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    Combat Skill Book Combo vs. Cancels

    So I have seen so many people post about combos in this game, and yes they are awesome. But there are two types of combo's in this game, and I wanted people to become aware of it.


    The general knowledge is the skill trees, which has branch off points:

    Beast Master Skill Tree: Black Desert Online Tome - Skill Calculator

    Look on the second row of skills, in the Rank A column, you will see Evasive Attack I, and you have two options, you can either continue using Evasive Attack to do II and then III or you can do Evasive Attack and then perform the branch ability Flowing Water I and then Flowing Water II.

    This is the standard combo system, which has two caveats. First, the top row _can_ be put on your action bar, but the branch-off abilities cannot. Second, you do not want to put ALL your abilities on the action bar, because latency may cause you to not do things properly at all. Get used to the mouse combinations. This is VERY important and key to the next section.


    While you do certain moves for attacking and avoiding, you can do what's called an Animation Cancel. The only ones that are readily available public knowledge are the Blader and Warrior. There are a multitude of animation cancel combo's that they do. I think I saw one on the Kunoichi but i'll leave those for you to look for yourself.

    Basically, some of abilities you get, will start their animation sequence and stop the previous commands sequence from completing, increasing your actual attack speed and damage done without actually having to wait for all the animations.

    Not all of the abilities do this, but all classes have abilities that can cancel. You just have to find them and practice the combos.

    How do I figure them out?

    • Find a finisher ability that you want to try, and do the action so you see the animation it does and how long it takes to complete it.
    • Do a different attack and watch the animation sequence and see how long it takes to complete it.
    • See if there is a point near the end of the animation sequence that you can start the finisher ability, and see if it will jump to the second ability while dealing the first abilities damage.

    That's how it's done.

    Doing multiple combinations of abilities that usually have the same key presses involved are a good starting point. So if you have an ability that you hold W and D and Left Mouse Button, and wait till it does 2 of the 3 swings of your weapon, when it is half way near the 3rd swing, pressing Right Mouse Button which is a completely different attack might cancel out the 3rd swing while still dealing damage, and start the new attack.

    Combat Skill Book Combo vs. Cancels

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