed EVE Online detecting process

    Version 2.18
    Feature: ability to select multiple nodes to copy or move them as a group
    Feature: select multiple nodes by CTRL or SHIFT
    Feature: select multiple nodes by mouse rectangle
    Feature: node canvas movement by Right or Middle mouse button
    Feature: moving multiple nodes
    Feature: default value in properties with Array type should be an empty array instead of null
    Feature: autoselect pasted nodes
    Node: "String Substring"
    Node: "String Index Of"
    Node: "Bool to Integer"
    Node: "Bool to String"
    Node: "String to Bool"
    Fix: fixed bug with loading images
    Fix: fixed bug with loading sounds
    Fix: fixed issue with stopping node execution
    Fix: strange node copy & paste behavior when working with InputFields
    Fix: opened main menu blocks copy & paste nodes
    Fix: disabled opening Node Create list when mouse was dragged
    Fix: colors in UI Hierarchy Viewer
    Fix: color serialization recursion

    Version 2.19
    Feature: new nodes outlines
    Feature: add a mode for snapping nodes to the grid
    Feature: button for snapping nodes
    Feature: button for finding Start node
    Feature: button for finding Exit node
    Feature: rename EVE Master process in Settings
    Feature: to change the FPS limit in Settings
    Feature: button to delete all locally stored nodes in settings
    Feature: bring connected EVE Client window to top before active a node
    Feature: add error analytics
    Node: dynamic variable SET
    Node: dynamic variable GET
    Fix: audio settings do not load properly until open Settings
    Fix: the previous version of the node does not change anymore when you edit a new version
    Fix: group nodes movement doesn't save changes properly
    Fix: errors on upgrading node with -1 input property if it was connected

    Version 2.20
    Fix: EVE Master can't start correctly if save data is corrupted
    Fix: if in EVE UI data any property should have an Integer value but for some reason it doesn't, data can't be scanned properly
    Fix: EVE UI Get Child node error when data can't be scanned properly

    Version 2.21
    Feature: suggestion/ability do delete lost node
    Feature: shortcut for Start and Stop node execution CTRL+SHIFT+SPACE
    Feature: shortcut for Reset node execution flow position to Start node CTRL+SHIFT+R
    Feature: new operator in UI Request system. Finding UI element by any UI Property
    Feature: adapt UI scale to high DPI monitors
    Feature: reading UI custom properties
    Feature: added node Loading animation
    Update: improved rendering nodes quality
    Update: improved flow connector positioning
    Update: dynamic variable names Trim automatically
    Update: new design of EVE UI Hierarchy Viewer
    Node: "UI Get Property"
    Node: "Voice" - generate speech sound from text dynamically
    Node: "Voice Async" - generate speech sound from text dynamically
    Node: "Equals UI" - can detect when two UI variables have the same UI element value inside
    Node: "Keyboard Text" for sending string to a keyboard events
    Node: "Keyboard Text Delay" for sending string to a keyboard events
    Node: "String Equals"
    Node: "Integer Not Equals"
    Node: "String Not Equals"
    Fix: open node with nested node error
    Fix: root node title refresh in already created graphs, when in EVE Master update the node title was changed
    Fix: UI elements rectangle calculations
    Fix: fixed error with node selection when input field selected
    Fix: dynamic variables may not to pass to outside node through output connector in Exit Success node
    Fix: error after opening node which has locally stored nested node inside. And the nested node has been removed
    Fix: Array node errors if Array not connected

    EVE Master 2.22
    Feature: :fire: tabs for open nodes
    Feature: :fire: EVE Click Finder
    Feature: :fire: CTRL+SHIFT+CLICK - for immediately identify UI element and build UI Request automatically
    Feature: :fire: using Pro Minutes switch
    Feature: add support for all languages when rendering strings in EVE Master
    Update: new buttons in EVE UI Get nodes
    Node: "Integer Min"
    Node: "Integer Max"
    Node: "Preview (UI)"
    Node: "Preview (Rectangle)"
    Fix: node could be published as public, but nested node still could be private. Other users can't download it
    Fix: node version increment incorrect
    Fix: rectangle calculation is incorrect when using "EVE UI Get Child" node
    Fix: input properties data doesn't save until moving any node
    Fix: do not delete selected node when InputField is selected and Delete buttons was pressed
    Fix: Loop Array nodes fixed and added Error notifications when input data is incorrect
    Fix: shortcut response improvements
    Fix: fixed some internal errors

    EVE Master 2.24
    Fixed node publishing issue

    EVE Master 2.25
    Feature: 'Start' node outputs automatically converts into dynamic variables and are able to read using 'Variable Get' node

