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    World of Warcraft Account with 90 Mage/Death Knight and various other 85s + Mim Head

    I am interested in selling a World of Warcraft account with a 90 Mage, 90 Death Knight, 85 Paladin, 85 Druid, 85 Warrior, and 85 Shaman on the US server Stormrage. There is also a 70 Rogue, 80 Priest, and 80 Death Knight on US-Skywall.

    I am the original account owner; I have owned the account since April of 2005 and it has never changed hands.

    The account also comes with a Diablo 3 license as well as 4 max-level characters - Barbarian, Monk, Wizard, and Demon Hunter. They are stripped of gear and gold, however, which I sold on the RMAH.

    The account also comes with a Starcraft 2 license as well as the upcoming Heart of the Swarm expansion, which I hope to beat (single-player campaign) before I find an interested buyer and make this transaction.

    As for the World of Warcraft account, none of the characters have any noteworthy gear as I barely played the current expansion, Mists of Pandaria, before I became disinterested in the game. I do not have any legendaries or noteworthy PvP titles/ratings. I was part of several decent raiding guilds in Wrath of the Lich King (barely top 100 US ranking) and as such I was able to obtain some rare titles and mounts, most notably one realm first title (the Celestial Defender) and one extremely rare mount (Mimiron's Head from Yogg Zero). I also have 3 of the original Amani Warbears and 11165 achievement points. As for gold, there is only about 5k or so on the account.

    The account has been inactive for several months now, so, depending on the interest I receive, I will reactivate it to provide new and current screenshots as needed. Currently I have only a few outdated screenshots that I can provide. I can also provide you with names of active guilds I have been in on my current server should you wish to follow up on my reputation.

    If you are interested send me an email at this address: [email protected], and I can provide further information and screenshots on request. I am not asking for a lot, I really just want to get rid of the account and get something out of it. Looking to sell for around $200; price is negotiable; looking to deal via PayPal. If there is no legitimate interest by the time I'm done with Heart of the Swarm (probably middle of March), I am going to sell to a former guild-mate for $100.

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