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    *HIGH END* 892 Rogue / 4 Legendaries / All 54 Traits / "The Dreamer" / 500k / More!

    SOLD 1/19/17


    892 Rogue Armory: Level 110 Blood Elf Rogue | WoW World of Warcraft Armory Profiles | Masked Armory

    4 Legendaries:

    Greenskin's Waterlogged Wristcuffs
    Cinidaria, the Symbiote
    Sephuz's Secret
    Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus

    Outlaw Spec:

    Overall Item Level: 892
    Weapon Item Level: 906
    AP Level: 54 (MAX)
    AK Level: 25
    All 4 Thunderfury Hidden Artifact Color Variants Unlocked!


    7/7M EN
    2/3M ToV
    "Exalted" - All Legion Factions
    Nighthold ready!

    Notable Titles:

    "The Dreamer" - Mythic Xavius

    Notable Items:

    Millions of stockpiled AP in the bank. Enough to easily boost another spec.
    49 "Coin of Many Faces" (5k-20k value each on the Auction House)
    500k liquid gold and well over 2M in unsold assets.
    Ensemble: Garb of the Chosen Dead - Heroic Variant (magenta/green) (RARE)
    Ensemble: Garb of the Chosen Dead - Normal Variant (blue/silver)

    Character can be transferred off the master account to a spare account created by the buyer for added security.



    100% RECALL FREE!*

    *Note: If purchased individually, I will cover the transfer fee to a new account but the buyer must supply the new account.

    Anyone who buys this character will be 100% satisfied guaranteed. Some account-bound features such as mounts and appearances (aside from PvP related mounts and achievements) will not carry over into the new account.

    These are just a few of the highlights on the account, but there are many more. Anybody interested in this character is free to shoot me a PM here or add me on Skype by clicking the hyperlink. I'm available most hours of the day to chat and answer questions. If you are interested but unrepped on any forums or website, be prepared to bend over backwards to earn my trust. That includes but is not limited to going first with the transaction.

    I am the most reputable US account salesman on OwnedCore right now. I have 100% positive feedback on OwnedCore, and multiple users here and elsewhere can vouch for my legitimacy. I am willing to show this character in-game to reputable members only, and I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any or no reason.

    Characters transferred to new accounts are nonrefundable. The buyer is responsible for setting up the account with their own information. The character transfer will be authorized by me personally. Blizzard does not reverse authorized character transfers under any circumstance, so a recall is not in the realm of possibilities.

    Click the hyperlink below to add me on Skype:

    If the button does not work, please send me a PM with your contact information. Do not leave it in this thread.

    Originally Posted by tnemlec View Post
    Bought the warrior, extremely helpful, fast and helped with name change all done within an hour, pretty unbelievable! Legit guy!
    Originally Posted by Why Prtm View Post
    Sold to me! This is my 2nd purchased with him. Always smooth and great person!
    Originally Posted by Windiestyles View Post
    Bought this from him. Great customer service 10/10 worked with me for about 2 days getting everything sorted etc. Will definitely buy from him again if he has something I want. Thanks for the quick and easy sale man, appreciate it!
    Originally Posted by quicksr20 View Post
    Thanks again for the Pally! I really appreciate how smooth things went. I will have no problem buying more from you in the future. Thanks again!!
    Originally Posted by 4evergam3r View Post
    Bought from Cobracarry. It was a nice easy process. Will definitely buy from them again.
    Originally Posted by Talaras View Post
    Purchased one character. Cobracarry went above and beyond as we worked together, assisting me at every step. Was upfront about everything, didn't try to swindle and was a quality individual. Will definitely buy from them again and would encourage anyone on the fence.
    Originally Posted by ajofcn View Post
    Purchased account, excellent seller, painless and helpful, would recommend
    Originally Posted by Hapiguy View Post
    Purchased 600k from cobracarry. Trade was flawless, delivery was nearly instant, A+++++ Best gold buying experience I've had from this site yet, and the price was CHEAP!!! Would absolutely recommend him to any buyers. Thank you!
    Originally Posted by j3wish View Post
    Just bought this hunter, overall process went smoother than I would've expected. +1, would buy from again.
    Originally Posted by Why Prtm View Post
    done whitin a minutes!
    thx man! great acc!
    Originally Posted by bouser11 View Post
    just bought the druid from cobracarry. Nice guy, trustable, and legit seller. no issues whatsoever.
    Originally Posted by Sinane View Post
    Bought from him just now. Cobra's a very professional seller and everything went extremely well.
    Originally Posted by jessec View Post
    great fast seller! very trustworthy!!!!!!
    Originally Posted by Brennen Scott Boswell View Post
    Purchased shell this guy is legit. A plus service
    Originally Posted by Neverland82 View Post
    Great seller, easy transaction and very helpful guy!

    If I ever need anything along these lines again will definitely be back.

    Highly recommend
    Originally Posted by Bobbaloo View Post
    Thanks, quick, easy, and honest.
    Originally Posted by yvesmps View Post
    Bought the Priest

    Price is great -★★★★★
    Product as it was described -★★★★★
    Transaction was smooth-★★★★★

    Thank you and will buy more in he future. 
    Originally Posted by Hapiguy View Post
    As always, A +++++++ seller!!
    Thanks man!
    Will definitely have some fun with the account
    Originally Posted by Leopardly View Post
    Account purchases typically require a great deal of effort, more so than a simple gold purchase, in order for them to be completed successfully for both the buyer and the seller. With that in mind, choosing who you purchase an account from is just as important as picking the account that you want. Taking that into account, there isn't a single doubt in my mind that Charax is the cream of the crop when it comes to these tricky transactions.