    EVE Master 2.26
    Feature: variables connection animation
    Feature: disabling input property when connected
    Feature: highlight connection lines when node is selected
    Feature: highlight flow connection lines when node is selected
    Update: variables connection line visual update
    Update: flow connection line visual update
    Update: changed color of node UPDATE button
    Update: changed bool property icon
    Node: Variable Get Keyboard Button
    Node: Variable Get Keyboard Action
    Node: Variable Get Mouse Button
    Node: Variable Get Array Keyboard Button
    Node: Variable Get Array Keyboard Action
    Node: Variable Get Array Mouse Button
    Node: Variable Set Keyboard Button
    Node: Variable Set Keyboard Action
    Node: Variable Set Mouse Button
    Node: Variable Set Array Keyboard Button
    Node: Variable Set Array Keyboard Action
    Node: Variable Set Array Mouse Button
    Fix: open node higher version when the node with lover version is already opened
    Fix: lock node editing archived by old versions
    Fix: node publishing issue resolved
    Fix: Array Keyboard Action fixed
    Fix: Node header size refresh when long node title

    EVE Master 2.27
    Feature: add node publishing status indicator to node editor screen
    Fix: node continue to execute if the same node was opened as nested node from another node
    Fix: update node Published status to "Shared" recursively
    Fix: copy&paste buffer clears when tab closed with opened node
    Fix: NullReferenceException after change node
    Fix: authorization redirect to LogIn screen doesn't work
    Fix: input property cursor stuck at random position

    EVE Master 2.28
    Fix: fixed mouse lag when EVE Master launched and node is opened

    EVE Master 2.29
    Feature: "Transparency" Mode - EVE Master is half transparent visually and fully transparent for mouse and keyboard
    Feature: added Transparency slider to Settings
    Feature: removed Windows default frame, using custom instead
    Update: EVE Master window minimum size added
    Update: using custom mouse cursors
    Fix: lost connection after publishing node
    Fix: memory leak
    Fix: node status changes to "Local" after selection&deselection any Input property in the node
    Fix: new node publishing button position
    Fix: select nodes after copy&paste

    EVE Master 2.30
    Feature: debug mode
    Feature: history of messages window
    Feature: tutorial - shortcuts
    Update: optimized RAM usage and increased node loading speed
    Fix: Transparency Mode - fully transparency possible

    EVE Master 2.31
    Fix: fixed errors in Loop based nodes
    Fix: camera not follows current active node if Debug mode is turned off

    EVE Master 2.32
    Fix: fixed many errors
    Fix: dropping Start node default properties

    EVE Master 2.33
    Feature: Node Information window. With abilities to change any node version, read node description, check updates
    Feature: "Time" new root node - returns time in milliseconds
    Feature: filters on Library screen for filtering nodes by Pro status
    Feature: filters on Library screen for filtering nodes by "Saved by" status (public, private, local)
    Feature: filters on Store screen for filtering nodes by Pro status
    Update: in debug mode, showing current properties values at Start node when entering a nested node using debug "Step Into" button
    Update: limited interaction with nodes in Read Only mode
    Update: added ability to connect to German EVE client
    Update: improved parsing Integer from String with "m". "km", "au" values
    Fix: fixed bug when "UI Request" property resets
    Fix: nodes duplication after saving node
    Fix: EVE UI Hierarchy Viewer resets focus from UI Request field

    EVE Master 2.34
    Fix: Properties of Start node non-editable
    Fix: Input Flow connector has incorrect color at nested nodes
    Fix: UI issue at Settings window

    EVE Master 2.35
    Feature: Node - Discord Message. Can send a message to any discord channel
    Feature: resolve node conflicts on save
    Feature: Debug can go into Loop and Filter nodes
    Update: scroll synchronized with node height in Library and Store screens
    Update: inputs processing optimized
    Update: improved EVE Client finding while connecting to it
    Fix: error at EVE UI Hierarchy Viewer window
    Fix: after opening node, random Property receives selection
    Fix: node copy&paste issue

    EVE Master 2.36
    Feature: auto check updates for nodes
    Node: Bool Random
    Update: optimized usage of CPU and RAM at node execution process
    Fix: EVE Client is not going on front before Mouse Click or Keyboard node execution
    Fix: EVE Master lags after 12 hours of node executing

    EVE Master 2.37
    Node: Bool Equals
    Feature: added "Check for updates" button
    Update: design of Input dropdown properties
    Update: "OPEN WEB" button hidden if node not saved in cloud
    Update: added error if trying to convert incorrect string to integer value
    Update: locked editing properties with types UI and UI Array
    Update: default iterations count of Loop nodes is '-1'
    Fix: errors with Output properties
    Fix: scroll very sensitive at Library Screen, Node Store Screen, in node creating popup
    Fix: fixed debug when going into nested node

    EVE Master 2.38
    Feature: visual timer for free execution of pro node
    Feature: added noise and mass simulation similar to human hand movement on mouse
    Update: optimized mouse movement delays. Now it works much faster
    Fix: partially resolved internal errors in memory reading from EVE online
    Fix: removed "ghost active node" with green outline when it is not really active, but was in past
    Fix: property connections to Exit Success node gone after saving the node
    Fix: execution - Play button incorrect status

