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    5.1k GS Ret Paladin with Black Qiraji Resonating Crystal - Warmane, Lordaeron

    5.1k Gearscore, Retribution Paladin with Black Qiraji Resonating Crystal mount (scarab lord mount), and Glory of the Hero (Red-Proto Drake mount).
    I created this account on October 5th, 2015. It is a very old account. Other notable character is a 69 undead rogue. The paladin has epic flying of course, 922g on hand and Quel'delar as a weapon, worth roughly 13k gold just for the weapon. The scarab lord mount is extremely rare, one of few on the server, only attainable by winning the lottery. 37 days played. 4885 Achievement points.
    Other information:
    21 Exalted Reputations
    6 Titles
    450 Engineering/450 Mining.
    2182 HK's.
    58 mounts to choose from, but why use anything but the Black Qiraji Tank?
    Has beautiful transmog, including T6 Helm/Shoulders.
    20,20,20,22 slot bags.


    Account status: In good standing
    Donation rank: Honored
    Activity rank: Ambassador
    Community rank: Patriot

    If you are serious and interested in buying this account, send me a message on Discord - Willey411#4516

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