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    WoW Account Created 2005 - 20K achv pts / +1.8 Million Gold / 8 lvl 50 Horde toons

    Account includes:
    - 8 level 50 (120) characters. 6 with Legendary cloak
    - Unused 48 (110) level boost
    - Unused 50 (120) level boost
    - BFA flying unlocked

    - 318 account mounts
    - 545 total pets, 355 unique pets (75 @ lvl 25)

    - Shadowlands Epic Edition purchased and included on account
    - Original owner, fully clean account, active since 2005
    - Destiny 2 included on account

    - 20,015 achievement points
    - Over 1.8 Million Gold
    - Bank toons with millions in unsold AH inventory

    - Vanilla PvP titles, achievements, and no longer available in game items
    - Variety of professions across all characters (maxed BFA engineering, mining, cooking)

    50 Zandalari Troll Hunter (Legendary Cloak)
    50 Tauren Shaman (Legendary Cloak)
    50 Troll Priest (Legendary Cloak)
    50 Orc DK (Legendary Cloak)
    50 Pandaren Monk (Legendary Cloak)
    50 Troll Mage (Legendary Cloak)
    50 Orc Warlock
    50 Blood Elf Demon Hunter
    37 Tauren Warrior
    36 Troll Druid
    Many others of varying levels

    120 lvl | 448 ilvl Hunter - Safe Armory

    Mounts: 318 account mounts
    Including 12 Blizzard store mounts, Rustbolt Resistor (500k gold), Reins of the Violet Proto Drake (12 month process, all seasonal achvs), Ashes of Al'ar, Big Love Rocket, Midnight, all engineering mounts, Jeweled Onyx Panther and each panther color made twice so usable as a mount, Marsh Hopper (500k gold), Light Forged Warframe (500k gold) many others can be found in link above

    Titles: Including Salty (won the Stranglethorn fishing tourny across all server realms), original Vanilla PvP titles (Centurion, Senior Sargent, Grunt, Scout, others) no longer in game over 10 years ago, Defilers End, more can be found in link above

    Pets: 545 total pets, 355 unique pets (75 @ level 25) Everliving Spore (300k plus on AH), Spirit of Competition (available only during the Beijing 2008 Olympics), Alarm-O-Dog x2 (200k plus on AH), Leper Rat, Fox Kit x2, more in link above

    Asking $1,295 OBO- payment accepted through PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, middleman option.
    PST to discuss or for any further details.
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