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    [Hack] EPlite with the offsets changed for 1.12. MAPHACK!

    EPLite v1.0 Final
    by Jan Miller
    for gamemunchers.net


    EPLite is EasyPlay Lite - a very simple, safe and free maphack for the Diablo II community. EPLite can reveal all maps in the entire game within a few seconds. EPLite is so easy to operate, all it requires is a few mouse-clicks. You don't need to be an experienced "hacker" to use this software. There is three simple steps to follow. For more details, view the {INSTRUCTIONS} section.


    How does EPLite operate?

    1) Diablo II is frozen
    2) EPLite is loaded into Diablo II
    3) EPLite reveals the map of all acts
    4) EPLite unloads itself from Diablo II
    5) Diablo II is resumed

    How can I set EPLite to reveal only the current act?

    1) Open "epl.ini"
    2) Set DoFull option to 0
    3) Close and save "epl.ini"
    4) Now only the current act will be revealed, if you execute EasyLoad.exe, which is faster than revealing the entire game
    5) IF you want to revert this, simply set DoFull option in "epl.ini" to 1


    1) Join a Diablo II Game (Bnet or Single Player)
    2) Execute "EasyLoad.exe" once
    3) The map is now revealed (including shrines & objects)

    Attention: Make sure you fully understood and agreed to read LICENSE.txt before using EPLite!


    1) Windows NT Operating System
    2) Diablo II v1.11b unmodified Files
    3) Fully read and understood LICENSE.txt


    v1.0 RC1 (15/02/06):
    -reveals current act (including shrines, objects, etc.)

    v1.0 RC2 (21/02/06):
    -reveals entire game (including shrines, objects, etc.)
    -fixed access violation error
    -updated & improved injection method (now safer than old one)
    -updated documentation

    v1.0 Final (22/02/06):
    -fixed a bug that would incorrectly reveal cave/underground levels
    -added configuration file with option to reveal current act or entire game (see epl.ini)
    -updated documentation


    Thanks to STING for the original load/execute/unload idea in this context. Alot of thanks to all the beta-testers and all the great feedback from many users.


    [email protected]


    I guess the credits go to Gamemunchers on this one, if any-one wants to take full credit, PM me.

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    Too bad there is no download link. :P

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    it sounds good but are we supposed to email you to get it or what?

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    Originally Posted by popster View Post
    it sounds good but are we supposed to email you to get it or what?
    I just prayed and it appeared on my desktop

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