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    im having trouble to set the skill range, can you teach a way to set the range skill? my bot keep trying to catch an out of range mob

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    Can you help me? The bot only switch between targets but doesn't attack, is this bot only avaliable for ranged classes?

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    Originally Posted by allouan View Post
    Hi, this is my first bot built with autoit. This is a bot for bashing only.
    It is free but donations or cheering are welcome. You can donate with paypal(pm me) or by donate gold in game on dahuta server. Please like or comment when you download that I know how many people use it.

    This bot doesnt read memories it just use your keyboard and mouse so no problem with game client or update.

    Features of WARLAN farmbot:

    All resolution work.

    User-friendly interface no script edit.
    11 skills fight
    2 skills heal 2 skill MP 2 buffs in fight 2buffs out fight.
    19 skills fully settable activated or not according to the number of skill to use.
    You can double each of the skills to use your skill chain or if you got problem with your skill.
    You can double your sequence of skill.
    total of 52 skills fully settable.

    Automatic Detection oF HP and MP settable by the interface and can be activated in fight or not.
    Rotate of the camera or not activated and settable for better coverage for your farm spot!
    Adjusting Refresh your buff in minutes or seconds.
    Set cool down and cast delay
    Healing HP MP and buff of your friend to be a sticky heal bot.
    Follow and assit your friend.
    Auto loot gift box.
    Auto use your money bag.
    Auto use labor pots
    Auto open purse
    Set a rest
    Saving button to save your setting for next start.

    Key Binding:
    "START bot" button on the interface.
    F10 pause bot.
    F11 stop bot.
    1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0, -, = skills for fight.
    F1, F2 for ou fight buff, F3, F4 for in fight buffs.
    F5 and F6 for heal.
    F7 and F8 for MP regen.
    Button "save" to save your settings

    Attachment 20160


    -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------

    Install / set Warlan Bot. Look the video

    additional explanation

    1- go to the game options to change the shortcuts of your second bar.
    You must set the F1 F8 for a second action bar. (Very important for the system to heal and buffs)

    Important: You must have a US keyboard or at least have the language bar
    activated with the pack "US keyboard" installed. Make sure the window WARLAN farmbot
    fits in US keyboard. The game can remain French or other. ** Help Language bar facility at the end of doc.

    2- first top right block "SET ATK cast delay n' CD" allows to adjust the time to cast your skills and the cool down.
    (Very important for a good operation)
    You can check ATK1, ATK2, ATK3 ... According to the number of skills to use.
    For each skill you need to adjust its cast time. The second round has supperior if necessary.
    For each skill you can double the box with "X2" in case there is a chain skill or just
    if the skill doesn't work for I do not know why.
    You can also adjust the "Down Time Macro" in case of problems to switch target full cast last skill.
    I recommend at least leave a 1sec. If the cast time of your last skill is set correctly it should
    have no problems.
    You can double your skills in sequence by checking the box "Repeat macro".

    3- 2nd top left block "SET HP detect" and "SET MP detect" allows you to adjust at what% HP or MP
    the bot will it heal or regen.
    You can adjust 2 different percentages for HP or MP regen for normal or emergency regen.
    Already I suggest you try the original adjustment about 80% in normal and 25% in case of emergency.
    You can each choose to do regen in fight or out fight with the boxes "in fight" "out fight"
    or completely disable them.

    4-The box "ROTATE CAM" to activate or not the rotate of the camera. You can adjust the greatness of this
    rotate with the slider planned for this purpose.

    5-The group "SET time to check buffs" allows to set an accurate time for your rebuffs.
    You can adjust 4 buffs namely adjustable about 3 in minutes and 1 in seconds. You can choose not to activate it.

    6- The last group was for healing HP or MP of your friend.
    You can set how many % you want check. You can set if you need to target the friend for healing. You can Stick your friend. You can assist your friend or get your own target.

    Then it's up to you set your sequence!
    Have Fun!

    -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------

    ** Install language bar: Control Panel, type in the search "language" and go
    in "edit keyboards or other input methods" and then "change the keyboard"
    General tab make sure the English keyboard (united state) be installed if not install please install it.
    Language Bar tab check Anchored in the taskbar. You should now have your bar
    spot of French or English or other. Make sure the window is in EN.

    Download Warlan bashbot 2.3 :Attachment 20380

    yes this works. but im so sorry to say. this bot is so bad.
    it is not user friendly at all, and should have *hints* when you hover above an button.
    this should have been a in game overlay and not 3rd party as it makes it damn anoying to have to alt tab out of game all the time.
    this game has no physical sensors everything is done by colors. wich means that it dont interact really with the physical game. and makes it very bugggy

    this game needs to be configurated by human in order to make it work.
    this open rooms for a lot more bugs.

    yes its ok for human configuration and calibration.
    but it should still work without being calibrated.
    and the way of the calibration is made is bad.

    im sorry. im being straight honest with you here.

    i would have programmed something like this if i did have time. but this is why i look for a bot in first place. in order to grind when i dont have time myself.

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    I wanna now, i can plant with this bot?

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