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    WOW Icecrown Accounts with great chars!!

    Hi,i have 2 accounts to sell on icecrown.

    First account:

    My main toon Troll Hunter - BIS PVE
    Very cool transmog,98 mounts,over 9k+ achievements (only world events and pvp are missing) max engi/jc,rare mounts like - Swift Spectral Tiger,Celestial Steed,Ashes of Alar,Immortality Pony (for 0 dead TOGC25HC),OS 3d 10/25,travelers mammoth,all glories mounts.
    Rare titles like Herald of the Titans,Argent Defender,of course all Lod,bane,rs etc achis. Overall almost maxed toon.

    Blood Elf Paladin - BIS Holy/Prot PVE
    ~30 scrolls of deception,prot gear with all offparts and trinkets you can have in game,also bis holy,Invincible Reins and Immortality Pony mounts. All lod,bane,rs etc achis. Max Engi/mining.

    Orc Warlock - ~6k gs
    Warlock ready to raid ICC 25HC,best in slot trinkets,mainhand,cloak,bracers, you can put on big numbers with it anyway,310% mount from ulduar glory 25. Max Engi/Tailo.

    Second account:

    Troll Shadow Priest ~6200 gs.
    4/10 t10.5,bis Mainhand,~4k achi points,disci gear in back,max JC/ENGI, mounts (mimiron head,invincible reins,OS 25 rd,ulduar 25 glory),prepared herald of the titans and argent defender gear. Lod,Bane,RS achis.

    Orc Rogue ~6000 gs.
    Max LW/Engi, dbw HC, Lod,bane,RS achis. Prepared to kill endgame content.

    Undead DK -
    Goldfarming char,max alchemy/herb.

    For more information hit me up on discord: spoon#6607
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