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    [Truth] Black Avalanche Private Server

    Hi, first and foremost, I would like to introduce myself. I am an ex-developer from Black Avalanche. I got fired because I was trying to change the server in a way it's not pay to win. Here I will expose VegasxS and let everyone know the truth about the server. I am not salty about the fire, and I was coding for free anyway, No powers, nothing.

    1. VegasXS is not hosting the server out of his own interest, he is only hosting it to make money. He have 0 knowledge on coding, and all he does is copy and paste other people work and claim it's his. His source on the current server 491 is also from ragezone, same with the v661 and the higher version. Everything he got, is leeched and he stole the credit for it. (As a fellow dev, i feel this is fked up stealing people's work and claiming it's their own)

    2. The server is pretty much pay2win. It doesnt matter how easy it is to get pen gears, because certain items are from pearl shop only and in a large amount where people need to donate for them.
    - vip buff 1 30k pearls gives like 500x + more exp/droprate and other exp stuff. Regens 20 stamina every 3 minutes. (also contains another buff with the pack that also last 30 days and give even more exp) (health increase and hp/mp regen)
    - Vip buff 2 43k pearls, Pretty much the same thing as vip buff 1 but a little op and with extra 1k Weight
    - Alchemy stones, Now alchemy stones cant be upgraded properly here, so you can say the ones obtainable out of pearl shop are useless. The ones in pearl shop gives like 50 extra ap, increase atk/casting speed and some other op shit and one other one is similar but instead of ap its DP with health increase.
    - 170k pearl package (100$ donation). Now this gets you all boss gears that is pen, and each boss wep box. It also contain all the best accessories at pen already. Including pen laytenn necklace. Laytenn have 70 ap (custom added ap) and You can only get pen laytenn from donation. Getting laytenn necklace through game play is possible, but its impossible to get a pen one without donating. (drop rate so low, and only spawn once every 6hrs)
    Last of all in this package it contains the best alchemy life stone, that gives a fuck ton of ap and movement speed and attack speed which is only available from this package. Cant get it anywhere else in game. So therefore if you want a pen laytenn and the most broken alchemy stone, its only from this 100$ donation package.

    3. I have read the log, and found that Vegas had promised a client update 2 months ago and that the new client was almost finish 2 months ago. Up to now still no news on it. (oh wait, I have news. It's still having the same issue and doesn't work still)

    4. Server is dieing, even though vegas announce it will not and die and will keep running the server. But here's his plans. He's gonna do more donation event and try to get more money before shutting down. As a server owner, he have not hosted a single proper event. All those past events that were actually event was forgotten and nobody got rewarded for it. like video advertisement event. In game the so call type event is he just spawn everyone one gos if he is happy, or just ban people if he's unhappy. (everyone who join their discord can just scroll the way up and read the logs).

    5. At the end of the day, all vegas wanted to do, is scam the community and feed them with bullshit. This is the honest truth coming from an ex-developer there. You can also check the updates, there's no update on the game itself, all the updates are mainly to benefit donations only. If your a regular player he won't give two shit about you. But if your a donor, all you gotta do is ring a bell and he will come right over.

    Black avalanche is gonna die, He won't be able to find a proper developer and will continue to spout nonsense and lies. He's gonna show some fake proof time to time by streaming fake proof that he is currently working on the game but clearly everything is copied and paste. All he's trying to do is get more donors and donate.

    If you have donate, its not too late to refund, there's Gamezbdo which actually have developers. And theres crimson desert that is coming out soon according to the rumors.

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    What exactly have you done as an "ex-developer" and how did you communicate with the rest of the staff team regarding this?
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