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    Warmane Warrior/Hunter/Feral/Ret Accounts 6,3-6,8 GS

    Hello guys, i want to get rid of my Warmane Icecrown accounts.
    Just an info before i list up the accounts+characters i got.
    All accounts are in good standing, with many points on it, were never conflicted in botting/accountsharing/no bans etc.

    The accounts will be handed out with the original email, which was used in the creation of the account+the email password.

    • Account 1 - 120€
      Human Warrior 6,743GS almost bis pvp, just missing 2 items (wrathful hands, legs but they are easy to obtain via Archavon or with the arenapoints i got)
      Shadowmourne, DW, SFT, Tosks, Penumbra, Coldwraith, Apocalypse, Frostbrood, Fal Inrush + head shoulder chest wrathful
      The character also got about 2500 arenapoints, LoD+Bane, Engineering+Jewelcrafting max
      Mounts: red protodrake+brown bear

    • Account 2 - 70€
      Nightelf Hunter 6483GS missing 3 items for bis gear (legs glove and ring) its full pve character
      Tailoring+Engineering max, Swift zulian tiger, s3 gladiator netherdrake and LoD

    • Account 3 - 60€
      Nightelf Feral Druid 6512 GS, almost bis geared, just missing bracers+neck for bis, its only normal 10 and 25 Kingslayer
      full pve character, Blacksmith, Leatherworking, Cooking and Fishing max skill
      also got 2x normal settokens and 1x HC settoken left+ 5,8k boomy gear

    • Account 4 - 50€
      Draenei Hunter 6295 GS 3/5 277 HC, hc weapons, hc trinkets...
      Engineering+Skinning + Cooking max, S3 netherdrake, normal 10/25 Kingslayer only
      full pve character

    • Account 5 - 20€
      6080 Human Ret Paladin, hc glorenzelg, deaths verdict, shadowvault cloak, skeleton ring, blacksmith, mining cooking first aid max
      nothing more special to mention

    Add me on Discord: remo#9555 for more info, screenshots, proof and prices etc.
    Accepting Paypal
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