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    Top End Accounts - R1s, Realm Firsts, Unobtainables and More - Over $10,000 to spend!

    Hey guys,

    I'm looking to buy amazing WoW accounts. Not average accounts, but really special ones. Only interested in US accounts at the moment.

    Yes, We'll be reselling them, but I'll outline why you should sell to me as opposed to other websites throughout this post.

    If it's really nice I may keep it for myself though

    What I'm After:

    • Rank 1 / Multi Rank 1 / Multi Gladiator Characters - MUST HAVE MOUNTS/TITLES, not interested in just having FoS from an old character.
    • Scarab Lord
    • Corrupted Ashbringer
    • Atiesh
    • 4+ Realm Firsts
    • 18k+ Achievement Points
    • 200+ Mounts
    • 9/9 T3 and other Naxx 40 Gear
    • TWINKS with RARE/UNOBTAINABLE Gear - This is a big one. Full T3/Legendaries/Naxx40/ZG/R10+ Vanilla Titles on 60s, R1s/Glad/BiS on 70s.
    • Accounts with the "Big Two" - Invincible and Mim's Head.
    • Any other insane Vanity or Collectability you may have.
    • Level isn't important, and Item Level at 90 is only an added bonus.


    Here are some highlights from the accounts we've sold in 2014. These aren't all of them, but they will give you an idea of what we're after.

    90 Warrior - 9/9 T3 w/ Naxx Weps, Realm Firsts, Multi Glad, Multi Hero, Original R12, 19k+ Ach, 120+ Feats, Invincible, Mim's, White Warhorse, Pureblood, Handmaiden, 579 Item Level

    60 Paladin - Multiple T3 Sets, BiS Ret, Corrupted Ashbringer, Every Wieldable Naxx 40 Weapon, Field Marshal, Old School Ride, 110,000 HKs

    90 Paladin - 2x R1, 7x Glad, 2x Hero, Every Elite PvP Set, 581 PvE Ret Item Level

    90 Warlock - 2x R1, Tyrannical Hero, S13/S14 Elite, 4/9 T3

    70 Rogue - 9/9 T3, BiS 70 Set, Kingsfall, R1 Merciless and R1 Brutal, Swift Spectral, Amani War Bear

    90 Monk - Every Cutting Edge, 588 Brewmaster Item Level, Grievous Gladiator's Cloud Serpent

    90 Hunter - Realm Firsts, All Cutting Edge's, Undying, Immortal, Arena Master, 584 Item Level

    Why Us?:

    Good question.

    1. Been in the RMT market for WoW since BC.
    2. We're all active, top end WoW, Hearthstone and/or LoL players. We know what we're talking about.
    3. We are a registered business who doesn't advertise. Our customers are mainly through word of mouth from previous customers. You'll never see an advertisement for us anywhere. Your account won't be widely known to be 'that account from that website' - great for you and the buyer.
    4. Trusted OC Member.
    5. We buy upfront - not on a commission basis.
    6. Excellent payout - We generally only sell for 25% more than what we pay.
    7. We buy quality, not quantity.
    8. Choose your buyer if you wish.
    9. We have an extensive network of buyers with lots of money to spend for the right accounts, which means we can pay you more.
    10. In addition, we have some amazing industry contacts in every facet of not only WoW, but most popular MMOs and MOBAs. Want to trade your account for carries? Gold? Mounts? Another account on another game? We can probably arrange this for you.

    As A Seller

    What we need from you:

    • All CD Keys to be posted in the mail - postage costs are covered by us.
    • Two forms of ID - Passport/Driver's Licence will do in most cases.
    • Current and any previous SQAs.
    • Verified PayPal account that matches Account Name
    • Willing to sign a contract, and therefore an adult in your country of residence.
    • Serious about selling and never recalling. We will make sure you never get your account back after we buy it. Out of the 153 accounts we've sold, one has been recalled in 2011, and it took him close to a year to get it back, and it ended up getting banned days later.

    What we'll give to you:

    • An amazing price - Many people who have sold us accounts have mentioned we've offered hundreds of dollars more than other sellers.
    • A good home to your account - You're more than welcome to have a chat with potential account buyers to see if they're someone you want carrying on the legacy of your account.
    • Peace of Mind - Know once you receive the money, the buyer won't take it back.
    • Account Swap - We're happy to swap your account for another account in our possession instead of cash, if you meet all the necessary criteria.


    PM me with account details/masked armory and for contact information.

    Feel free to PM me if you're just after a chat or have questions about account selling, buying or RMT in general too!

    Since we are a registered business, all contact will be done through the appropriate channels for purchases.

    Top End Accounts - R1s, Realm Firsts, Unobtainables and More - Over ,000 to spend!
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    post contacting

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