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    [Classic] Corrupted Ashbringer | T3 Dreadnaught & Bonescythe | Amani War Bear | Multi 80 | Cataclysm

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    Numeric Discord ID: 245981634187231232

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    Account Details

    Region: United States
    Servers: North America
    Currency: USD


    Level 80 Tauren Warrior

    Level 80 Human Rogue

    Level 80 Human Paladin

    Level 80 Dwarf Death Knight

    Rare Items & Transmog:

    Corrupted Ashbringer
    7/9 T3 Dreadnaught Set (Helm, Shoulders, Belt, Wrists, Legs, Boots, Ring)
    9/9 T3 Bonescythe Set (Helm, Shoulders, Chest, Gloves, Belt, Wrists, Legs, Boots, Ring)
    Shadow's Edge
    The Plague Bearer
    Aegis of Damnation
    Quel'delar, Might of the Faithful
    Aesir's Edge
    Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds
    Ashland, Greatsword of the Brotherhood
    High Warlord's Greatsword
    Claymore of Ancient Power
    Brutal Gladiator's Greatsword
    Warbled of the Hakkari
    The Facelifter
    Maladath, Runed Blade of the Black Flight
    Iblis, Blade of the Fallen Seraph
    Zulian Slicer
    Butcher's Slicer
    Blades of the Sable Cross
    Serpentine Shurkien
    Airlock's Grasp
    Kel'Thuzad's Reach
    Thekal's Grasp
    Jindo's Judgement
    Jin'do's Hexxer
    Zulian Scepter of Rites
    Misplaced Servo Arm
    The Castigator
    Ancient Amani Longbow
    Mandokir's Sting
    Ramaladni's Blade of Culling
    Death's Bite
    Zulian Stone Axe
    Ancient Hakkari Manslayer
    Zulian Hacker of Strength

    And many more items in storage ready for transmog in Cata Classic!

    Rare Tabards:

    Tabard of the Protector
    Frostwolf Battle Tabard
    Warsong Battle Tabard
    Competitor's Tabard
    Tabard of the Argent Dawn

    Rare Titles:

    Death Knight:

    Champion of the Naaru
    the Explorer
    Twilight Vanquisher
    the Argent Champion
    Guardian of Cenarius
    of the Nightfall
    the Patient
    the Kingslyer
    of the Ashen Verdict


    Champion of the Naaru
    of the Shattered Sun
    hand of A'dal
    the Explorer
    the Diplomat
    of Gnomeregan
    Twilight Vanquisher
    Champion of the Frozen Wastes
    the Argent Chamoion
    Guardian of Cenarius
    the Love Fool
    the Undying
    of the Exodar
    of Darnassus
    of Ironforge
    of Stromwind
    the Patient

    Rare Mounts:

    Amani War Bear
    Avatar of Flame
    Sea Turtle
    Swift White Hawkstrider
    Great Briefest Kodo
    Centurion War Hippogryph
    Azure Netherwing Drake
    Onyx Netherwing Drake
    Veridian Netherwing Drake
    Cobalt Netherwing Drake
    Violet Netherwing Drake

    Rare Achievements:

    Proof of Demise
    Ahead of the Curve: Yogg Saron
    The Fifth Element
    Onyx's Lair (Level 60)
    Champion of the Naaru
    Tabard of the Protector
    A Brew-FAST Mount
    Amani War Bear
    Swift White Hawkstrider
    Why? Because It's Red

    AccountShark has purchased this account from the Original Owner or an equivalent. The account has been thoroughly reviewed prior to listing and was found absent of any extensive risk. It is under our direct control and ready for immediate delivery. A game time purchase or subscription may be required to play.

    Payment Methods: Zelle, CashApp, Venmo, CryptoCurrency, Bank Wire (International)
    You may buy this account directly on our website or through this forum at your own expense.


    Why Choose AccountShark?

    - Thousands of successful sales.
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    - Well-known name among the world’s top players & streamers.

    ⚠️ Your satisfaction is our top priority. If you have any questions or concerns about our services, please drop me a message I will address them.

    [Classic] Corrupted Ashbringer | T3 Dreadnaught & Bonescythe | Amani War Bear | Multi 80 | Cataclysm

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