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    Selling One of the wealthiest Accounts on all of WoW - US Alliance

    Hey guys! I’m considering quitting world of Warcraft. I understand I’m brand new to OwnedCore but I’m willing to do whatever to show proof and prove authenticity. Any advice is greatly appreciated as I am pretty new to this.

    I am aware of all scams. I’m not dumb so don’t try. You’re only going to waste both of our time.

    I am selling my account because the upkeep is overwhelming and life is short. I want to use the money to invest in something else.

    The account has 20,000 items valued at a total of 650 Million gold according to TheUnderMineJournal. The wealth is on the top 10 populated realms for US realms. Those realms are: Stormrage, Illidan, Sargeras, Area 52, Proudmoore, Thrall, Tichondrius, Dalaran, Ragnaros, and Zul’jin. As stated above, these toons are all Alliance. I have a few 110 toons that got a free boost but I pretty much have 10 total toons, 1 on each server. All of these toons are leve 1 basically. In other words, I only ever played the AH. If you are looking for an account with high level toons, great gear, tons of achievements, this is not the account for you. This account was strictly for playing the AH.

    The reason I am considering selling is because I don’t actually believe someone would pay so much for an account or even be interested in this type of account. Gold sells for about $50 per million roughly. If this 650 million was in pure gold, it would be worth about $32,500. Due to it being in items, Gold buyers won’t buy it. But I’ll also be willing to sell for less because of the wealth being in items.

    All 10 characters can be realm transferred to the realm of your choice if you actually wanted 650 million on a single realm xD. I am willing to take a plane to meet up for a sale if necessary. I want to sell my account because I feel like it will be much less work and much less suspicious to Blizzard if you just take over my position.

    I have played WoW for 8 years. I created the account and have been the only owner of the account. The account has never been in trouble with Blizzard. I just play the AH so I don’t even hardly have friends let alone talk to anyone. Items consist of mounts, pets, toys, gear, and unobtainables. Some mats as well but not many.

    I am givingthis a shot. If anyone has any questions, comments, suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Everything can be verified.

    Selling One of the wealthiest Accounts on all of WoW - US Alliance

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