    The customer service he provided went above and beyond the call of duty in every sense of the phrase. Not only am I extremely satisfied with the account, but I will personally never purchase an account from any one other than Charax.

    The internet affords us a certain level of anonimity from one another however when you're dealing with a genuinely good person it makes the purchasing experience that much more enjoyable.

    If you're looking to purchase from a genuine seller who will walk you through each step of the process then Charax is your guy. Period.
    Originally Posted by gnasty11 View Post
    Great seller, great, communication, fast and easy.
    Highly recommended.
    Originally Posted by fazeboo69 View Post
    Great seller got me my account instantly
    Originally Posted by Pilch View Post
    Finished trade for this shaman. Quick and easy.
    Appreciate the trade, thanks heaps
    Originally Posted by Dynx View Post
    Super helpful and no nonsense. Did exactly what I needed quickly and efficiently, and has been one of the only people to be able to offer the service I was looking for. Would recommend to anyone.
    Originally Posted by genis09 View Post
    Was legit and easy to work with -- great transaction! I would recommend anyone trying to get rid of a wow account to contact him.
    Originally Posted by jbanana View Post
    Legit, Fast and straight forward! Would deal with again in future thanks a bunch
    Originally Posted by Tuiiut View Post
    I Bought it..
    Fast and Nice Seller A+++

    I'll buy from him again.
    Originally Posted by yvesmps View Post
    BOUGHT High End 110 Warlock/ MoP CM / Elite S9, S10, S13, S16, S18 / Wrathful Gladiator /

    Thank you for the smooth transaction and reserving the toon for me. trustworthy. I highly recommend Cobracarry.
    Originally Posted by TheSpark View Post
    Talking to him now. Very professional and courteous!
    Originally Posted by Suwoopn View Post
    Legit and awesome seller. Smoothest transaction ever!
    Originally Posted by clyus View Post
    Purchased from Charax - fast and responsive. Great seller +1
    Originally Posted by slamfist View Post
    Purchased, always a pleasure doing buisness with this seller!
    Originally Posted by swebka1211 View Post
    Just bought the Warlock and the Shaman and omg he was fantastic very quick and easy he explained everything to me! i would highly recommend you guys add him and see for yourself 10/10
    Originally Posted by theprojekt View Post
    Fantastic guy. Let me know asap when an account came through that I wanted, and sold it to me after showing me proof of what I asked for. Completely legit, you won't find a nicer guy out there. Thanks again!
    Originally Posted by mastersnipe12 View Post
    Have brought account from charax, really great to talk to, know's his business and a general all round great seller! RECOMMENDED FOR FUTURE SALES AND ALL OTHER POTENTIAL BUYERS! A+++
    Originally Posted by Thunderlips View Post
    First time I bought from him. Was easy and very quick. Will be hitting him up in the near future i'm sure. :gusta:
    Originally Posted by Leopardly View Post
    Purchased. The seller was not only incredibly helpful in navigating me through the purchasing process but also very straightforward about the costs involved as well as the amount of time I should be expected to wait before everything finalizes. Needless to say it was done faster and even better than expected and the account is a beauty. Thanks again.
    Originally Posted by Ramified View Post
    Just bought the priest, and it was my first time ever, Charax guided me through everything really well, and the sale was quick and easy. Absolutely 100% recommend, and I'll be buying from him in the future for sure!
    Originally Posted by Suwoopn View Post
    Flawless transaction, Charax is one of the best!! Can't wait to deal with again
    Originally Posted by c4run View Post
    Just got an account from him. Very nice guy and easy to work with. Clean and smooth transaction and help. Would def buy from him again if i needed to. +10
    Originally Posted by Tocsin View Post
    Bought account..everything as stated. was patient with me..a big plus in my book. will use again if the need ever comes up.
    Originally Posted by raei View Post
    great service, i would highly recommend!
    Originally Posted by BoobTaco View Post
    I just bought the paladin, this guy is AMAZING and really trustworthy I felt safe every step of the way and the process was very quick ++rep!
    Originally Posted by druidtank1 View Post
    Bought my account, went smooth and fast. Walked me through everything. Fast payment. Will do business with him again! Highly recommended
    Originally Posted by Lfdruid View Post
    Really great seller! Walked me through every step of the way, was very daunting but Charax made it smooth and easy. Thank you very much again!
    Originally Posted by koawinter View Post
    Really quick and fantastic to work with.
    Originally Posted by virsta View Post
    great seller / buyer Transaction went smooth. Could not have asked for a better service. Would do it again. 10/10
    Originally Posted by dodgerblues90 View Post
    Super cool dude, very easy to work with. Fast and efficient, would highly recommend for anyone looking to sell or purchase an account. A+
    Originally Posted by idenmamiri View Post
    Amazing guy. Super reliable and helpful. Middle manned for me and a seller and he walked us through the whole thing. Super trustworthy!
    Originally Posted by fitzvii View Post
    Charax helped me navigate the sale of my WoW account. He made an offer, but I ended up going with someone else and he ended up being our MM. He was professional, courteous, and very helpful. I definitely recommend him.
    Originally Posted by Ramified View Post
    Charax never fails to disappoint, he provides absolutely amazing customer service, amazing products, and is helpful the whole way through. Whether buying or selling, I won't ever look any further than him!
    Originally Posted by damnshade View Post
    recommended seller, transaction went real smooth with him
    Originally Posted by fredalbob View Post
    Speaking with now... Will update.

    Update: Was friendly and professional. Sold character for a good price.
    Would highly recommend to anyone looking to buy or sell.
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    Status: Trade
    got 2nd transaction with him and again, it went real smooth,
    I hope this will bring joy to both of us.

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