    EVE Master 2.39
    Feature: Play Configs for executing node with different configurations even when user has only Read Only access
    Feature: ability to change Mouse Refresh Rate in settings
    Update: updated all audios in the app
    Update: EVE Master app no more stops node execution after first failed connection to server
    Update: loading animation
    Update: small optimization in node loading and memory consumption
    Fix: memory in leak in loading node icons and sound file in Sound nodes
    Fix: UPDATE ALL button not always works in Updates Available window

    EVE Master 2.40
    Fix: some property have incorrect rendered values in the node editor
    Fix: updated Tab title + color + icon after node saving to cloud
    Fix: user can change node connections in Read Only nodes
    Fix: default property values not loaded to new player config

    EVE Master 2.41
    Update: nested node execution optimization, greatly reduced execution duration

    EVE Master 2.42
    Fix: node 'UI Get Array' goes to Exit Error flow output connector if no child element found, but parent exists

    EVE Master 2.43
    Node: new Pro node - Mouse Move added

    EVE Master 2.44
    Node: String Regex
    Node: Preview - Keyboard Button
    Node: Preview - Keyboard Action
    Node: Preview - Mouse Button
    Node: Loop Array (for each property type)
    Node: Array Filter (for each property type)
    Node: Sort (for each property type)
    Node: added 36 other root nodes
    Update: slowed down lines refresh in huge node canvases, for performance reason
    Fix: rare 'OSA' error fixed, it had a big chance to be triggered when EVE Master works for many hours in background

    EVE Master 2.45
    Fix: Avoiding Windows error when Windows Voice package is not installed. EVE Master will continue to work. Instead of procedural generating voice it will send regular message notification, and play recorded audio message for identifying user about not installed voice package

    EVE Master 2.46
    Feature: EVE Client overlay animation when EVE Master had been connected
    Feature: EVE Master activity highlight. It is to produce colored overlay forms to show places where EVE Master is going to click or drag and drop something in the game
    Feature: Ability to turn on/off "EVE Master activity highlight" in the Settings window
    Update: Secondary screens support. Now you are not limited in use by just Primary screen
    Update: New EVE Master UI elements overlay highlights above EVE Client, when user press "EYE" button in the "EVE UI Hierarchy Viewer" or at "EVE UI Get" node

    EVE Master 3.0
    ! ! ! WARNING ! ! !
    This update DELETES all local data from PC. Upload all your nodes to a cloud storage or they will be LOST FOREVER!
    ! ! ! WARNING ! ! !

    Feature: Delay Configuration - speed control of bot running. This should help slow computers to handle with EVE Online, and provide ability to speedup bots on high-end PC
    Feature: Important security secret feature #1
    Feature: Important security secret feature #2
    Feature: random EVE-Master app name on each launch
    Update: more efficient saving data on disk. Previously stored data is not supported anymore. Be carefully and use Private or Shared save in cloud for save your nodes.
    Update: Added "Back to Login" button at "Restore Password" screen
    Update: new button - Add Play Config at Play Config screen
    Update: Increase width of scrollbar at PlayConfig screen
    Fix: dot(decimal) doesn't work in Keyboard Text and Keyboard Text Delay nodes
    Fix: HTTP Error 414 when installed to many nodes on update check
    Fix: PlayConfig doesn't load default property values sometimes
    Fix: Memory in leak at opening any node
    Fix: 'OSA' error after pressing ALT
    Fix: non-direct URL to image doesn't work
    Fix: node with non-direct raw icon URL has incorrect icon in tab title
    Fix: random error while node is executing
    Fix: Click Finder doesn't work if EVE is on second screen
    Fix: shortcuts don't work if EVE Master focused
    Fix: mouse and keyboard lag detected when Click Finder window is open
    Fix: node outputs can overlap node inputs
    Fix: long node title cuts in Create Node popup

    EVE Master 3.1
    Node: String Regex Match
    Node: String Regex Matches
    Update: automatic open logs when start playing a bot
    Update: updated app icon
    Fix: EVE Master app closing lag

    EVE Master 3.2
    Feature: node grouping with comments
    Feature: info box with editable text for canvas
    Update: added Back button at Store screen
    Update: added Back button at Library screen
    Update: added empty view at Library screen
    Fix: calling Dispose twice for a specific object can generate NullReferenceException
    Fix: mouse cursor changed to Move icon and EVE Master can't be clicked, just moved. Until press Alt

    EVE Master 3.3
    Node: HTTP GET
    Node: HTTP GET Async
    Node: HTTP POST
    Node: HTTP POST Async
    Node: HTTP PUT
    Node: HTTP PUT Async
    Node: HTTP DELETE Async
    Fix: not cached mp3 file can't play from first try
    Fix: node editor loading screen can disappear
    Fix: nodes copy & paste error
    Fix: app random error related to log system
    Fix: minor errors

    These ads disappear when you log in.

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