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    85 Pally/Mage for Any 85 on US-Mannoroth

    I'm here today trying to trade my 85 Paladin and Mage Account. The paladin is the main, and has 525 Archaeology, which is a time consuming profession, so that means less work for you! Awesome collection of mounts, great alts to play, over all great account! Keep reading on.

    Level 85 Horde Male Blood Elf Paladin
    Retribution (3 / 2 / 36)
    Protection (3 / 36 / 2)

    Gearscore: 8256
    Achievements: 1960

    Gold: 1000
    Honor Points: Various Amount
    Justice Points: Various Amount
    Notable Pets: Archaeology Fossil Raptor
    Other cool stuff: Archaeology Fossilized Raptor Mount, Archaeology Title, Lot\'s of unlocked heiroglyphics from Archeology, 50 Mounts, Albino Drake, Lots of Alts to play, RIDING CAMELS!
    WoW Armory: Armory Profile - | AskKuz

    Noteworthy Titles:
    Assistant Professor
    of the Nightfall
    the Patient

    Noteworthy Mounts:
    Albino Drake
    Bronze Drake

    Level 85 Horde Male Blood Elf Mage
    Fire (0 / 31 / 10)
    Frost (7 / 2 / 32)

    Gearscore: 7330
    Achievements: 810

    Honor Points: Various Amount
    Justice Points: Various Amount
    Other cool stuff: Some bloodthirsty gear, great char to work on, ready for heroics, couple 359 epics

    If you want more information on the account follow the link. This was when Dr.Doom was selling the account:

    Aim: cupnoodle1337 ( online constantly )
    email: [email protected] ( checked weekly )
    PM Me too. Leave a comment below!

    Xfer Compensation:
    I wouldn't mind giving you two months of prepaid time on this account if you are interested in trading. That is if you are actually paying to xfer YOUR 85 to US-Mannoroth. Once again if you are interested contact my aim, we can always negotiate. Or if you want to xfer one of my 85s in exchange for 2 months of WoW I would be up for that.
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    85 Pally/Mage for Any 85 on US-Mannoroth

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