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    Looking for Good Anomaly Ratting Bot

    Hey there,

    So I've lurked around here for a while on and off, and usually I can find the answers I'm looking for, but this one seems to not have an answer, or at least not a current one.

    I've been looking for a solid ratting bot that won't require me to bookmark anoms before starting the bot. There are also a few other things I'd like to have in the bot:

    • Go to next site if the current one is occupied
    • BM the site so I can salvage it after
    • Dock/POS up when neuts enter system
    • White/Black list for anom names

    H-Bot seems to cover the most bases as far as I've seen, but I can't tell if it will BM the sites for me, and I know it won't skip a site if it's occupied. Macro-Lab's bot seems even more stripped down and requires BMs to be made for the sites I want to do. I stand to be corrected on those, but they were the only 2 I could find. If anyone has any other bots they know of that might fill a majority of the want list it would appreciated if you shared, and if you know I'm wrong on one of the above bots please let me know.

    All help is appreciated!

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    I have ratting bot for you
    That is very flexibly setup, highly customizable bot for ratting with advanced drone management and tons of features.



    Ratting with any Sub Capital Ships.
    - kill NPC ships sorted by size - kill targets which scramble or emit any other effect on a ship
    - orbiting random NPC ship
    - repair shield, armor and structure when needed
    - refill drones at station
    - refill ammo at station
    - use drones for killing NPC
    - wait for drones before warp (optional)
    - save drones by returning them into drone bay when they are damaged
    - run away if neutral detected (optional)
    - run away if carrier ship in grid detected
    - repair your ship and drones at station
    - sound notification about important actions
    - closing all appeared dialog windows such as "Fleet Join", "Private Conversation" and other
    - docking if no anomalies to warp
    - docking if server is going to shutdown in 5 minutes

    1. Overview with filtered only NPCs sorted by Size (add the column to Overview if you have not)

    Required for neutral detection
    1. Local chat opened
    2. Local chat players list in "Compact" mode
    3. Expand local chat window vertically as much as possible (because it works only if neutral is visible in the list)

    Required shortcuts
    ALT+P - open Probe Scanner window
    CTRL+R - reload guns
    SHIFT+R - return drones to bay
    F - drones attack


    Station Path - path to your station/structure destination.

    Neutral Check - if ON bot automatically goes home if neutral detected in local chat, and stay in station until the neutral is gone.

    Await Drones - option to awaiting your drones before warp.

    Await Drones Duration - duration in milliseconds for awaiting drones before warp.

    Drones Count - amount of drones which you can launch in space.

    Shield Limit - Limit of ship shield until warp to Home [0-100]
    Armor Limit - Limit of ship armor until warp to Home [0-100]
    Structure Limit - Limit of ship structure until warp to Home [0-100]

    Anomaly Group - group of anomalies to warp, in general should be "Combat Site" until you need to kill NPCs at other anomalies.

    Lock Targets - amount of max possible locked targets.

    Time Limit - limit of node execution time in milliseconds. After reaching the limit, bot will automatically dock and turn itself off. One hour contains 3600000 milliseconds.

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