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    Eranikus Ret Paladin GEARED in both PvE and PvP, 4k Gear Score

    Good day!

    I am selling my Account in Eranikus NA Wotlk Fresh Server

    It is a Retribution Paladin with the following details:

    PvP (click link to view gears)
    eightyupgrades. com/set/kQ6Fwyu34cxxA4deKXSCQP(just remove the space lol)
    -3900+ Gear Score
    -Armageddon 213 2h Wep from naxx 25
    -Full honor gears
    -1600 Arena Points for you to buy any gear you like
    -75000 Honor points if you want to roll holy or prot you can easily do so
    -1100+ rating in 2s and 3s
    -Belongs to a PvP/PvE semi hardcore guild so you can enjoy both worlds (they havent heard my voice so its easy for you to claim it as your own)

    PvE (click link to view gears)
    eightyupgrades. com/set/3Lc62jVkta3NLcfYVhDnQe(just remove the space again haha)
    -4000+ Gear Score
    -Armageddon 213 2h Wep from naxx 25
    -Naxx 25 and 10 achieve, together with OS 10 and 25, and VOA (you can join any raid and content)
    -With a dedicated semi hardcore guild(I dont use mic I told them Its broken so you can have a home for yourself)
    -Has 82 Valor Points if you want to buy any gear
    -Top 3 in DPS despite ret pal being low tier DPS in Phase 1 WOTLK

    General Details
    -Max Inscription (easy gold farm for you)
    -Max Herbalism
    -Epic Flyer
    -Dual Spec
    -Comes with original email, US Account
    -Fake Bnet Name
    -Has Game Time

    Comes with a level 70 DK in Skyfury (Most popular Fresh NA Server that is Locked, meaning you can play there if you want to because of the char), it also has max inscription.

    I can also provide any amount of gold you prefer

    If you're interested, contact me through

    Discord: SpencerT#1470

    Payment Method is Paypal/Crypto
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