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    Lvl 90 Blood Elf Ret Paladin - with Challenge mode transmog set. Fully geared currently Prideful/Grevious gear. Other nearly completed sets such as Judgment set, Wrathful set.
    Lvl 90 Human Hunter - Fully geared currently as well Prideful/Grevious gear.

    90 DK and 90 Warrior also included.

    As for the main attractions of the accounts:
    Pally has Shadowmourne legendary
    Hunter has Thori Dal legendary
    Monk (83) has 1 Warglaive legendary
    Pally only missing 1 Binding - has everything else for Thunderfury

    As an avid mount collector this acc contains many amazing mounts including - Ashes of Al'ar, Blazing Hippogrpyh (worth 200k!), Blue Proto-Drake, Crimson Deathcharger, Onyxian Drake! Mechanno Hog, Raven Lord, Rivendares Deathcharger, Vitreous Stone Drake, Zhevra, Grand Black War Mammoth and more.

    Basically a very good current PvP Acc with the bonus incentives of having some legendaries, some near legendaries and some awesome mounts too.

    Contains Diablo 3, Hearthstone, and already upgraded to WoD. Hearthstone (have 7 legendaries and 2 very good decks).

    If interested please add me on skype: nor_torrious

    I am the OO of this acc and have had no problems with it for 5 years now. Thanks

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