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    [warmane-frostmourne] | wts alliance retri paladin pvp 4.4k gs

    Character specifications:

    - Human Retri Paladin
    - 2Hand weapon: Ironsoul (Ulduar, 219ilvl)
    - x5 Furious items (s6 226 ilvl)
    - x7 Deadly items (s5 213ilvl)
    - x1 Hateful items (s5 200ilvl)
    - x1 Titan-Forged item (winter 213ilvl) valued: x40 Winter Marks
    - BiS gems and enchants (valued at some thousands gold)
    - Hit capped to PvP
    - 1.000 arena points
    - 900-1.000 resillence (depends trinket equiped)
    - A lot of PvP archievements
    - More than 15.000 honorable kills
    - More than 200 arenas won
    - Alliance Tabard. Valued 20k honor
    - Alliance PvP Tiger. Valued 50k Honor
    - Two handed maces and swords skilled to 400 (for human racial)
    - x4 Scroll of Deception (transfiguration scroll)
    - x4 PvP trinkets:
    Anvil of Titans (200ilvl) valued: x25 Winter Marks
    Platinum Disks of Battle (213ilvl) valued: x25 Winter Marks
    Darkmoon Card: Greatness (200ilvl) valued: 12k-15k gold
    Darkmoon Card: Death (200ilvl) valued 2k-3k gold
    - Best professions to arenas and PvP: Blacksmithing and Jewelcrafting (unlocked hands, wrists slots and dragon gems)
    - 1k gold (I can sell 1k-5k more gold if you pay it)
    - I sell with the original email.

    I played more than 400 PvP hours with this account, I think the price is really cheap.

    Some screens:


    Payment method - Paypal

    PM me Discord - Chechu#6146
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