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    Selling Apollo 2 Account or characters with gold and stars

    Selling my whole account or only specific characters if you are interested. Prefer to sell it whole as a bundle with a discount
    Account includes 100k gold + 300k gold worth of items in bank, aswell guildmaster of highly populater guild which earns gold passively (5k per week)
    Some stars on account.

    Characters included:
    Warrior Human, Arms 394 (3 set), Prot 385, PvP 399, Full Blacksmithing and Jewelcrafting
    Warlock Human, PvE 398 (4 set), some PvP items in bag, Full Tailoring and Enchanting
    Shaman Drainei, Resto PvE 388, Enhancement 381, some PvP items in bag, Full Inscription (almost all glyphs) and Alchemy (Transmute Master)
    Hunter Human, PvE 391 (4 set), some PvP items in bag, Full Leatherworking and Skinning
    Mage Human, PvE 380, got Celestial Steed and Black Proto-Drake, Full Tailoring and Enchanting
    Paladin Human, Retri PvE 394 (4 set) with Gurth, Retri PvP full Cataclysmic with full Epic Gems, Prot 385, Full Jewelcrafting and Mining
    Druid Night Elf, Resto PvE 392 (4 set), Balance 391 (2 set), Feral Tank 384, Feral PvP 376, Full Inscription
    Priest Human, PvE (Disco, Holy) 397 (4 set), PvP 388, Full Inscription and Alchemy (Elixir Master)
    Druid Night Elf, Feral Tank 381, Full Inscription and Herbalism
    Rogue Human, PvP 382
    Warrior Human, PvP 388
    Mage Human, PvP 380

    For more info add me on Discord: Pero#0739
    Skrill payment prefered

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