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    BOOSTING // Individual seller!


    About Us:

    BlastOffBoost currently consists of one member, ReddRewka. I have over 20 years of PC gaming experience in all kinds of online games like BDO/WOW/ArcheAge/GW2/WarFrame/POE/Diablo 2/And many more.I have various achievement like 230ap lvl 61 in BDO before it was easy, Rank top 5 in diablo 3 seasons, Various lvl 60's in WoW Classic(5+ sold, 1 mage for my own use) Lvl 95+ in HC POE Challenge League, and many more.Now I want to use my experience to help you reach your goals! We will communicate over Skype or Discord so we can plan how I will spend my time on your account or on a new account. I can grind reputation, obtain great items, level up, or anything. Just tell me what you need, and leave the rest to me!

    I won't waste a second of your time! Once you pay me, it is my goal to maximize the value of your purchase. I'll ask you a few questions, then I'll immediately begin to start progressing your account!

    We offer the highest level of dedication, communication, and delivery. You will be pleased!

    We always use VPN appropriately.

    Always offering the Highest Quality at the Best Prices!

    streaming requires further negotiation

    Daily | Weekly | Monthly Prices- 12 hours per day, include or disclude weekends at your leisure.

    $40 per 12 hour session, going for whatever goal you need. Leveling, Increasing Wealth, Quests, Honor, Items, you name it! BlastOffBoost has the decades of gaming experience to get the task done!
    Discounts increase with bigger packages!!

    - - From $3.33/h(Daily Full Grind) to $2.77/h(Monthly Full Grind) - -
    Daily full grind =$40
    Weekly No Weekends grind(5 days) = $190($10 discount!)
    Weekly full grind(7 days)=$260($20 discount!)
    Monthly No Weekends grind(22 days) = $820 ($60 discount!) - Good Value! -
    Monthly full grind(30 days) = $1,000 ($200 discount!) - Best Value! -
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Lvl 1-60 BLASTOFF Package(<14 days) = $500
    All characters KEEP EVERYTHING they find while we are controlling them. We NEVER sell gold or items from your account, or engage in any other account compromising behavior.
    - Professions -
    Epic Mount:$200 - Way cheaper than Big Sellers.
    Additional Services: Negotiable

    BIG Discounts for returning customers!!!
    1st return - 10% off! That's up to $100 off instantly!
    2nd return - 15% off! That's up to $150 off instantly!
    3rd return - 20% off! That's up to $200 off instantly! -
    That's $800 Only! For 360 hours of Progress on your account/character! Imagine what you could have with a highly skilled player spending 360 hours on your account!
    4th return - VIP Status. Permanent 20% discount unlocked. Revered and Dependable Partner. High Priority. Special Offers!

    BlastOffBoost highly values it's returning customers, which is why we give them huge discounts and special treatment!!

    - - If you have a special request, let me know! If the price is right, it can be done! - -

    Please be aware, this may involve account share. Or we can make a new account at your request if you want to start a new one. BlastOffBoost always uses VPN responsibly.

    Contact Us:
    Skype: Stank Diglett
    Discord: ReddRewka#9850

    Last edited by ReddRewka; 12-07-2019 at 08:32 PM.

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