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    Traffic Analyzer

    New TrafficAnalyzer for Blade & Soul by SkeW

    The new version of the program !!!

    New opportunities:
    - Create scripts;
    - Block certain packages;
    - Send the data blocks;
    - Hide extra information;
    - Simple and intuitive interface;
    The basis laid down the opportunity to write their own scripts on C # programming language. In the future you will be able to share them with each other.

    Some information about how to write scripts.
    We need:
    1) .Net code compiler (Vusial Studio)
    2) HandleBase.dll Library
    3) NetFramework 4.5.2

    Next, we need to implement packet processing methods:

    "Public override void Handle (PacketState state)"
    Now every time the received packet information will go through this procedure.
    PacketState includes techniques such as:
    - Opcode (first 2 bytes of packet)
    - Packet (array of bytes with the interactive use)
    - Type (Game, Location)
    - Direction (Client, Sever)
    - Destiny (Block, Hide, Allow)

    After we received the package, we can disassemble it into parts using "state.Packet". Namely reading 1,2,4 bytes, Unicode, Ascii:
    - ReadByte ();
    - ReadInt16 ();
    - ReadInt32 ();

    As well as record and replace the values ​​by the method of "Write (...)"
    Write (int, ushort, byte, string, float, long ...), and a direct replacement state.Packet [10] = 0x25; where 10 - index, a new 0x25 bytes.

    If necessary, you can send a response packet, or a whole list of packages from the plugin. This is done as follows:
    *ConnectionManager.Game.Send (Direction.ClientToServer, PacketType.Game, data, 0, data.Count);
    Direction.ClientToServer - packet direction
    PacketType.Game - packet type (Game / Location)
    data - an array of bytes (DataStream)
    0 - Start index
    data.Count - Length[/SPOILER]

    Example Script:
    using System;
    using HandlerBase;
    using HandlerBase.IO;
    namespace GetNick
        public class GetNick : PacketHandler
            public GetNick(IConnectionManager connections)
                : base(connections)
                Enabled = false;
            public override PacketType Packets
                get { return PacketType.Game; }
            public override string Name
                get { return "Get nick character"; }
            public override void Handle(PacketState state)
                if (state.Opcode == 0x001B)
                    int length = state.Packet.ReadUInt16();
                    string nick = state.Packet.ReadUnicodeString(length*2);
                    Logger.Message("Your name - " + nick);
    For creating one of the private cheats for Blade And Soul I had to learn traffic of this game, but the packets were encrypted in this program and standard programs turned out to be not suitable. That;s why I created my program which allows you to work with traffic in a decrypted form.
    This program had been kept private for a long time, but for now I decided to give everyone an opportunity to purchase it.

    This program have a few features:
    - Work with win 7/8/10
    - Edit the incoming data

    This program is suitable for both EU/NA and Korean servers.

    Skype: Ginrey2

    If you are really interested in this programm, don't hesitate to write personal messages either in personal messages or Skype for further information and prices.

    Currently packeages for B&S TrafficAnalyzer:

    P.S. The program is actively refined and updated with new developments that will offer users. All updates are free to fly again is not necessary.
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