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    Perf Blizz Sorc for sale

    Shako 141 - 650Fg
    Hoto40 - 1500Fg
    Maras 30 - 2000 FG
    Enigma 15Ed Dusk Shroud - 10k+ FG
    2x Spirit 35FCR - 200 FG
    2x Stone of Jordan - 2800 FG
    Arach 120ed - 800 FG
    Double upped Chance guard 40 - 200 FG
    War Trav 50mf - 1400 FG
    5x Light Skillers Clean - 1250 FG (250 ea)
    7x 7mf SC - 700 FG (100 ea)
    Gheeds 96gold / 40 MF / 15Vendor - 400 FG
    Call to arm (cta5) 2 / 5 / 4 - 2000ish FG

    Merc: Eth 4 sox GPA open - 900ish FG
    Stone runeword armor 2972Def Eth shadow plate - 300 FG
    Andys 9ll / 30str - 200 FG
    Insight CV lv17 Med - Not sure

    All this comes to around 50,000 forum gold, i will take screenshots, write down the specifics and post it on Ebay, where you would be able to purchase it and we would both be protected, you can use the items yourself or sell for forum gold. The Forum Gold next to the items was last sold price on D2JSP as of right now i finally finished pricing. Thanks

    EDIT: Im obviously not expecting the 50,000 forum gold worth that is $1500, but half it would be a good starting point let me know!

    (Im 99.99% on doing it through Ebay since im protected that way and can record me giving you the items, if you try to dispute with ebay, if you know an easier way sure, but im not in to getting scammed so dont try thanks.
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